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10 Amazing Experiences that Are Only Possible In South Korea!

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Korea has recently got its popularity all over the world. Whether it is through their K-pop Gangnam style or through their Korean beauty and fashion brands or through their culture, it attracted every kind of tourist towards it, especially towards South Korea.

South Korea known for its mixture of traditional and modern aspects of culture is also described as the land of Morning Calm because of its beauty. At this land of festivals no matter which season you visit, there’s probably a festival taking place, whether it can be a traditional Korean holiday or a massive music festival.

Although there are many things that you can experience in South Korea, but some of the things are genuinely the gem of this land. We have hand-picked some of them here that you must not forget to include in your itinerary:

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Date at a themed cafes

As you may have seen many themed cafes in many places but the ones in Korea are of a whole new level. There are many themed cafes in Korea some of them are anime and princess-themed cafes on the other hand ones made after animals and even made on poop. You may get confused among the choices of cafes in this East Asian country. Most of them are situated in Seoul and you can easily devote a day to cafe-hopping.

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Spa session at a Korean bathhouse

Koreans believe their bathhouses as an important part of their culture.  And for a bath at these bathhouses, they wait for several days for their turn. Korean bathhouses are also known as jimjjilbang. They are gender-segregated, with only some common areas. There are several types of baths available here to relax you physically and mentally, some of them are aroma pools and open areas baths like coffee-baths, red-wine baths etc. After a shower in the aroma pools, visitors can enjoy the saunas or relax in the common area. As these spas keep open 24/7, if you are planning to spend a night in a Korean spa then it is also possible.

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Korean food tour

Korea is the destination of unique and varied cuisine. But if you are a first time visitor it may confuse you with its amazing varieties to select from. So the best way to avoid any confusion and to taste and get an overview of popular Korean dishes is to join a food tour. In which local tour guides and restaurants, especially in Seoul (South Korea’s capital) will take you through homemade delicacies and restaurants and will make you taste the extremely delicious cuisines and will detail you everything about it. But if you are planning to explore by your own then don’t forget to try Korean BBQ and kimchi, the extremely popular one and Bingsu ice-cream and Kimbaprolls lesser known but equally delicious.

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Korean snacks and finger foods

Not only is their Korean cuisine, but their snacks and finger food is also very unique and popular in the whole world. Although crab chips, shrimp snacks, rice crackers etc are extremely delicious here but the most favourite dish among travellers as well as locals is Beondegi. It is a kind of dried silkworm carcasses that are served in bars which tastes extremely tasty with the Korean rice whiskey named as Soju. This local Korean treat can be found in any convenience store in South Korea in the form of bars. If you want to have them fresh then street-food vendors will be perfect for you. They will make it fresh in front of you and serve you hot.

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Korean alcohol tasting class

A Korea trip can never be completed without an alcohol tasting class there, especially the tasting of Makgeolli. Makgeolli is a kind of rice wine that is one of the most popular alcoholic drinks in Korea as well as overseas.  There is a well-known liquor company called Baesangmyeonjuga popular for its Korean drinks organises training in Seoul on Makgeolli making. They organise classes every week and at just the price of $20 they teach you the technique of Makgeolli making as well as gives two bottles to take home. Isn’t it the perfect offer?

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Stay in Hanok

If you are the one of a kind who wants to take the deep experience of Korean culture and to feel every aura of Korea then you must skip the typical Korean hotels and should stay at traditional South Korean home known as a Hanok. Hanok are the kind of old Korean houses that are made of mud walls, wooden pillars and wooden floor also called daecheongmaru. You can easily find an authentic one in Andong and Jeonju. They are really pleasuring place to have the true kind of Korean traditional experience that everyone should take.

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Shopping at night

You may have shopped several things at several places in daylight but have you ever went for shopping in midnight? If not, this is the kind of experience that you must take in Korea. There is a popular 24-hour market in Korea known as Dongdaemun Market. It is a popular hotspot for fashion lovers where you can get each and everything starting from bags and shoes to clothes and accessories at wholesale rates throughout the day. This market becomes the busiest with the time. You can enjoy it with delicious cuisines in several restaurants in the market complemented with live performances to make it more awesome.

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Explore Gangnam

You may have surely heard about the Gangnam style. This place is the birthplace of many Korean Wave stars and also known as the place from where various Korean trends emerged and gained the popularity all over the world since the 90s because of its PSY’s Gangnam Style. Although most of the Korean entertainment companies are located in this region but among these most popular place is K-Star Road. In your visit to this road, you will find the Gangnam Dolls lined up there with the names and logos of the most famous K-Pop groups on them. You may complement your visit with authentic Korean cuisine in one of the famous restaurants in this street.

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Visit to erotic-themed parks

South Korea is popularly known for its erotic figurines and art all over the world. Tourists from all over the world come to take a glance at these arts. Samcheok Haesingdang Park is popularly known as Penis Park because of its collection of phallic statues is popular among tourists. There is a story for these parks which states that the penis-shaped statues were raised to mollify the soul of a young lady, who is believed to have suffocated before she was able to perfect her marriage.

There is another popular place in South Korea known as Love Land. This unconventional sex-inspired theme park is located in the southern island of Jeju that gives the entry to visitors of more 20 in age. It consists of lots of erotic themes artworks, sculptures etc.

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DMZ tour

DMZ is also known as demilitarised zone. It is an active military as well as a buffer zone between North and South Korea.  If you are a history buff then you must book a DMZ tour in Seoul to learn and get inspired by the life at the borders. In this tour you can also explore Delta River. But you will always need to book the tour at least 2 days before because of its high bookings and it keeps closed during public holidays and military exercises.

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