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12 Activities that You Must Do in Tashkent, Uzbekistan

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12 Must Do Things When In Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Although being the capital of Uzbekistan, Tashkent is often ignored by people due to lack of knowledge of its magnificent beauty. It is an ancient city located on the Great Silk Road, which brought goods from China to Europe. Apart from its history, there are actually lots of things to do in Tashkent than any city will offer in this country.

Here are some hand-picked things that you must do in Tashkent:


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1. Amir Timur Square with Hotel Uzbekistan

Start your trip to Tashkent with the magnificent Amir Timur Square surrounded with manicured parks. The epic statue of Amir Timur on horseback surrounded with scented beautiful gardens in the central square of Tashkent shows the detailed Glimpse of the Timur’s kingdom and the dynasty of Timurids. Just a walk away from there you will find the iconic architectural gem Hotel Uzbekistan of this city. Whether you are a fan of history or admires the architecture or finding peace, this is the place you must visit in Tashkent.

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2. Be Shopaholic at Chorsu Bazaar

You may have visited many markets in your life but there is none like Chorsu Bazaar in Tashkent. It is one of the world’s finest markets that covers many wide and narrow streets with an impressive domed market hall.  If you are visiting in Tashkent than the souvenir shopping in Tashkent should be a must do in your list. Although prices in this market is are cheaper than other tourist spots like Bukhara and Samarkand but you can bring in more low up to  50% of the quoted price with your bargain skills.

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3. The beauty of Minor Mosque

Uzbekistan is the city of mosques and you can find lot many beautifully architected mosques here that you may not find in any part of the world. Among these old historical mosques, Minor mosque is quite new but the beauty of this mosque can’t be compromised with other mosques in Uzbekistan. Its stark white architecture located on the side of a beautiful river makes it’s more attractive in the evening time.

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4. Peace in the Park

Besides its historical architecture, Tashkent is similarly popular for its peace. And to get the best of it you must do an evening walk in its streets to find any of its well-maintained parks and gardens. It can prove a great place to sit and relax on its benches away from the city bustle and get lost in its magnificent beauty.

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5. Roam the Metro Stations

Tashkent has the Soviet metro stations that are famous for its grandness and architectural beauty. These stations don’t look less than the lobby of any fancy hotel or any grand art museums. Each station in Tashkent is built of different themes. One of them that you must visit is Kosmonavtlar station wholly dedicated to the cosmonauts of the Soviet Union decorated with space-themed pillars and mosaics.

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6. Tashkent House of Photography

If you admire photography and want to take the historical brief of this city in photographs than you must visit the photography exhibition hall in Tashkent. This hall is entirely dedicated to photography that shows different exhibitions rotationally. There is no entrance charge for this exhibition hall. You can find a different kind of exhibitions like the life and the social works of the first Uzbek dictator in photographs complemented with some beautiful painting of local artists. It’s an extraordinary place that everyone must visit.

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7. Explore the Russian Orthodox Church

Among many mosques across the country, this church is different in its own form. The real architectural beauty of this church in the city center can only be justified in the sunset. This beautiful long church is painted in light blue with golden domes gives the clear Russian influence in its architecture.  The entrance to this Church is free but you are not allowed to catch its inside beauty in your cameras.

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8. Spot Soviet Mosaics

Another great feature of the communist-era architecture is the mosaics on the end of many apartment blocks. These large walls are used for hipster street art in many cities these days but the Soviets were one step ahead and created amazing works of art that you can spot by taking a wander through any of Tashkent’s residential area. There are lots along Bobur street and Mirobad street.

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9. Try the Best Plov

Tashkent is one of the top attraction for selling the best plov in Central Asia. You may have tasted plov at many places but may not have seen it cooked and people waiting in queues to get its taste. Yes, this happens in Tashkent. People from every corner visit Tashkent to get its taste. To get the best plov in Tashkent you may go inside the grand dining hall and order a plate for only 12500 soum. Although there are salad and drinks are also available that you may taste.

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10. Do Kayaking

If you are an adventure junkie and searching for some adventure in Tashkent then Kayaking in Jules Verne Hostel is the best option. It is the kind of adventure that gives a different picture of Tashkent to its tourists. You may request them to let you join for kayaking along the river.

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11. Get chill vibes in a Café

There are many cafes in Uzbekistan but the cafes in Tashkent are popular for its quality coffee and delicious pastries and cakes. And if you love pizzas or pies then are some of the best joints that you don’t want to miss. Some of the cafes that you must try are Book Cafe for the world-class coffee with the coolest environment, The Pie Republic for best pies and Ecorn for one of the best kind of vegetarian food in Tashkent.

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12. Explore the city at night

Uzbekistan is the place of grandness whether it is in their trains, buildings, decorations or anything. And most beautiful it can be explored is in nights only. The rainbow lights in its underpasses and the huge Uzbek flag lighting at the side of the building make this whole city alive and more beautiful in nights. Whenever you visit this city don’t forget to take a night tour of this masterpiece.

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