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The Rupin Pass Trek - 7 Nights

In one of the most awe-inspiring locations, with its blend of easy to moderate gradients, promises you some stunning views of peaks and valleys.

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Dhaula - Sewa - Jhaka - Saruwas Thatch - Dhanderas Thatch - Rati Pheri Camp - Ronti Gad Last Viewed 22 mins ago



Jhaka-Saruwas Thatch

Saruwas Thatch-Dhanderas Thatch

Dhanderas Thatch-Rati Pheri Camp

Rati Pheri Camp-Ronti Gad

Transfers from Sewa - Included
Transfers from Jhaka - Included
Transfers from Saruwas Thatch - Included
Transfers from Dhanderas Thatch - Included
Transfers from Rati Pheri Camp - Included
Transfers from Ronti Gad - Included

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3. Operator Verified Tents | 1 Night | 2

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4. Operator Verified Tents | 1 Night | 2

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5. Operator Verified Tents | 1 Night | 2

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6. Operator Verified Tents | 1 Night | 2

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7. Operator Verified Tents | 1 Night | 2

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Day 1:

Dehradun to Dhaula-

  • Drive from Dehradun station past the conifer and pine forests, along the Tons river, to head for our campsite in Dhaula. 
  • We enjoy scenic views while driving through Mussoorie, Yamuna Pul, Nowgaon, Damta, Purola, Mori and Naitwar.
  • The bumpy ride on the road after Mori promises to be a fun and unforgettable one. 
  • Dhaula, a sleepy hamlet of a few village homes, and the last road head of Uttarakhand, is the base for our trek. 
  • Depending upon the number of members in the trekking group, we will arrange a pickup and drop from Dehradun to Dhaula. 
  • This will be shared equally by each member of the team and is to be paid directly to the driver in cash. 
  • Typically a Tata Sumo/Mahindra Maxx/Bolero charges Rs 6000 one way which can accommodate 6 to 8 people. 
  • This is NOT included in the TREK FEE and is payable directly to the driver.
  • Overnight in tents.

Day 2:

Dhaula to Sewa (Trekking Distance - 5 to 6 hours)-

  • After a hot breakfast, our trek starts at the village and heads up the valley to Sewa. 
  • Past, a cattle shelter, the trail starts to ascend sharply outside the village - a gentle reminder of more such ascents to come. 
  • The climb eases out in 20 minutes into the first change of scenery: The river Rupin fans out 500 ft below us into a wide river bed. 
  • Quaint villages hang out of the hills on either side. Friendly village children run around, lending a charming touch to our trail. 
  • A bend in the trail and we have the next change in scenery. 
  • The Rupin careens out of a gorge. A steep cliff towers over the river so high that clumps of clouds hang about its face. 
  • On the other slope, the mountain route snakes its way up through apricot and apple trees. 
  • After half an hour of the trek, we stop at a roadside eatery and the only one we will find before getting to Sewa.
  • We sip a hot cup of tea while enjoying the spectacular views with soaring kites above us, and the sound of the river Rupin pounding many feet below. 
  • Our campsite at Sewa is at 6,100 ft. Here, we can visit the village temple decorated with medals and an electric clock - a truly, remarkable experience! 
  • The two-storey temple combines local and Kinnaur culture and tradition, not surprising with the Himachal border so close.

Day 3:

Sewa to Jhaka (Trekking Distance - 6 to 7 hours)-

  • Today, our trail from Sewa weaves across barley and potato fields, and suddenly dips into a dense jungle so thick, that the darkness is overwhelming. 
  • The descent through the lush forest over a slushy trail pops out into the bright river-bed of the Rupin. 
  • This time, we actually trek on the river and not alongside it. 
  • We veer to our left and join the trail that goes over a small wooden bridge across a brook that flows into the Rupin. 
  • The bridge is no-mans land since the states of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh lie on either side. 
  • The next one-hour climb to Jakha is through one of the most gorgeous trekking trails. 
  • The scenery changes often. Initially, the route zig-zags up on the ridgeline of the slope. 
  • Looking up from below, the trail appears daunting, reaching out to the sky. However, once we start climbing it, it isn't as intimidating as it looks. 
  • The hike winds its way through an enchanting forest - with cliff faces on the other side of the valley and warbling birds keeping us company on this side. 
  • We set up camp in Jakha, the last and highest village on the Rupin Pass trail.

Day 4:

Jhaka to Saruwas Thatch (Trekking Distance - 5 hours)-

  • The alpine meadows at the Saruwas thatch are our destination for the day. 
  • We begin today's trail by walking along the river Rupin, before ascending through forests of pine, maple and rhododendron trees to reach the entrance of the Rupin valley. 
  • We get our first views of the shimmering Rupin waterfall from here. 
  • The picturesque meadows at Saruwas thatch are an idyllic location for our campsite. 
  • We settle down for some well-earned rest with a book or a hot bowl of soup.

Day 5:

Saruwas Thatch to Dhaderas Thatch (Trekking Distance - 4 to 5 hours)-

  • Our next stop on the route is Dhanderas thatch. 
  • It is a steep walk through forests of birch, rocky cliffs and possibly, snow-laden paths. 
  • After a small clearing, we are greeted with a glimpse of the famed u-shaped Rupin Valley for the first time. 
  • Get ready to be awestruck by the sight of the azure skies above, the carpet of verdant grass below, snow scattered in patches all around, and the resplendence of the Rupin. 
  • We spend some time here, taking pictures, and resting for a while before continuing our walk. 
  • We then pitch a tent but sit out on the grandest lawn that only nature can serve up. 
  • This is Dhanderas thatch.

Day 6:

Dhanderas Thatch - Upper waterfall camp - Rati Pheri camp (Trekking Distance - 4 to 5 hours)-

  • The trek from Dhanderas thatch to Rati Pheri Camp takes us through multiple snow ridge crossings over steep inclines. 
  • We reach the Upper Waterfall Camp after climbing a series of ledges leading to a vast snowfield, where our tents have been pitched. 
  • Here, the river Rupin, is an icy rivulet with large deposits of snow floating on it.

Day 7:

Rati Pheri- Rupin Pass- Ronti Gad (Trekking Distance - 7 to 8 hours)-

  • Today's trek is a challenging one requiring us to climb up snowfields and one rocky crevasse to the pass. 
  • Depending upon the climatic conditions, we may need to rope up a few patches. 
  • The climb to the pass will take us around 4-6 hours. 
  • From the pass, we are rewarded with an impressive panorama of the Himalayas. 
  • The peaks of the Kinnaur-Kailash range are visible from here, and also the ones close to Charang La. 
  • After a short break, it's time to descend. 
  • The descent takes a couple of hours and leads us to the meadows at Ronti Gad in the Kinnaur pastures, and the coldest campsite of this trek.

Day 8:

Ronti Gad- Sangla Kanda- Sangla (Trekking Distance - 3 to 4 hours)-

  • As today is the last day of our trek, we begin the day leisurely but not too late. 
  • The hike out to the campsite is a shepherd's trail that leads to the valley below. Our trail takes us to the lake
  • Sangla Kanda, known for its green terrain, reflecting the Kinnaur-Kailash range upon its water. 
  • In Sangla, we can visit the local market known for its Himalayan spices and fresh produce.
  • You can choose to proceed to Shimla by the overnight bus from Sangla or stay back in Sangla for the night and catch the bus to Shimla the following morning at 8am.
See Detailed Itinerary
Any City to Dhaula - No Transport
Dhaula to Sewa - Trek
Sewa to Jhaka - Trek
Jhaka to Saruwas Thatch - Trek
Saruwas Thatch to Dhanderas Thatch - Trek
Dhanderas Thatch to Rati Pheri Camp - Trek
Rati Pheri Camp to Ronti Gad - Trek
Ronti Gad to Any City - No Transport
Ronti Gad - Trek
Rati Pheri Camp - Trek
Dhanderas Thatch - Trek
Saruwas Thatch - Trek
Jhaka - Trek
Sewa - Trek
Dhaula - Trek
Dhaula - Not Included
Sewa - Trek
Jhaka - Trek
Saruwas Thatch - Trek
Dhanderas Thatch - Trek
Rati Pheri Camp - Trek
Ronti Gad - Trek
Any City - Not Included

All Meals



  • Accommodation: 1 night in Dhaula, 1 night in Sewa, 1 night in Jhaka, 1 night in Saruwas Thatch, 1 night in Dhanderas Thatch, 1 night in Rati Pheri Camp, 1 night in Ronti Gad
  • Transfers: Trek
  • Sightseeing: Trek
  • Meals: All Meals

Other Inclusions-

  • During the course of our trek, we stay in comfortable 2 or 3 man tents
  • All meals during the trek along with early morning tea and evening snacks.
  • Trip360 Outdoor Experience Leader (OEL).
  • Experienced Local Guide.
  • All necessary support staff (cooks, helpers, porters etc.) as per the size of the group.
  • Travel insurance covering high altitude trekking trips.
  • All trekking arrangements with the necessary number of the dome or ridge-shaped tents, kitchen tent, dining tent, toilet tent etc.
  • Sleeping Bag with mattress.
  • Transport of the trekking equipment.
  • Porters or mules to carry up to 10kg of your personal luggage packed in a soft duffel bag or rucksack.
  • Basic Medical and First Aid Kit.
  • Royalty and permits, camping charges etc.

Dates - Ex. Dehradun

  • June 2018: 9, 16, 23, 30
  • September 2018: 21, 29
  • October 2018: 6, 14

Price Details: Ex Dehradun

  • Single Accommodation: INR 19500
  • Twin sharing Accommodation: INR 16500

These prices are applicable for 8-10 adventurers. But if you’re looking to venture off the beaten path with your own gang, we’ll be happy to craft an exclusive adventure for you!

Trek Highlights-

  • Get a fascinating peek into history at the two-storey temple in Sewa
  • Camp in a surreal high-altitude meadow on the banks of the river Rupin
  • Hike to the famed and serene U-shaped Rupin valley
  • Enjoy views of the spectacular Kinnaur-Kailash mountain peaks from Ronti Gad
  • Experience a stay at Ronti Gad, the coldest campsite of this trek
  • Soak in the tranquil ambiance of Sangla Kanda, a lake known for its green terrain

Start of Tour: Dehradun

End of Tour: Shimla




  • Any transportation to Dhaula. The cost of the vehicle between Dehradun and Dhaula is to be paid in cash on the spot.
  • Any transportation from Sangla. You can choose the bus to take you back to Shimla. Look at the trip notes for more information.
  • Optional activities.
  • Entrance fees to monasteries / monuments.
  • Any meals during the transit to Dhaula.
  • Personal expenses, tips, laundry, telephone calls, personal medicines, alcoholic beverages, etc.
  • Costs arising out of unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather, landslides, road conditions and any other circumstances beyond our control.
  • Evacuation charges and damage of any nature.
  • Any items/services not specifically mentioned under inclusions
  • Government Service Tax of 5.0%.
  • Tips for the local guide and support staff. This is as per your discretion and will be collected by the Trip360 OEL towards the end of the trip.

To be confirmed at the time of booking.

To be confirmed at the time of booking.

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