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Spiti Road Trip - 5 Nights Far From Abundance

Experiences the glimpses of Spiti, An off road ride to Spiti offers a rush of a lifetime and a view of the Promised Land.

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Experiences the glimpses of Spiti, An off road ride to Spiti offers a rush of a lifetime and a view of the Promised Land.


-   Chandrataal (1N) - Dhankar (1N) - Pin Valley (1N) - komik (1N) - Kaza (1N)


-   2 Stars
Meals -   All Meals


-   Kaza-Komik | Innova/Tempo Traveller


-   Komik-Pin Valley | Innova/Tempo Traveller


-   Pin Valley-Dhankar | Innova/Tempo Traveller


-   Dhankar -Chandrataal | Innova/Tempo Traveller


-   Transfers from Kaza - Included
Transfers from Komik - Included
Transfers from Pin Valley - Included
Transfers from Dhankar - Included
Transfers from Chandrataal - Included

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Emi x5meeqNo Cost EMI INR 2150/mo
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Day 1:

Drive From Manali - Kaza

  • We would be arranging pickup from Manali Mall road at 5 AM on Day 1 of this tour. We would be leaving Kullu district and crossing the famous Rohtang Pass to enter into Lahaul & Spiti side of Himachal.
  • Our journey would be through one of the toughest roads on the planet. As we would be crossing a number of rivulets, we would be starting early from Manali.
  • Starting early gives the advantage of facing lower water levels in the rivulets. Once sun is at full energy during afternoon, snow at upper areas melt and thus water level rises during evening time.
  • We would take a breakfast stop at 7 AM near Marhi (35 kms from Manali), From 2000 metres altitude of Manali, we scale to nearly 4000 metres of mighty Rohtang Pass within a span of 52 kms.
  • Rohtang Pass at 3978 metres has been the lifeline for people of Spiti and Ladakh. It is also on the line of ancient trade route between people of Kullu and Lahaul Spiti. Till this date, gaddi’s take their goats from barren landscapes of Lahaul Spiti to greener pastures of Kullu valley during June to September.
  • As we descend from Rohtang, road divides into 2: one towards north i.e. Leh and other towards east i.e. Spiti.
  • As we continue our journey towards Spiti, landscapes slowly tilt towards brown from greener tint. As this region is over tree line, we see lesser trees.
  • We would take lunch break at Batal after which we go towards Kaza where we will reach by evening.
  • After getting tea, everyone would be assigned twin sharing rooms. We would be staying in a hotel in Kaza.
  • After relaxing for some time, dinner would be served at 8 PM

Day 2:

Drive From Kaza - Kibber - TashiGang - Langza - Hikkim - Komik

  • Key, many might not have heard the name but would have definitely seen photographs of the most famous monastery of Spiti region.
  • Known as Key monastery, it is biggest of the region and known for its unique architecture. Of 3 philosophies of Buddhism, it is under Geluk. As per Buddhist culture, one member of family has to become a monk.
  • This is the monastery where Buddhists send their children who braving strict discipline and after renouncing worldly comforts become monks.
  • After breakfast at 8 AM, we will head towards Key which is 23 kms/40 mins drive from Kaza. Everyone can spend time within the monastery premises and interact with monks.
  • Post that, we will move towards Kibber which was once the highest village of the Asia. Located at an altitude of 4270 metres, this village also serves as base for many difficult treks like Kanamo Peak trek and Prangla Pass.
  • After spending time at Kibber, we will move towards Tashigang which is 17 kms from Kibber. Highest peak of Spiti i.e. Cho Cho Khang Niyta is also visible from this village. It’s a small village at the road end and there are approximately 10 homes in this village. This village is also on the boundary of Kibber wildlife sanctuary.
  • After that, we will head towards Langza which is also known as fossil village of India and is located at an altitude of 4419 metres. Langza is made up of 2 words: Lang which means Hill top and Za which means grass in local language.
  • We will have lunch at Langza.
  • There have been various documentaries shot on this village for presence of Fossils, which are sea shells on which sediments got deposited and as a result they were preserved.
  • After Langza, we will proceed towards Hikkim village, which arguably has world’s highest post office and polling station at 4572 metres. Post office has been functioning in this village since November 5, 1983.
  • We will be reaching Komik before sunset. Komik also has a monastery, which comes under Sakya philosophy.
  • We will be staying in monastery on this day.
  • We will serve dinner at 8 PM

Day 3:

Drive From Komik - Demul - Mudh (Pin Valley)

  • We will be visiting Mudh Village of Pin valley on this day.
  • Entire Spiti valley has dry terrain with exception of Mudh village. One can see greener landscapes near the village. Mudh is also the base for Pin Parvati trek which ends in Kheerganga (Kullu region)
  • En route Mudh village, we will also visit picturesque Demul village which is famous for Handicrafts made by locals of the village and provides a perfect view of Cho Cho Khang Niyta peak in the backdrop.
  • Main occupation of people here is weaving carpets during months of November to May and farming during months of June to October.
  • After having breakfast at Komik, we will proceed towards Demul village. It will take 2 hours to reach there. We will spend some time at Demul and have lunch there.
  • After lunch, we will go to Mudh. It will take 3 hours to reach Mudh from Demul village.
  • We will be staying in Home stay on this day. We will serve dinner at 8 PM.

Day 4:

Drive From Mudh - Dhankar & 6 Km Trek to Dhankar Lake & Back

  • Dhankar is made up of two words Dhank, which means a “Big Rock” and Kar, means a “Palace”. True to its meaning, it is renowned for 1200 years’ old monastery, which is striking beautiful and one gets awestruck by the unbelievable architecture that stands on tall rocks.
  • After having breakfast at 8 AM, we will go to Dhankar village. On reaching the village after 2.5 hours of drive, we will visit Dhankar Lake at 4200 metres.
  • It is a beautiful lake and local have sighted Snow leopard many times around this lake. It will be a total of 5 hours’ trek.
  • Interested people can join the trek and ithers can opt to stay in the village. We will return to village by 5 PM
  • We will be reaching Dhankar village (3751 metres) by evening where we will have home stay.
  • We will also visit the old monastery that provides a panoramic view of some higher peaks and Spiti river.
  • Dinner will be at 8 PM and stay will be in homes of locals.

Day 5:

Drive From Dhankar Village To Lhalung & Then To Chandrataal Campsite

  • Our last place of interest of this tour would be visit to historical Lhalung village and famous Chandertal Lake.
  • Lhalung village, located at altitude of 3751 metres is famous for one of the oldest monasteries of Spiti which is also known as Golden Temple due to gold plated scriptures inside.
  • This monastery was built in 1020 AD. There is one more significance of this monastery. It is believed that when God came from Tibet, he brought a stick with him which he planted in Lhalung and blessed that stick. The tree has medicinal properties which is used to cure cough and cold.
  • Chandertal Lake is also known by the name of Moon Lake. Located at an altitude of 4300 metres it lies on the boundary between Lahaul and Spiti region.
  • As its going to be long drive till Chandertal Lake, we will start early at 7:30 AM from Dhankar village after having breakfast.
  • We will have lunch at Batal and reach Chandertal campsite by 3 PM. Stay on this day will be in tents on twin sharing basis. On reaching campsite, we will serve evening snacks and tea.
  • Post that, interested people stroll near campsite.
  • Dinner will be served at 8 PM.

Day 6:

Trek From Chandrataal Campsite To Chandrataal Lake & Drive To Manali

  • Final day of this tour would start with trek to Chandertal Lake.
  • After morning tea, we will start early at 6 AM for this 1-hour easy trek.
  • We will spend some time at the lake after which we will return to campsite for breakfast.
  • After breakfast, we will head towards Manali in shared cabs.
  • We will take lunch break at Marhi and reach Manali by 4 PM.
  • After thanks giving note, we will leave with memorable experiences of this delightful journey.
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Any City to Kaza - No Transport
Kaza to Komik - Shared Vehicle | Innova/Tempo Traveller
Komik to Pin Valley - Shared Vehicle | Innova/Tempo Traveller
Pin Valley to Dhankar - Shared Vehicle | Innova/Tempo Traveller
Dhankar to Chandrataal - Shared Vehicle | Innova/Tempo Traveller
Chandrataal to Any City - No Transport
Chandrataal - Innova/Tempo Traveller
Dhankar - Innova/Tempo Traveller
Pin Valley - Innova/Tempo Traveller
Komik - Innova/Tempo Traveller
Kaza - Innova/Tempo Traveller
Kaza - Innova/Tempo Traveller
Komik - Innova/Tempo Traveller
Pin Valley - Innova/Tempo Traveller
Dhankar - Innova/Tempo Traveller
Chandrataal - Innova/Tempo Traveller
Any City - Not Included

All Meals


  • Hotel : 01 Night in Kaza, 01 Night in Chandrataal, 01 Night in Komik, 01 Night in Pin Valley, 01 Night in Dhankar
  • Transfer : Non A/C Innova/Tempo Traveller
  • Sightseeing : Non A/C Innova/Tempo Traveller
  • Meals : All Meals (5 Breakfasts + 5 Lunch + 5 Dinners)


  • Meals include Morning Tea, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Evening Snacks, Soup
  • Certified trek lead/ tour guide
  • Local Guides
  • Transportation from Manali to Manali (It will be either through Traveller/Innova)
  • Stay in local homes, monasteries, camps and hotels
  • Forest entry charges/ camping permits (if any)


  • 12-17 August, 2018
  • 30 September - 5 October, 2018

  • Insurance
  • 5% GST
  • Guide Gratuity
  • Any personal expenses during the trek
  • Any meals not mentioned above
  • Single occupancy stays
  • Any costs arising out of unforeseen circumstances like landslides, road blocks, bad weather, etc.

To be confirmed by an operator at the time of booking.

To be confirmed by an operator at the time of booking.

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