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FAQs for Bali

Located slightly South of the Equator, Bali has a Tropical Climate that is mostly warm and humid the entire year. So one should pack light clothes, like t-shirts, shorts, & light denim jeans, and live the Beach life. Do make sure to carry a good Sunscreen (SPF 35 or more), along with sunglasses.
The High Season for Bali is in the months of July & August, along with Easter, Christmas & New Year Holidays. But one can also plan to travel in the months of April, May, June & September, which is just before & after the high season time. The weather is slightly drier & less humid during this time, and the hotel rates are also cheaper by upto 40%.
Bali is a small Island nation, and even 5 Days is a good enough Vacation. But in order to get to know the place & the people better, anywhere between 6 to 7 Days is a decent duration.
For travelling within a particular town, one can also do so on foot. In fact Bali, like Goa, also has options to rent two wheelers & 4 wheelers. One can also rent a taxi to travel between towns.
Bali has a Tropical Climate year-round, that is mostly humid. The temperature ranges from 34 degrees (maximum) to 23 degrees (minimum). Monsoon in Bali lasts from October to March, and it is the wettest between the months of December to February.
The locals of Bali are quite fluent with interacting in Balinese & Indonesian. Most of them can also converse in English, since it is a tourist spot.
Vegetarian & Jain food is definitely available in Bali. Vegetarian food specifically is very easy to find, whereas Jain food is found only at certain places. Its always better to communicate your meal choice to the Tour Operator in advance, so that prior arrangements can be made for the same.
The food found in Bali is mostly the same as found in the rest of Indonesia, but with its own local flavour. Balinese Cuisine features both Vegetarian & Non-Vegetarian dishes, that are enjoyed by the locals, and the tourists alike. For a quick idea, check below :-

Vegetarian Fare -
1.) Gado Gado - Gado Gado is a dish with vegetable like steamed carrots, potatoes, cabbage & lettuce, along with tofu & sprouts. A generous portion of peanut sauce is then poured over these ingredients, and the dish is then ready to be served.
2.) Soyur Asem - Soyur Asem meaning 'Sour Vegetables' is a type of soup that uses veggies like corn, snake beans & melinjo (local plant). The best way to have this is by pouring over steamed rice.
3.) Mei Goreng / Nasi Goreng - Goreng means Fried, Mei means Noodles, whereas Nasi means rice. So this is a fried rice or noodle dish, which generally has vegetable like carrots, etc. tossed in.
4.) Nasi Padang - Nasi Padang means 'Padang Rice'; Padang is the place where this dish originated. You are served with a plate of rice, and you have to top it up from an option of upto 20 smaller dishes.
5.) Rujak - Rujak is traditionally a vegetable or fruit salad served with a thick peanut & chilly sauce. This dish has many variations, that are found across Bali & the rest of Indonesia, though this dish has an acquired taste.

Non-Vegetarian Fare -
1.) Bebek Betutu - It is stuffed duck that is slow cooked. The duck is first rubbed with tamarind paste, for flavor and to tenderize the meat. It is then stuffed with cassava leaves, eggs & a special spice called as bumbu rajeng; and wrapped in Betul Husk Leaves or Banana Leaves, and slow cooked till the meat falls off the bone.
2.) Ikan Bakar (Grilled Fish) - Native to the Jimbaran Bay, this dish is served with a special sauce made from chillies, and balanced with tomatoes, besides other secret ingredients.
3.) Babi Guling (Suckling Pig) - As the name suggests, the pig used for this dish should be drinking its mothers milk. The pig is first rubbed with turmeric paste, and then stuffed with a spice paste that includes coriander seeds, chillies, lemongrass, garlic, black pepper, kuncur, ginger, red shallots, Asian lime leaves & salam leaves.
4.) Sate Lilit - Made from Beef, Fish, Chicken, Pork, or sometimes turtle meat, which is mixed with coconut, coconut milk, and a blend of vegetables & spices. These are wrapped around bamboo, sugarcane or lemongrass sticks, and then grilled.
5.) Sambhal Seafood Jimbaran Style - The style of dish is unique to each cafe owner on the Jimbaran Bay. It could be made from fish, lobster, crab, calamari, or clams. Each cafe has its own style of making the barbeque sauce, and condiments.

Weather in Bali


December - February 33 o - 23.5 o

March - May 35 o - 24 o

June - August 31.5 o - 22.5 o

September - November 34 o - 24 o

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