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Chadar Trek - A Walk on a Frozen River

Imagine walking over a frozen sheet of ice on a river, in sub-zero temperatures. It is not just a test of your stamina, but also of your mind and endurance. Challenge yourself and conquer the tough terrain of Ladakh in the dead of Winters.

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Imagine walking over a frozen sheet of ice on a river, in sub-zero temperatures. It is not just a test of your stamina, but also of your mind and endurance. Challenge yourself and conquer the tough terrain of Ladakh in the dead of Winters.


-   Leh (1N) - Leh (3N) - Bakula (1N) - Tibb Bao (1N) - Nerak (1N) - Tibb Bao (1N) - Shingra (1N)


-   3 Stars
Meals -   Other


-   Leh-Shingra | Shared Vehicle / Trek


-   Shingra-Tibb Bao | Trek


-   Tibb Bao-Nerak | Trek


-   Nerak-Tibb Bao | Trek


-   Tibb Bao-Bakula | Trek


-   Bakula-Leh | Trek


-   Transfers from Leh - Included
Transfers from Shingra - Included
Transfers from Tibb Bao - Included
Transfers from Nerak - Included
Transfers from Tibb Bao - Included
Transfers from Bakula - Included
Transfers from Leh - Included


-   Included

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Day 1:

Arrival at Leh

  • The flight to Ladakh is absolutely scenic
  • You get a birds eye view of the entire city and the layers of snow-clad mountains will help you understand why it is impossible to reach Ladakh by road in winters
  • You will feel a drop in the temperature the minute you land at the airport, which is also one of the highest airports in the world
  • Collect your bags and check in to your assigned hotels
  • Today’s day is extremely important for acclimatization, so try to stay outdoors as much as possible but try not to exert yourself
  • Our crew will be present there at respective accommodations with backup oxygen incase of urgencies

Day 2:

Sightseeing in Leh

  • After breakfast get ready for the day, which is reserved for sight seeing across some major points in Leh city
  • Overnight stay at Leh

Day 3:

Medical Checkup Day

  • The day is reserved for medical test and registration process at car
  • As per the new regulations of Leh, you will have to get medically examined at SNM Hospital in Leh and today the checkup would be organized (as required).

Day 4:

Trekking Zanskar River

  • The drive to your first campsite, Shingra is quite scenic
  • You drive along the beautiful Indus river and get a chance to see the confluence of the Indus and Zanskar river at Nimmu
  • We are going to cover a total distance of 70 kms by road and you will experience a few jaw-dropping moments as the vehicle makes its way around the narrow hairpin bends
  • It should take about 3 hours to reach Shingra and as you get closer, the inspiring sight of the frozen Zanskar will get you excited about the trek
  • Today is an exciting day, as it is your first day of trekking
    on the frozen Zanskar river.

Day 5:

Walking in Huge Valley

  • The biggest challenge from here on will be getting out of your warm sleeping bags and stepping outside your tent in freezing cold weather
  • The zankari people are well known for their hospitality and your staff will wake up way before you to ensure you have a hot cup of tea and a warm meal ready before you leave
  • Today is going to be a long walking session, you will cover a total 14 kms on Chadar and it should take you about 6 to 7 hours to reach your next campsite
  • You will only get sun shine, that too in patches as the giant rocky mountains on both sides of the Zankar river tend to hide the sun
  • Marvel at the views as you walk in this huge valley with nothing but pure crisp air and huge rocks on both sides of you
  • The colour of the Zanskar river flowing in the middle is vibrant and deep blue and sometimes you will see water flowing right beneath you, under the thick ice sheet

Day 6:

Nerak Waterfalls

  • Today is the most important day on the trek because you will get a chance to see the-mother-of-all-waterfalls ‘Nerak waterfalls’ after reaching your campsite
  • It is going to be another long day, so you will start early
  • Aim to reach Nerak campsite before 3pm, so you get plenty of time at Nerak waterfall
  • The sun will again be shun from the valley, so keep moving to keep your body warm
  • The ice in various patches is broken in the middle of the frozen river, forming geometrical structures of various shapes and sizes, which are facinating to see
  • You will have lunch inside a cozy cave mid-way, a cave huge enough to fit 12-15 people comfortably
  • Reach Nerak campsite, have some snacks and make your way to the gigantic Nerak waterfall
  • It should take you about 30 minutes to get there, and you might see a few domestic Yaks grazing the higher grounds along the way
  • Right next to the waterfalls is a bridge across the river, which takes you up to Nerak village.

Day 7:

Zanskar River

  • Today, your trace your steps back to Tibb campsite
  • And if you think you are going to see the same frozen ice sheet again, think again
  • The Zanskar river reacts to the slightest change in the temperatures, and constantly keeps changing its form
  • You will not be able to recognize the sights, it all seems so different on the way back
  • You might walk on a glass like surface or patches and patches of slush, depending on the weather
  • Throughout the way, you will see the local porters wearing the traditional woolen robes called ‘Gonchas’, with colourful beads around their neck and their traditional hats
  • It’s fascinating to see the locals negotiating on Chadar, as they seem to walk like the wind, absolutely comfortable with the slippery uneven icy surface.

Day 8:

Tibb Bao - Bakula

  • Today is the last hard long day, as we will try to cover as much distance as possible
  • We will camp at Bakula campsite today, which is just 30 minutes away from Shingra Yokma
  • It will take you about 7 to 8 hours to reach Bakula, which seems to be an abandoned campsite above the river, so you have the entire campsite to yourself
  • Since the campsite is higher up, it tends to get quite windy but also tends to get a lot of sun early morning
  • You sometimes come across footprints on the patches of snow on the surface here, which give you an idea of the wildlife in the vicinity, shying away from human contact
  • You may not see them, but they definitely observe you from a distance.

Day 9:

Departure from Leh

  • And it all ends today.
  • Enjoy some time at Shingra Yokma campsite, your last on Chadar, before the tempo travelers come pick you up
  • Head back to the hotels, do a bit of last minute shopping before the market closes, and prepare to catch your flight as per your schedule


See Detailed Itinerary
Any City to Leh - No Transport
Leh to Shingra - Shared Vehicle | Shared Vehicle / Trek
Shingra to Tibb Bao - Trek | Trek
Tibb Bao to Nerak - Trek | Trek
Nerak to Tibb Bao - Trek | Trek
Tibb Bao to Bakula - Trek | Trek
Bakula to Leh - Trek | Trek
Leh to Any City - No Transport
Bakula - Trek / Hike
Tibb Bao - Trek / Hike
Nerak - Trek / Hike
Tibb Bao - Trek / Hike
Shingra - Trek / Hike
Leh - Trek / Hike
Leh - Trek / Hike
Leh - Trek / Hike
Shingra - Trek / Hike
Tibb Bao - Trek / Hike
Nerak - Trek / Hike
Tibb Bao - Trek / Hike
Bakula - Trek / Hike
Leh - Trek / Hike
Any City - Not Included



  • Accommodation -  8 nights stay ( Bakula (1N) - Tibb Bao (1N) - Nerak (1N) - Tibb Bao (1N) - Shingra (1N) - Leh (4N))
  • Transfer - Jeep
  • Sightseeing - Trek
  • Meals - 16 Meals (8 Breakfasts & 8 Dinners)

Other Inclusions

  • Dedicated Group Leader
  • Professional Hiking Training
  • Accommodation in Centrally Heated Properties in Leh for 4 days
  • Siachen Tent & Sleeping Bags Designed for temp upto -40C
  • Pick and drop by jeep to the starting point a trek
  • Basic veg breakfast and dinner will be served on trek
  • Buffet breakfast and dinner at Leh
  • Oxygen Cylinder
  • Provision of warm water
  • 100% Trek Completion Guarantee
  • Guided Sight Scenes in Leh
  • Pick Up and Drop From Airport
  • Lifetime Memories
  • Professional Rescue Team

Additional Information 

Destinations Package Cost Per Person
Lakakh Rs. 19,000.00
Rs. 31,500.00

Departure Dates -
January'2020 - 11th / 15th / 18th / 23rd
February'2020 - 1st / 7th / 8th / 15th

  • Any personal expenses for any kind of meals other than which are included in the package cost
  • Any personal expenses for laundry and other services if used at the accommodations
  • In case of any breakage or damage to any properties, the person responsible has to bear the complete charges
  • Any other detail which are not mentioned in Inclusions
  • Any kind of expense for lost/misplaced items/theft or personal belongings
  • Any Major medical costs if involved in tour
  • Any Additional Meals(other than MAP Plan)
  • Flight Tickets To/From Leh
  • Any Accidental Insurance
  • Any tickets for monasteries, museums etc
  • Wildlife and ALTO Permits as they are issued after clearance of medical tests

  • In case of cancelation for group from organizer side due to any unavoidable circumstances, we will try to transfer the booking in other departure
  • Else we will refund 100% amount deposited
  • In case of cancelation from client side after the registration at any point of time, then in that case
  • If cancelation is notified 45 days or more before the tour, 50% amount will be refunded
  • If cancelation is notified between 30-45 Days before the tour, 30% amount will be refunded
  • If cancelation is notified between 20-30 Days before the tour, 20% amount will be refunded
  • No refunds will be made in case of cancelation before 20 Days or less of the tour date

  • To be confirmed at time of booking

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