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Why London Is A Great Option For Solo Travelers #SoloYolo

Traveling alone, particularly to a foreign country, can be truly frightening. But London, with world-class facilities, years of history and assortment of choices for all types of girls is an incredible beginning stage to get you OK with solo travel or even help you decide if it’s your cup of tea.

Here’s why:


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1. Everyone speaks English!

Truly, travelling abroad can be scary, yet wouldn’t it be more terrible to be somewhere you can’t peruse the signs or approach anybody for help? London is extremely organised and the route is truly simple. Even if you’re lost, the vast majority are kind enough to help in the city.

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2. De-cluttered public transport system – This is one map you will understand!

London is isolated into zones, and you can get an Underground Map at any air terminal or train station to enable you to unravel this. An Oyster Card to use the tube, train or bus will get you around the city. There are heaps of 24-hour buses, and now a lot of night tubes throughout the weekend so whatever time of night or day, you can securely return home.
Originating from India where you have to haggle for autos, depending on their sense of directions to take you someplace, stress over going during the night or always a battle for ‘chhutta’, this standardised cashless framework is efficient and profoundly advantageous.
Tip: Citymapper will be your closest companion, helping you choose the best route dependent on journey time and cost.

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3. Museums about fashion! Free!

There is a museum for any and each interest in London, including fashion. And most are free! As a solo traveller, you can pick the destination and duration with no guilt. The Victoria & Albert Museum’s fashion collection spans five centuries, and the recently re-opened Design Museum focus around the consistently developing subject of contemporary fashion, art and design. Most museum request a little donation to help keep them free so you can generally leave somewhere around a pound or two.

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4. Shopping! Shopping! Shopping!

One of the best spots to window shop, without a friend grumbling of fatigued legs.

Oxford Street and its encompassing regions have all the brands you can consider. Stroll around, stroll in, hang out – it’s all up to you. If in case you happen to be in London post-November, the high street is unquestionably worth a visit for all the Christmas lights that will be up.

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5. Treat yourself to afternoon tea!

What can be more British than tea and scones? Chill like the Queen and splurge on some extraordinary afternoon tea. Searching for something traditional? Try Fortnum and Mason – a foundation! Searching for something peculiar? Try the Mad Hatter’s Afternoon Tea.

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6. Spend a sunny day at a park!

London has one of the greenest spaces in a world capital – in case you’re sufficiently fortunate to find a bright day, hurry to your closest park with few shades and a decent book and unwind. Carry a few sandwiches and drinks and invest some quality time with yourself in the midst of nature. To sweeten the deal even further, enjoy all the dogs that will likewise be out to play.

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7. Experience some theatre!

One of the world’s places for theatre, it would be a disgrace to not watch a show while in the city. Tickets go discounted months in advance however the TKTS stall in Leicester Square is an extraordinary place for half-price tickets for same day shows. Head there in the morning and pick a show that sounds intriguing, or approach the staff for counsel and you won’t be disappointed. Travelling alone means you can pick a show of your loving, including guilty pleasures like musicals.
Then again, likewise discover something strange at a pub theatre or a fringe venue for an experience not the same as the West End – Old Red Lion, Theatre 503, Camden People’s Theatre.

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8. Every Night is Ladies Night!

There is a pub around each corner, more continuous than a tube station. Treat yourself to a pint, don’t be hesitant to stroll into an old looking bar or a cocktail bar at any time of day. There are numerous spots with ladies nights and happy hours. It’s additionally an incredible method to meet people. Any Wetherspoons is an incredible beginning stage bar – with standardised menus and cheap costs, or try a pub-crawl in case you’re feeling progressively adventurous – you are sure to make few companions and memories!

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9. Explore a market near you!

Portobello for its antiques, Borough for its incredible food, Columbia Road for the blooms, Brick Lane, Brixton, Camden – peruse, eat something, pickup some artisan coffee, shop at your own pace.
Tip: Avoid wherever that ends with “Market” on a Saturday, except if you want to brave the crowds.

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10. So much food to try – something for every budget!

Food in London can be a challenge. With such a significant number of tourists always in the city, there are many average taste-high value eateries that abandon you wanting more. But with a little of research, you will find the profundity of waiting to be explored in the city. Chinatown for a pre-theatre treat, Brick Lane for something near and dear, Soho for something increasingly upscale. Pursue Jay Rayner from the Guardian for the best food suggestions and you won’t be baffled. London has a ton of solo female travellers, so don’t stress over eating out alone, there are a large number of us! Carry a book or magazine if you want, orders what you like without needing to share.

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11. Inviting baths, just a stop away from the city!

Take a National Express bus or book a return train ticket on TrainLine to neighbouring cities and towns – easy peasy! Explore the remaining parts of one of the best spas of the ancient world, bathe in the rooftop pool at Thermae Bath Spa, follow in the footsteps of Jane Austen or visit the fashion museum. Bath is the ideal city for a girl’s outing. And there are different alternatives galore.

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