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Roopkund Trek – The rare gem in the trekking world!

Deep virgin forests, gurgling brooks, breath-taking campsites, miles of undulating meadows, snow and ice and the taste of a great adventure.

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Lohajung-Didna Village

Didna Village-Ali Bugyal

Ali Bugyal-Patar Nachauni

Patar Nachauni-Bhagwabasa

Bhagwabasa-Bedni Bugyal

Bedni Bugyal-Lohajung

Transfers from Lohajung - Included

20 Meals (7 Breakfast + 6 Lunch + 7 Dinner)

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Day 1:

Kathgodam to Lohajung

Delhi to Kathgodam by road at an additional cost.

  • Arrive early at Kathgodam railway station and drive to Lohajung (transportation included) which will take approximately 9 to 10 hours.
  • The route passes through many beautiful hill stations like Bhimtal, Almora and Kausani. You drive alongside local rivers and get views of many peaks like Kamet, Nanda Ghunti, Trishul, and Nanda Devi amongst others.
  • Arrive at your base camp, Lohajung by the evening. 
  • Dinner and overnight stay at Lohajung.

Day 2:

Lohajung to Didna Village/Tolpani

  • Start your journey from Lohajung; take the trail that takes you to Raun Bagad. It is a fairly marked trail that descends through mixed forests.
  • It is a moderate trek and you would take around 2-2½ hrs to reach the Ruan Bagad, which is an iron bridge across the famous Neel Ganga River. 
  • There is also an alternative route to reach here from Lohajung which is through the road towards Wan an easy 6km walk to Kulling Village where after there is a steep slope towards Ruan Bagad.
  • You can opt for the latter, which is easy to travel but you would certainly miss on the beautiful mixed forests.
  • Here after the climb to Didna starts once you cross the iron bridge. It is a difficult climb and you may get tired pretty soon. With a relatively tough time in the beginning, you would reach Didna in about and an hour and a half’s time.
  • Overnight at Didna.

Day 3:

Didna Village to Ali Bugyal

  • There are two routes for Ali Bugyal from Didna. If you look in the direction of the valley, you would look at Tolpani which is almost 3 kms away and 1000 feet high.
  • From Tolpani, you take a trail that climbs to Tolkaan in the northern direction. The meadow trek goes through a series of switchbacks and grassy oak mountains.
  • From Tolkaan, you take a sharp left towards the south and steer through the ridge to come out of the forest at Ali Bugyal.
  • The alternative route is to climb directly towards Ali Bugyal without going through Tolpani. You would certainly save on distance but it a relatively much steeper and tiring climb. It takes nearly two and a half hours to reach Ali Bugyal on this route.
  • To enjoy the seductive views from Ali Bugyal, you need to reach there before afternoon. It is a great post monsoon trek as well as a pre monsoon trek.
  •  Overnight stay in tents. 

Day 4:

Ali Bugyal to Patar Nachauni via Bedni Bugyal

  • Continue trekking from Ali Bugyal to Patharnachuni is an easy trek and follow a straight line ahead of you for about 3 kms.
  • On your gradual increase to the slope, the trek brings you to the other side of the ridge. Enjoy the marvellous sight over the ridge.
  • Patharnachuni is a brilliant campsite and offers you great views all around.
  •  Overnight at Patharnachuni. 

Day 5:

Patar Nachauni to Bhagwabasa via Kalu Vinayak

  • Start your trek through the steep dash to gain altitude and finally trek in the snow line. The day’s snow trek will bring you to an altitude of 14,500 ft from 12,500 ft. It is a high altitude trekking.
  • You would have to start your day early as you would like to reach Bhagwabasa as early to acclimatize to the weather.
  • Continue to climb to Kalu Vinayak, which is a steep and zigzag way to take you up the mountain. It takes around one and a half hours to reach Kalu Vinayak.
  • Overnight in the Bhagwabasa.

Day 6:

Bhagwabasa to Roopkund Summit to Bedni Bugyal

  • Start the day as early at 5 AM as the snow is still hard, while later in the day, it would get soft and your feet would start sinking in.
  • Roopkund is a 5 km gradually up-hill climb from Bhagwabasa. You will have steep climb towards the end of the trail to reach Roopkund. It would take about 3 - 3½ hours to reach Roopkund.
  • Once you climb to Roopkund, you must climb up to Junargali.
  • The climb to Junargali is not long. It is around 200 ft and doesn’t take much time. It is hardly a climb of 25 - 30 min.
  • You can start off early to return back to Bedni Bugyal via Bhagwabasa.

Day 7:

Bedni Bugyal to Lohajung via Wan

  • Enjoy your journey back to Lohajung via Wan. The path is fairly simple and you would not feel any distress throughout.
  • Get astonished by looking at the Trishul on your way back from Bedni Bugyal to Wan and pass the Rhododendron forest.
  •  From the river, it takes about half an hour to climb to the ridge above Wan village.
  •  Overall it takes about 6 -7 hours to Wan.
  • Drive back to Lohajung. 

Day 8:

Lohajung to Kathgodam

Kathgodam to Delhi by road at an additional cost.

  • End of journey. Drive from Lohajung to Kathgodam.
See Detailed Itinerary
Any City to Lohajung - No Transport
Lohajung to Didna Village - Trek
Didna Village to Ali Bugyal - Trek
Ali Bugyal to Patar Nachauni - Trek
Patar Nachauni to Bhagwabasa - Trek
Bhagwabasa to Bedni Bugyal - Trek
Bedni Bugyal to Lohajung - Trek
Lohajung to Any City - No Transport
Lohajung - Trek
Bedni Bugyal - Trek
Bhagwabasa - Trek
Patar Nachauni - Trek
Ali Bugyal - Trek
Didna Village - Trek
Lohajung - Trek
Lohajung - On Foot,Trek
Didna Village - Not Included
Ali Bugyal - Not Included
Patar Nachauni - Not Included
Bhagwabasa - Not Included
Bedni Bugyal - Not Included
Lohajung - Not Included
Any City - Not Included

20 Meals (7 Breakfast + 6 Lunch + 7 Dinner)


  • Transportation: Kathgodam - Lohajung - Kathgodam transportation included.
  • Accommodation: 7 Nights in tents
  • Meals: 7 Breakfasts, 6 Lunches & 7 Dinners
  • Trek: Expert Team Leader at your disposal 

Other Inclusions 

  • Food as per menu on the trek.
  • Tents, Sleeping bags, mats.
  •  Forest permits and camping fee.
  •  Professional Trek Leader, Cook, Guide and Support staff.
  •  Porters/mules to carry trekking equipments.
  •  First aid medical kits and safety equipments. 


  • September: 9, 25
  • October: 11, 27

  • Any kind of personal expenses on the trek.
  • Meals during road journeys.
  •  Mules or porter to carry personal luggage.
  • Anything not specified in the inclusion list.


Cancellation terms:

Nomad Adventures must receive notification of cancellation in writing. After we receive your written cancellation, the money shall be refunded to the trekkers on seeking cancellation as follows:

  • Cancellations prior to 30 days from the start of the trek 95% refund of total amount.
  • Cancellation prior to 20 days from the start of the trek 70% refund of total amount.
  • Cancellation prior to 10 days from the start of the trek 50% refund of total amount.
  • Cancellation prior to 5 days from the start of the trek. No cash refund.

  • You must be at least 13 years of age to make a booking.
  • In case of any difference of opinion between party and Nomad Adventures, the decision of MD, Nomad Adventures shall be final and binding on both the sides.
  • In case the entire group is unable to continue the trek due to natural calamities/unforeseen circumstances the trek may be diverted by the consent of Nomad Adventures and group leader.
  • In case of any accident or injury during trekking Nomad Adventures or any of its employees shall not be wholly or partially responsible. The adventure enthusiasts will undertake the trek on their own risk.
  • Smoking and drinking is strictly prohibited in the trek.

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