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The Goechala Trek

Considered to be a popular rites of passage route among avid trekkers, the Goecha La trek is in the lap of the Kanchenjunga Range that offers you unmatched views of about 12 - 14 Greater Himalayan Peaks, apart from Mount Kanchenjunga.

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Considered to be a popular rites of passage route among avid trekkers, the Goecha La trek is in the lap of the Kanchenjunga Range that offers you unmatched views of about 12 - 14 Greater Himalayan Peaks, apart from Mount Kanchenjunga.


-   Yuksom (1N) - Tsokha (1N) - Kokchurang (1N) - Lamuney (1N) - Thangsing (1N) - Dzongri (2N) - Tsokha (1N) - Sachen (1N) - Yuksom (1N)


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-   Yuksom-Sachen | Trek


-   Sachen-Tsokha | Trek


-   Tsokha-Dzongri | Trek


-   Dzongri-Thangsing | Trek


-   Thangsing-Lamuney | Trek


-   Lamuney-Kokchurang | Trek


-   Kokchurang-Tsokha | Trek


-   Tsokha-Yuksom | Trek


-   Transfers from Yuksom - Included
Transfers from Sachen - Included
Transfers from Tsokha - Included
Transfers from Dzongri - Included
Transfers from Thangsing - Included
Transfers from Lamuney - Included
Transfers from Kokchurang - Included
Transfers from Tsokha - Included
Transfers from Yuksom - Included

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11 months

Hi, it's Manas Khan here. I recently did Everest Base Camp trek with Trip 360 / Cox and Kings . We reached EBC on 13th May 2018. It has been an awesome experience. They provided all the support to make it successful. A big thanks to Mr. Jangbou Sherpa and his team for everything

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1. Operator Verified Guesthouse | 1 Night | 2

Yuksom, Sikkim, India Google map kazzmo

2. Operator Verified Campsite | 1 Night | 2

Sachen, Sikkim, India Google map kazzmo

3. Operator Verified Campsite | 1 Night | 2

Tsokha, Sikkim, India Google map kazzmo

4. Operator Verified Campsite | 2 Nights | 2

Dzongri, Sikkim, India Google map kazzmo

5. Operator Verified Campsite | 1 Night | 2

Thangsing, Sikkim, India Google map kazzmo

6. Operator Verified Campsite | 1 Night | 2

Lamuney, Sikkim, India Google map kazzmo

7. Operator Verified Campsite | 1 Night | 2

Kokchurang, Sikkim, India Google map kazzmo

8. Operator Verified Campsite | 1 Night | 2

Tsokha, Sikkim, India Google map kazzmo

9. Operator Verified Guesthouse / Homestay | 1 Night | 2

Yuksom, Sikkim, India Google map kazzmo

Day 1:

Bagdogra / New Jalpaiguri to Yuksom -

  • On reaching either New Jalpaiguri or Bagdogra, we head towards Yuksom on a scenic drive through hills and forests along the occasional gurgling stream for next 6-7 hours (Transportation cost extra).
  • At Yuksom, we prepare ourselves for the trek that will start on the following day. If we have time, we can go for a sightseeing tour around Yuksom and visit some of the local attractions like Dubdi monastery, Ngadak Chenpo Cherling Gompa and Kartok Gompa, and the Coronation throne.
  • Yuksom is a historically significant town as it was declared the first capital of Sikkim in the year 1643 AD by Phuntsog Namgyal.
  • We rest here for the night, after dinner.

Day 2:

Yuksom to Sachen (7,381 ft) -

  • After a sumptuous breakfast, we get ready for our first day of the trek, a relatively easy route that takes approximately 5 hours to Sachen, which is located at a height of 2,250m.
  • Our trail takes us through huts and fields leading to a V-shaped valley on the banks of the Rathong River.
  • On the way to Sachen, we walk through the lush green forests and small streams of Pha Khola. After crossing the cement bridge over Mentogang Khola, we reach Sachen in approximately 20 minutes.
  • While some trekkers may be tempted to skip this stop, we strongly recommend taking an overnight halt at Sachen since we have gained nearly 800m in altitude over the course of the day. Acclimatisation is essential to allow our bodies to adapt to the rare environment.
  • Dinner & Overnight in Tents

Day 3:

Sachen to Tsokha (9,678 ft.) -

  • Another day of adventure beckons as we head towards Tsokha, which lies at an elevation of 2,950m. Even though our trek is short, the altitude gains are considerable.
  • After crossing the bridge over Prekchu, we head for a sharp ascent towards Tsokha for approximately 5 kilometres, which should prepare us for next day's trek.
  • On our trail towards Bakhim (meaning Bamboo Hut), we pass through sylvan oak forests and rhododendron trees bursting with colour. On reaching Bakhim, we can sit at a tea stall and soak in the stunning views.
  • After crossing a ridge, we reach Tsokha, where the snow covered peaks of Kanchenjunga and Pandim dominates the horizon
  • Dinner & Overnight in Tents

Day 4:

Tsokha to Dzongri (12,959 ft.) -

  • The climax of our trek awaits for us today as it is the 'test day' involving a harsh and steep climb from Tsokha to Dzongri. Due to the high altitude of 3,950 metres, our tour leaders pace the climb to avoid any health mishaps.
  • On the way, we come across Phedang, where we relax and have our lunch.
  • After an hour, we reach Deorali, from where there is small descent to Dzongri.
  • On reaching Dzongri, we are surrounded by enthralling views of the Kanchenjunga ranges.
  • We camp here for the night after dinner.

Day 5:

Dzongri Summit -

  • We rest our strained muscles and aching joints and begin the day on a more relaxed note as we get a chance to admire the beautiful scenery provided by the Kanchenjunga peak.
  • Be prepared for a spectacular day as we go for a trek to the Dzongri top. After a cup of hot tea early in the morning, we head towards Dzongri top which takes roughly about 45 minutes.
  • At Dzongri top, we are treated to 360-degree views of the sun's golden rays falling on the snow-capped Himalayas. From here, we get views of approximately 10 renowned peaks which include Kokthang, Rathong, Frey's Peak, Black Kabur, Kabru Dome, Kabru North and South, Kanchenjunga, Pandim, Tenzing Khang, Japnoo and Narsing.
  • Later we return to our Dzongri camp for lunch and explore the nearby areas.
  • Dinner & Overnight in tents

Day 6:

Dzongri to Thangsing (11,939 ft.) -

  • Wake up to experience a spectacular sunrise over the Kanchenjunga's snowy peaks and chow down a delicious breakfast while admiring its views.
  • Later, we hit the trail and climb up a little from the Dzongri campsite, which takes us to Kokchurang. Kokchurang is located in a dense forest adjacent to the river and is a great spot to experience a few fleeting moments of natural bliss.
  • After some time, we continue towards Thangsing crossing gorgeous rhododendron forests along the way.
  • On reaching Thangsing, we are treated to stunning views of Mt. Pandim. We camp here and enjoy the views of the lush green landscapes of this open meadow.
  • Dinner & overnight in tents

Day 7:

Thangsing to Lamuney (13,648 ft.) -

  • Our morning here is truly delightful as we open our eyes to the calming green of the meadow. After breakfast, we make our way towards Lamuney, the next scenic campsite on our route.
  • It is a short trek towards Lamuney that takes approximately 2 hours. We start a little late in the morning and reach the site early in the afternoon.
  • On the way, the mighty Mount Jopunu and Mount Tenzing Khang peaks reveal themselves to us. We also cross a small stream at Oglanthang valley. Nearer to Lamuney, we are left transfixed by the beauty of the Himalayas.
  • After reaching Lamuney, we settle at the camp and admire the snow covered peaks surrounding us.
  • Dinner & overnight in tents

Day 8:

Lamuney to Kokchurang (12,980) -

  • We're up extremely early at 2.30 am as we ready ourselves for the most exhilarating part of our adventure - the climb to the View Point 1 at Goecha La!
  • While starting, temperature will be sub-zero so we need to be cautious on the way up to View Point 1.
  • We begin early in order to witness an enthralling sunrise over the snow-covered Himalayas. The sun rays illuminate the Kanchenjunga first, followed by Kabru North and then the lower peaks.
  • We should remember to carry binoculars for spotting snow leopards or a herd of blue sheep.
  • Later, we explore the Samiti Lake for some time and then descend to our camp at Lamuney for lunch.
  • Then, we head towards Kokchurang, where we camp for the night adjacent to the gushing river.
  • Dinner & overnight in tents

Day 9:

Kokchurang to Tsokha (9,678 ft.) -

  • We're gently woken up by the lilting sounds of the flowing river and enjoy a scrumptious breakfast while revelling in the views.
  • Once ready, we proceed towards Tsokha by crossing Phedang. Our trail takes us on a path adorned with very dense forest along the River Prekchu that flows below. While walking, we get spectacular views of Mount Pandim and its neighbouring ranges to the left.
  • At Phedang, we find a suitable spot to tuck into lunch. After lunch, we take a left and descend towards Tsokha.
  • At Tsokha, we relax at our campsite and seek blessings as the sun sets over the Kanchenjunga peak.
  • Dinner & overnight in tents

Day 10:

Tsokha to Yuksom -

  • It's time to rise and shine as we revel in the views of Kanchenjunga while having our breakfast.
  • Later, we head towards Yuksom using the same route that we used for reaching Tsokha. We cross the suspension bridge over Prekchu and pass through Bakhim on the way.
  • On reaching Sachen, we enjoy our packed lunch and the serene atmosphere. As we get closer to Yuksom, the drop in altitude makes it easy for us to walk. At Yuksom, a soft, comfortable bed and hot water bath await us.
  • Dinner & overnight in tents

Day 11:

Yuksom to Bagdogra / New Jalpaiguri -

  • As this is the last day of our journey, we exchange contact details with our fellow campers over breakfast.
  • Later, we load our packed luggage into the vehicle, which will drive us to either New Jalpaiguri or Bagdogra. On the way, enjoy the scenery provided by the lush green forests and snow-capped mountains.
  • On reaching either of the two destinations, we thank the driver and bid farewell to fellow trekkers who may have become our friends.
  • Afterwards, we either head to the airport or the railway station with memories of our journey still fresh in our minds.
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Any City to Yuksom - No Transport
Yuksom to Sachen - Trek | Trek
Sachen to Tsokha - Trek | Trek
Tsokha to Dzongri - Trek | Trek
Dzongri to Thangsing - Trek | Trek
Thangsing to Lamuney - Trek | Trek
Lamuney to Kokchurang - Trek | Trek
Kokchurang to Tsokha - Trek | Trek
Tsokha to Yuksom - Trek | Trek
Yuksom to Any City - No Transport
Yuksom - Trek
Tsokha - Trek
Kokchurang - Trek
Lamuney - Trek
Thangsing - Trek
Dzongri - Trek
Tsokha - Trek
Sachen - Trek
Yuksom - Trek
Yuksom - Trek / On Foot
Sachen - Trek
Tsokha - Trek
Dzongri - Trek
Thangsing - Trek
Lamuney - Trek
Kokchurang - Trek
Tsokha - Trek
Yuksom - Trek
Any City - Not Included

All Meals

Inclusions -

  • Accommodation: Stay for 2 Nights in a guesthouse / homestay in Yuksom, & in tents in Tsokha & 1 Night each in Sachen, Dzongri, Thangsing, Lamuney, Kokchurang
  • Sightseeing: On foot
  • Meals: 10 Breakfasts, 9 Lunches & 10 Dinners

Additional Inclusions -

  • Trip360 Outdoor Experience Leader (OEL).
  • Experienced Local Guide.
  • All necessary support staff (cooks, helpers, porters etc.) as per the size of the group.
  • Travel insurance covering high altitude trekking trips.
  • All trekking arrangements with the necessary number of dome or ridge shaped tents, kitchen tent, dining tent, toilet tent etc.
  • Sleeping Bag with mattress.
  • Transport of the trekking equipment.
  • Porters or mules to carry upto 10kg of your personal luggage packed in a soft duffel bag or rucksack.
  • Basic Medical and First Aid Kit.
  • Royalty and permits, camping charges etc.

Dates -
19th April'2019

  • Any transportation to/from Yuksom. The cost of the vehicle between NJP/Bagdogra and Yuksom is to be paid in cash on the spot.
  • Optional activities.
  • Entrance fees to monasteries / monuments.
  • Any meals during the transit to/from Yukson.
  • Personal expenses, tips, laundry, telephone calls, personal medicines, alcoholic beverages, etc.
  • Costs arising out of unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather, landslides, road conditions and any other circumstances beyond our control.
  • Evacuation charges and damage of any nature.
  • Any items / services not specifically mentioned under inclusions
  • Government Service Tax of 5.0%.
  • Tips for the local guide and support staff. This is as per your discretion and will be collected by the Trip360 OEL towards the end of the trip.

To be confirmed by the Tour Operator at the time of booking the package.

To be confirmed by the Tour Operator at the time of booking the package.

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