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For the trip called life, get a term insurance cover upto 1 crore from HDFC Life at less than ₹492/month*

  • 97.8% Claims Settled - 11000+ Claims Settled^
  • 5.5% Off Online**
  • 1500 Cashback Voucher From Tripshelf

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*Online Premium for Income Option, Male Life Assured, 25 years of age, Lumpsum Benefit of Rs. 10 Lakhs & Monthly Income of Rs. 50,000 – Level Cover for 15 years (Total Income Benefit of Rs. 90 Lakhs), Policy Term of 30 years, Regular Pay, Annual Frequency, Exclusive of Taxes. (Annual Premium of Rs. 5900/12 months = Rs. 491.66 approx.). ARN SA/08/2018/11731.

**Online available for regular premium and limited premium policies. Single premium policies can avail a discount of 2% on online purchase.

^The claim statistics is for Financial Year 2017-2018 and is computed basis claims settled over total claims for the financial year (refer Public Disclosures in HDFC Life's website for more information).

1 Cr cover, less than the cost of a movie ticket!*

Travel khul ke, Live khul ke!

We all love to travel with our loved ones. But God forbid, we aren't around anymore, wouldn't we want them to continue to travel and live the same way?

Rajesh made sure his family is financially secure even in his absence

His secret - the right term insurance plan

You too can ensure that your family continues to travel and explore the world

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Basics of Term Insurance

It provides insurance cover for a particular time period

You pay a premium based on age, income and sum assured

You can pay the premium monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or anually

In the event of an untimely death, the insurer gives your loved ones a pre-determined sum of money

So if you aren't insured start planning now with HDFCLife Click2Protect3D Plus

An online term insurance plan that offers complete security at an affordable price.

3D’s stands for the three uncertainties that we face




For the trip called life, get customized plans with HDFC Life Click2Protect 3D Plus at less than ₹492/month*

Why HDFC Life Click2Protect 3D Plus?

  1. 5.5% discount when bought online**
  2. Ensure your family has comprehensive security always
  3. Maintain the family’s standard of living even in one’s absence

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