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FAQs for Dubai

The weather in Dubai all around the year is mostly warm, due to its proximity to the Arabian Desert.

Women -
Women are advised to wear full clothes, dresses, etc. that reveal minimal skin. Knee-length skirts, tops with sleeves, denims, etc. should be fine.
Short skirts, tops with deep neckline or straps, etc, are prohibited in public areas.
When visiting a Mosque, women should make sure to cover their hair, legs, and bodies, although covering the face is not mandatory.

Men -
For Men, shorts (knee-length), denims, shirts, t-shirts, etc. are fine. Clothes like Cycling shorts, boxers, etc. are not encouraged to be worn in public areas. Although one can wear such clothes, while participating in any sports. Swimwear can be worn on the beach.
The best time to visit Dubai is between November to March, with January being the best month as it is the time for the Great Dubai Shopping Festival
The Desert Safari & Dhow Cruise are two of the most famous activities in Dubai. Top that up with a Camel Safari, some Dune Bashing, Amusement Parks, and duty-free Shopping, and your Dubai trip will be complete.
The best way of reaching Dubai is by Air. There are also options for people to hop aboard a cruise and experience the sea-route.
Dubai is a city full of vibrance and architectural marvels. Expats from all over the World reside in this part of the Middle East. The food of Dubai has a strong Arabic & Persian influence, with Pakistani cuisine also adding to the diversity. A few things to try -
Arabic Bread - Arabic Bread like Khamir (made from flour, yeast & dry dates) is quite soft & flat. The traditional Arabic Bread is also known as Pita Bread by the rest of the World. The locals prefer to have the Chibab Bread, that is the same as Khamir but with lesser yeast.

Hamour Fish - The Hamour Fish is the local fish of Dubai, fished from the Dubai creek. Mostly all local restaurants have this is as the primary fish variety for their dishes.

Dates - Dates have been an integral part of the local diet for decades. Since dates flourish well in dry and arid conditions, the Arabian Desert offers the perfect climate for its growth.

Camel Meat -Camel Meat used to be the most famous meat across Dubai, now mostly served at weddings and other social occasions. It can still be found at a few restaurants across the city, sometimes being used for burgers as well.

Qoozi - Qoozi is a slow cooked lamb dish, served over rice with nuts & raisins, found only in specific restaurants across the city.

Mandi - A Yemeni dish, popular all across the Middle-East, consisting of Meat & Rice with Spices.

Hummus - Hummus is a dip made from cooked & mashed chick peas or other beans, traditionally served with Pita Bread.

Falafel - A deep fried dish made from ground chickpeas or fava beans, or both, and is shaped like a ball.

Al Harees - A local dish made from wheat, meat, and a little salt, served in the form of a porridge.
Dubai is partly surrounded by the Arabian Desert, and the weather stays either Hot, or even Hotter, with occasional rainfall, and frequent dust storms. The weather ranges from 20 degrees celsius to 47 degree celsius.
Arabic is the mother tongue of most locals, but English is the most spoken language across the city, due to its exposure to the rest of the World.
ATM's are easily available all across Dubai, and according to law, one is only allowed to carry upto Rs.10,000/-. An amount exceeding this has to be declared to the customs.
Pure vegetarian dishes are not hard to find in Dubai, due to its multi-cultural background. But it would always be wise to inform the restaurant, etc. about your preference. Also convey your meal preference to your Travel Operator, so that plans can be made in advance.
Located a couple of hours away from Dubai, Abu Dhabi is the capital city of the UAE. For travelers there is the World renowned Ferrari World - a Motorsport themed entertainment park, and also the Yas Waterworld located on Yas island. One must also try and visit the Falcon Hospital (built for injured and ill falcons) that provides guided tours for interested visitors.

Weather in Dubai


December - February 14 o - 34 o

March - May 18 o - 40 o

June - August 27 o - 46 o

September - November 20 o - 44 o

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