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FAQs for Singapore

Singaporeans are multi-cultural, as people from countries like China, Malaysia, India & Indonesia comprise the majority of the population. Almost everyone can converse in English with people also speaking Mandarin, Tamil & Malay.
The local Singaporean population comprises of many Indians as well, which means that there are a lot of options available for Vegetarians, even the pure ones. But as a back-up, do inform your Tour operator about your meal preference, at the time of booking the package.
The best months for a Singapore Holiday are from February to April; May & June are the hottest months , whereas November to February are the wettest months.
The Weather in Singapore stays mildly warm throughout the year. Carrying T-shirts, shorts, jeans, light jackets, etc. should suffice for the holiday duration.
The ideal duration for a Singapore holiday is between 6 to 7 Days, as you will be able to cover most parts of the city within this time, including the major attractions & Theme Parks.
Singapore is known Worldwide for its perfectly organised public transportation systems. The connectivity is great, and quite economical at the same time. Taking a local taxi can be quite expensive, and not recommended either.
The food in Singapore takes influence from Malaysia, China, India & Indonesia. The main diet comprises of Rice, Noodles & Seafood.

Non-Vegetarian Dishes to try:-
1.) Chilli Crab - A dish with hard shelled crabs cooked in semi-liquid tomato chilli gravy. Ironically, this dish is not as spicy as it sounds.
2.) Char Kuay Teow - A thick noodle dish, with fish cake, clams, sausage, bean sprouts and black soya sauce.
3.) Barbequed Stingray - Stingray meat covered in Sambal Sauce (Spicy sauce with chilies, diced tomatoes and shrimp paste). This is a very famous street food found in Hawker Stalls across the city.
4.) Fish Head Curry - Originating from the South Indian streets, this dish also has a Chinese & Malay influence. It is typically a fish head cooked in a curry with vegetables, and served with bread or rice.
5.) Laksa - It is a rice noodle dish, that takes influence from Chinese & Malay cuisine. It has rice noodles in a spicy curry soup with shrimp, chicken, egg & fish cakes.

Vegetarian Dishes to try:-
1.) Roti Prata - A light & fluffy puff pastry that is flipped & tossed on a pan till crispy golden brown.
2.) Mee Goreng / Nasi Goreng - Rice or Noodleds stir fried with vegetables, onions, garlic, chillies, tomatoes, and sometimes egg or tofu. This dish was introduced by Chinese immigrants, with an Indian & Malay influence.
3.) Chinese Rojak - A Malaysian Term - Rojak, means a varied mix of just about anything edible. Chinese Rojak is a fruit salad banana flower, pineapple, turnip, bean sprouts, cucumber, mango, fried bean curd, chilli, lime juice, sugar & tamarind, topped with roasted peanuts.
4.) Gado Gado - An Indonesian style salad, made with tofu, cucumbers, blanched green vegetables, rice cakes & bean sprouts tossed in a spicy peanut sauce & tapioca crackers.
5.) Goreng Pisang - Hot crisp fried banana fritters, consumed as a snack. At some places it is served with Vanilla Ice cream or chocolate sauce.
Singapore has a Tropical climate & the weather in Singapore is considerably warm throughout the year. December is the time when it rains, and February happens to be the hottest month usually.

Weather in Singapore


December - February 24 o - 35 o

March - May 24 o - 34 o

June - August 24 o - 34 o

September - November 23 o - 33 o

Top Attractions in Singapore

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