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Mother of All Treks - Bhrigu, Hampta & Spiti Valley

Experience the exciting Hampta Pass Trek & Spiti Road Trip with camping at exotic locations, great photo opportunity and loads of adventures. Use Warmee & Enjoy Your Holiday In The Cold.

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Experience the exciting Hampta Pass Trek & Spiti Road Trip with camping at exotic locations, great photo opportunity and loads of adventures. Use Warmee & Enjoy Your Holiday In The Cold.


-   Manali (1N) - Kaza (1N) - Kibber (1N) - Chandertaal (1N) - Shiya Goru (1N) - Ratni Thatch (1N) - Chikka (1N) - Rola Kholi (1N) - Manali (1N)


-   2 Stars
Meals -   18 Meals (9 Breakfast + 9 Dinner)


-   Manali-Rola Kholi | Non Ac Suv


-   Rola Kholi-Chikka


-   Chikka-Ratni Thatch


-   Ratni Thatch-Shiya Goru


-   Shiya Goru-Chandertaal


-   Chandertaal-Kibber | Non Ac Suv


-   Kibber-Kaza | Non Ac Suv


-   Kaza-Manali | Non Ac Suv


-   Transfers from Manali - Included
Transfers from Rola Kholi - Included
Transfers from Chikka - Included
Transfers from Ratni Thatch - Included
Transfers from Shiya Goru - Included
Transfers from Chandertaal - Included
Transfers from Kibber - Included
Transfers from Kaza - Included
Transfers from Manali - Included

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1. Operator Verified Hotel | 1 Night | 2

dA Base – Mountaineers, Haripur. Google map kazzmo

2. Operator Verified Camp | 1 Night | 2

Rola Kholi, India Google map kazzmo

3. Operator Verified Camp | 1 Night | 2

Chikka, India Google map kazzmo

4. Operator Verified Camp | 1 Night | 2

Ratni Thatch, India Google map kazzmo

5. Operator Verified Camp | 1 Night | 2

Shiya Goru, India Google map kazzmo

6. Operator Verified Camp | 1 Night |

Chandertaal, India Google map kazzmo

7. Operator Verified Homestay | 1 Night | 2

Kibber, India Google map kazzmo

8. Operator Verified Homestay | 1 Night | 2

Kaza, India Google map kazzmo

9. Operator Verified Hotel | 1 Night |

dA Base – Mountaineerz, Haripur . Google map kazzmo

Day 1:

Delhi -Chandigarh – Patlikuhal, Manali – ‘dA Base Mountaineers’ (12 –14 hrs.)-

  • The guests traveling by Volvo bus are to de-board at the Patlikuhal bus stand, 14 km short of Manali.
  • Alternately, the guests who are driving on their own can locate us on Google Maps.
  • A representative of Team Mountaineers will receive and assist to check in at dA Base – Mountaineers, Haripur. 
  • Unwind after the long drive. Meet the other guests and the support team over breakfast at dA Base. 
  • As part of the ‘ Mountaineers Safety Protocol’, the guests arrive at dA Base a day prior to the trek as it is good for acclimatization before a high altitude trek and is a great opportunity to meet the fellow trekkers and look into any last minute preparation.
  • After breakfast, leave to explore the surrounding forests - ‘ Somvan ’ by the River Beas, Naggar Castle, Roerich art Gallery etc. 
  • You also have the option of Paragliding (from one of the best take-off sites in the valley) and Zip Lining (the highest in the country) today.
  • Return to dA Base in time for a relaxed evening spent with the fellow trekkers and the support team around a bonfire with wood BBQ and an early dinner. 
  • Your guides will take you through the Do’s and Don’ts of the trek and what to expect on it with a de-briefing on Camping and Trekking etiquette.
  • Overnight stay at the dA base.

Day 2:

Manali – Gulaba – Rola Kholi (3830 m) – 2 hr. drive then 4-5 hr. trek-

  • The drive to the meadows of Gulaba from our base will take about 2 hours. 
  • The trek commences from Gulaba. 
  • The meandering forest trails from Gulaba to Rola Kholi are rich in forest cover. 
  • Open meadows, orchards, and thick oak forests are key features of the trail.
  • The Kullu Valley can be viewed in full expanse from here. Below Mt. Hanuman Tibba (5928 mts), which is clearly visible from here.
  • You can also view the Seven Sister peaks (2747 mts) seated in Beas Kund (3700 mts) Valley.
  • Rola Kholi is a scenic grazing ground used by local shepherds. 
  • Located at the base of Bhrigu Lake, it makes for an ideal camping spot. 
  • Your water source here is Chor Nallah, which flows across the camping ground. 
  • Enjoy the campsite and the views with bonfire and wood BBQ and dinner.

Day 3:

Rola Kholi to Bhrigu Lake (4270 m) and then to Chikka (2900 m) on the Hampta Pass trail – 6 - 7 hrs trek-

  • The trek from Rola Kholi to Bhrighu Lake is snow laden till early summer. 
  • After a steep climb for 1-2 hours, we will reach Bhrighu Lake which is beyond a ridge and at the foot of a snow-covered mountain.
  • Relax and take in the beauty of the lake. After lunch, we will start the descent to the meadows of Chikka. 
  • The trail to Hampta Pass also passes through Chikka and is a popular campsite amongst trekkers due to easy access to the water source and plain grounds for camping. 
  • We will stay the night in Chikka and retire in our tents after a hearty meal around a bonfire.

Day 4:

Chikka (2900 m) – Juara - Bhalu ka Ghera (3600 m) – Ratni Thatch – 6 -7 hrs trek-

  • The trail alternates between thick forests and open grounds on to Juara and then to Ratni Thatch, our next camping site. 
  • The trek crosses many glacial streams over improvised wooden bridges. 
  • Beautifully forested peaks are visible from Chikka after 3 or 4 hrs of scrambling. 
  • From here, we will get an excellent view of Deo Tibba and Indrasan group of peaks. 
  • When we arrive at Juara, we will break for lunch and head on to Bhalu ka Ghera. 
  • The trail continues to the alpine meadows which are full of interesting flora, crossing stream at Juara, glacial features of the surrounding mountains can be seen along the way. 
  • Bhalu ka Ghera, also known as the Bear’s Circle, is the place where brown bears are said to hibernate during winters and during the right time of the year, several species of wildflowers can be seen. 
  • It is a beautiful camping spot, however, we will camp at Ratni Thatch which is even better to camp as the water source is very nearby apart from it being away from other campers.

Day 5:

Ratni Thatch - Hampta pass (4298 m) – Shiya Goru (3597 m) - 6 - 7 hrs trek-

  • Start the day early by climbing up for about 2 km up to the Hampta pass (4270 mts). 
  • This is probably as challenging as the ascent to Lake Brighu as it involves a sharp ascent over massive boulders up to the Pass.
  • The final ridge is a little steep. The peaks of Spiti, particularly in the Kulti valley and of the Chandra-Bhaga group, are seen as a huge cluster, with the peak of Mulkila IV raising its head above them. 
  • From the top of the pass, you can see Mt. Deo Tibba (6001 m), Indrasan (6221 m) group of peaks and the Greater Himalayan and Pir Panjal Range. 
  • A short descent leads to the campsite at Shiya Goru. 
  • We will camp by the stream here with absolutely no trees of greenery around as we have now crossed over into the Spiti Valley.
  • From here on, the landscape is moraine and serene.

Day 6:

Shiya Goru – Chattru (33600 m) – Batal – Chandertaal – 4 hrs trek & 3 hrs drive-

  • Today’s trek begins with crossing a glacial stream and a walk following the valley stream down to the River Chandra. 
  • The descent to River Chandra is a bit steep and follows a long ridge. 
  • Once in the valley, you will rejoin the road which crosses the bridge across the river to Chhatru. 
  • However gentle the river appears, do not try to ford the River Chandra – always use a bridge. 
  • This deceptive river has swept away many trekkers trying to take a shortcut.
  • Arriving by the side of Manali-Spiti road at Chattru, we will stop here for tea and lunch break before driving to Chandertaal via
  • Chhota Dhara (3517 mts) and Baatal . “ Chhota Shigri ” (small glacier) and “ Bara Shigri ” (big glacier) along with several high peaks of Lahaul will be in sight. 
  • From Baatal onwards it can be very windy as the valley opens up here. 
  • We will drive along the left bank of River Chandra after crossing a bridge near Baatal. 
  • The trail continues for about 14 km to the scenic campsite, a short distance from Chandertaal and view of Mt. CB 14 (6111 m) in the Chandra-Bhaga range. 
  • It is not permitted to camp next to Chandertaal to preserve the ecosystem of this ‘Wetland Sanctuary’.

Day 7:

Chandertaal – Kunzum La – Cheecham – Ki - Kibber (6 – 7 hrs drive)-

  • Spend the morning at leisure by the moon lake. 
  • Situated in a bowl and in a beautiful crescent shape, it offers a view of many peaks. 
  • The massive Samundri Tapu glacier joins the valley from the west. 
  • It is linked with some major peaks and the Mulkila group at its head.
  • We will leave Chandertaal and head on to one of the most beautiful high altitude passes - Kunzum La. 
  • From here, we head to Cheecham. There is now a narrow bridge in place of a ropeway that we will cross to reach Cheecham.
  • Then we head to Kibber and visit the monastery in Ki. 
  • Stay will be in a homestay in Kibber for the night

Day 8:

 Kibber – Kaza – Langtza – Hikkim – Comik (Stay in Kaza)-

  • From Kibber, we will drive to Kaza and then to the fossil village of Langtza . 
  • It is at an altitude of 14,500 ft. With only 33 houses, it is a Buddhist village divided into two sections: Langza Yongma (Lower) and Langza Gongma (Upper). 
  • It is famous for fossils of marine creatures and plants which are over a million years old. It is an Archeologists’ Paradise. 
  • There are 2 high altitude lakes around Langza – Tsonyeti and Chumo Tso. 
  • With luck, you can spot many endangered species of Snow Leopard, Tibetan Wolf, Himalayan Griffon etc around here during December and January.
  • From here, we will go to Hikkim (4440 mts) – which is famous for the highest post office in the world. 
  • Actually, the highest postal service in the world is from a place called Qomolangma Base Camp (5200 mts) at the Everest Base Camp in Tibet.
  • After Hikkim, we will drive to Komic (4580 mts) , which is the village with the highest motorable road in the world. 
  • From here we will drive down back to Kaza for the night

Day 9:

Kaza – Losar – Kunzum La – Batal – Chhatru – Rohtang La – Manali – dA Base – Mountaineers and Celebratory dinner in Old Manali-

  • After the Spiti road trip winding back through Kunzum La and then to Rohtang La, we will head on to Manali. 
  • We will stop in Batal for lunch and then move to dA Base –Mountaineerz in Haripur. Refresh and unwind after the long drive.
  • Tonight we will have a celebratory dinner at a fine restaurant.
  • Guests have the option of staying at a Hotel/Cottage at an additional cost. (choose from add-ons)

Day 10:

Explore Manali and Paragliding/ Zip Lining and Departure-

  • Today, you can choose to just relax at dA Base and go paragliding and zip lining before we head on to explore Manali. 
  • Visit the Hadimba temple and Manu temple and explore the charming streets of Old Manali. 
  • Have lunch and board your bus back home. (Or)
  • Get the high flying experience from one of the best sites in the valley along with River Rafting.
  • Zip Lining (the longest and the highest in the country) and explore Naggar Castle and Roerich Art gallery and the town of Manali. 
  • After lunch in Manali, you can take your bus back home.
See Detailed Itinerary
Any City to Manali - No Transport
Manali to Rola Kholi - Shared Vehicle | Non Ac Suv
Rola Kholi to Chikka - Trek
Chikka to Ratni Thatch - Trek
Ratni Thatch to Shiya Goru - Trek
Shiya Goru to Chandertaal - Trek
Chandertaal to Kibber - Shared Vehicle | Non Ac Suv
Kibber to Kaza - Shared Vehicle | Non Ac Suv
Kaza to Manali - Shared Vehicle | Non Ac Suv
Manali to Any City - No Transport
Manali - Luxury Suv
Kaza - Luxury Suv
Kibber - Luxury Suv
Chandertaal - Luxury Suv
Shiya Goru - Trek
Ratni Thatch - Trek
Chikka - Trek
Rola Kholi - Trek
Manali - Luxury Suv
Manali - Luxury Suv
Rola Kholi - Trek
Chikka - Trek
Ratni Thatch - Trek
Shiya Goru - Trek
Chandertaal - Luxury Suv
Kibber - Luxury Suv
Kaza - Luxury Suv
Manali - Luxury Suv
Any City - Not Included

18 Meals (9 Breakfast + 9 Dinner)


  • Accommodation: 1 night in Manali (dA Base), 1 night in Rola Kholi (camp), 1 night in Chikka (camp),  1 night in Ratni Thatch (camp), 1 night in Shiya Goru (camp), 1 night in Chandertaal (camp), 1 night in Kibber (homestay), 1 night in Kaza (homestay), 1 night in Manali (dA Base).
  • Transfers: Luxury SUV/ Trek
  • Sightseeing: Luxury SUV/ Trek
  • Meals: 18 Meals (9 Breakfast + 9 Dinner)

Other Inclusions-

  • Trek co-coordinator
  • Highly qualified and tenured guides
  • Ponies & porters (camping and trekking gear)
  • Dining tent with table and camping stools
  • Stay in 2-4 men hiking tents.
  • Stay in comfortable and cozy rooms at dA Base – Mountaineerz
  • Stay in comfortable and cozy rooms at the home stays during the Spiti Road Trip
  • All meals during the tour (nutritious freshly cooked vegetarian)
  • Services of an experienced lead guide and qualified assistant guide
  • Kitchen equipment, cook, and helper
  • All the Camping arrangements
  • Wildlife/ environmental permits and other permits & levies.
  • Guaranteed amazing Himalayan experiential adventure holiday.

Addl Info-

  • Max. Altitude: Kunzum La (4590 mts)
  • Group Size: 2 - 12
  • Trek Starting Point: Gulaba
  • Trek Ending Point: Sethan
  • Trip Starting Point: Patlhikuhal, Manali
  • Trip Ending Point: Manali
  • Average Hiking Daily: 5-6 hours

Fixed Departure 2018-

  • June: Every Friday
  • July: Every Friday
  • August: Every Friday
  • September: Every Friday


  • Porter/pony charges for personal stuff during the trek - INR. 2000 per bag (max 10 kgs strictly)
  • Personal Tent (2men alpine) on Trek - INR. 1200

Important Info-

  • Failing to report at the reporting time will be considered as a "No-show" case.
  • In case you are traveling by your own car, we suggest you arrive directly at our base camp located in Haripur, 16 km from Manali on the Naggar road, the day before the start of the trek. (Google-mountaineerz).
  • Participants are expected to have a reasonably good fitness level.
  • Trekking programs in the Himalaya not necessarily would always run exactly as scheduled. Allow for unplanned long days or early camps due to weather disruptions or similar causes.
  • All participants are recommended to have a travel insurance that covers trekking and wilderness travel.
  • Wear shoes and clothes you are comfortable in and do not forget waterproof jackets and warm clothing.
  • Do not litter the environment. Polythene and plastics are non-biodegradable
  • and unhealthy for the environment and must not be littered or burned and should be carried back
  • Soak up the atmosphere – close your eyes and take in the sights and sounds as you explore and observe.

  • Cost of any form of insurance (Personal/Baggage/Medical)
  • Cost of rescue, evacuation, hospitalization, etc.
  • Any expenses of purely personal nature like laundry, phone/fax calls, tips to drivers, guides, any beverages.
  • Any expenses that arise due to change in itinerary and increase in no. of days because of natural forces like landslides, weather, roadblocks, flight cancellations, sickness etc.
  • All meals during travel
  • Meals at dhabas
  • Cost of any optional activity we offer, like paragliding, angling, rafting etc.
  • Cost of an extended stay in a hotel/cottage
  • Any increase in govt. service tax.

  • Payment Terms: 10% at the time of booking and 90% one month prior to departure.
  • Cancellation Charges: We understand life can be unpredictable at times, and that plans can change, that’s why we are pretty flexible about cancellations. For last minute emergencies, we offer future trip credits on a case by case basis. Please talk to us before you cancel any trip with us.
  • 100% refund up to 15 days before departure.
  • In case of unforeseen weather conditions or government restrictions, certain activities may be canceled and in such cases, we will try our best to provide an alternate feasible activity. However, no refund will be provided for the same

Note: -

  • All programs are subject to change due to political reason, natural calamities, serious sickness, and special reasons.
  • Please note that cancellation charges also apply to reductions in group size, not only for cancellations of entire bookings.
  • For this trip we take min. 6 max. 10 participants in one group - In case of 5 or less than 5 members, the commute will be made through public transport or the difference split between participating members
  • The tour will not be canceled unless we are forced to do so because of unusual or unforeseen circumstances, such as a major natural disaster, major political unrest or war. If we cancel the tour we will promptly refund all payments made to us including the deposit (less the unrecoverable costs such as air tickets cancellations). We shall not be liable to refund any additional expenses that you may have incurred (such as insurance, visas, vaccinations and other incidental costs).
  • If you do not show up at the meeting point specified on the agreed date, we will assume you have been delayed and will wait for you to contact us with your new expected arrival date. If you do not contact us within 48 hours we will assume you have canceled the tour. There is no refund of any money paid.


  • (a) In case the journey is broken off early upon the client’s own wish or causes, Mountaineerz shall not be liable for any refund of the days not utilized. Clients will have to pay for the hotel or any extra costs incurred after leaving the itinerary.
  • (b) The trek information sheets and the dossier give information and conditions relating to the tour and are deemed to be part of the contract and so you should be fully aware of their contents. However, the itinerary is an indication of what the group should accomplish, but is not a contractual obligation- changes may be made because of exceptional weather, flight cancellations, sickness or other unforeseen circumstances. No refund will be given for unused services or unrealized dreams.
  • (c) Mountaineerz shall not be liable to refund of any Bank charges deducted while making the bank transaction.

To be confirmed at the time of booking.

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