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FAQs for Europe

The minimum number of days that we suggest would be between 10 to 14 days, if you want to experience multiple cultures and terrains. Even then you will not be able to cover the entire continent if that is what's on your mind. You will have to be very careful and well informed while selecting the destinations that you want to cover.
Europe is an amalgamation of many countries and cultures. And most of the countries have a cuisine that is unique to them, and are famous the World-over. French, Italian, German, Austrian, Swiss, Czechs all have unique cuisines worth trying. Don't go with a preconceived notion as the local cuisine might not be something that you have already tried, but don't get disheartened either, as the cuisines on offer attract a lot of Food Geeks from across the World.
It entirely depends on your travel plans. If you wish to cover only the major cities like Paris, Rome, Vienna, Geneva, etc. then you can expect most of the people to understand and speak fluent English. But if in case you have more off-beat locations in mind, like visiting small villages, etc; then you might face some issues in interacting with the locals. Russia is one place where most people do not speak in English, even in the major cities.
If your hotels and inter-city flights are pre-booked then one can even make do with around 1000 Euros. But we would still suggest that you keep 1500 euros handy, just in case. Nowadays most of the banks offer International Debit / Credit Cards that can be used in any Country. Otherwise one can also opt for Travel Cards. If in case you feel that amount of cash being carried is getting exhausted, then most of the major cities also have currency exchanges, but its better to be prepared in advance. Banks like SBI, ICICI, Axis Bank, etc; provide International Travel Cards, so check with your bank before leaving for your Euro Trip.
There are many restaurants around Europe that also serve Vegan Food, but it is very bland for our Indian Travelers. But for your ease, we would suggest that you inform the Tour Manager about your meal preferences at the time of booking so that they can plan your stay accordingly, near an Indian Restaurant providing the meals of your choice. As an addition we would also recommend that you pack some namkeen, theplas, and other Indian snacks, as you may want to munch on to your favorite snacks while on-the-go.
Europe can experience varied temperature during the day. The best idea is to dress up in layers.
1. Keep a warm lightweight jacket that can be used early in the morning and late in the evenings, when the cold is at its peak.
2. It would also be a good idea to pack some inners/warmers, and some sweaters.
3. Quick dry t-shirts and track pants are also a must, and ample number of socks both woolen & cotton.
4. Carry gloves for sure.
5. Another must is to carry a rain-coat / poncho to be on the safer side.
Sunscreen with SPF put SPF is a good idea!
The Best time to visit entirely depends on the experience that you are looking for -
June to August - This is the most busy time for European Tourism. The Summer months mean longer days with the sun out till around 21:30hrs in most places, and it stays out even longer for Scandinavian Countries. The days are warm with the temperature reaching 30 - 35 degrees at some places.
September to November (Autumn) / March to May (Spring) - The Spring & Autumn time is the best time for people who do not like extreme temperatures. The weather is neither too warm, nor too cold.
December to January (Winters) - If its a White Winter that you are looking to experience, then these months are perfect. On the downside, it tends to get extremely cold, the days are shorter, and the routes might get blocked due to heavy snowfall, and you will have to carry bulky clothes. But that should not deter you from travelling to Europe during this time.
Europe is very well connected in terms of buses, trains and flights.

Buses - Buses are usually opted for by backpackers, as it is one of the most economical way to travel around Europe. With bus passes easily available, one can plan their journey accordingly and end up meeting people from varied backgrounds.
A) Euroline Bus Network - There are two kinds of passes available for Euro travel -
1.) 15 day Euroline Pass that you can use to travel for 15 consecutive days
2.) 30 Day Euroline Pass that you can use to travel for 30 consecutive days. You can book your euroline pass via https://www.eurolines-pass.eu/
B) Busabout Bus Network - Another option is hop-on hop-off buses. There are a couple of options depending upon your travel plan -
1.) You can book a pass with a validity from 2 weeks to 3 months
2.) Or else you can opt for a 6 month pass if you plan on travelling around the continent for the better part of the year.
You can book your busabout passes via http://www.busabout.com/hop-on-hop-off-europe
C) Flixbus Coach Network - This is perfect for Budget travelers / backpackers as they give an option to travel around 5 destinations for as low as Euro 99 (INR 7,800/-). You can book your Flixbus pass here - https://interflix.flixbus.com/

Trains - Trains are the most preferred mode of transportation around Europe, as they offer magnificent views of the diverse European landscape, and if planned well it could also turn out to be an economical option.
Eu Rail Pass - One can also opt for the rail passes and travel in comfort and style. There are various passes available with the option of covering one country or more than 5 countries too, with validity starting from one month to 3 months. Book your eu rail pass here - https://www.eurail.com/en

Flights - Flights are good for those who are short on time. But make sure to book your flights well in advance if you want to avoid exorbitant costs that would end up burning a huge hole in your pocket. The best budget airlines for travelling within Europe would be Easyjet & Ryanair. You can also use skyscanner.com to check the best rates across multiple airlines.

Weather in Europe


December - February -13 o - 15 o

March - May -7 o - 25 o

June - August 15 o - 35 o

September - November 0 o - 25 o

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