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Tips and Tricks for your First Russian Adventure!

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Tremendous and Beautiful scenes, brilliant art, dimensional society, the dribble of traditions, modern architecture and extraordinarily long history, yes, it is only Russia!

The greatest landmass on the planet is significantly more than its Cold war history or the winter wonderland it changes into. The famous scene of Raj Kapoor and Nargis under the umbrella, walking the delightful streets made every one of us awara for Russia.

People from everywhere throughout the world are fascinated by it, or if nothing else by its vodka (If you didn’t peruse that in a Russian accent, you’re not doing it right!)

But what really follows through making a holiday plan here? Russia is exceptionally enthusiastic about its customs and culture. In this way, what should you take care of when you go, we answer this for you! Wanna be lost in the beauty of Russia and not spend a hefty sum?

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Apply for Early Visa and Register at Arrivals

  • It is encouraged to begin your visa procedure right on time to eliminate costs and have a plan if there should arise an occurrence of any possibilities.
  • It is compulsory to enlist your visa inside 7 days of landing.
  • Note – Public Holidays and Weekends are off days.
  • The Hotel, Landlord, Friends or Relatives if private, have the obligation to enrol your visa.


Check your Calendar

  • Plan your excursion to Russia remembering the public holidays and festivals on the grounds that the shows, marches and festivities may close off spots to visit or shorten visiting hours.
  • Major Festivities around –
  1. New Year to Orthodox Christmas – January
  2. Around Labor Day, Victory Day, May Day – May
  3. Best Time to Visit – May to September


Get familiar with the essential language terms

  • Names of avenues, metro stations are typically composed just in Russian. A few fundamental words and the letters in order will assist you with getting around Moscow all alone.
  • Learn essential welcome like Hello – Здравствуйте [Zdravstvuyte], Thankyou – Спасибо [Spacibo]

Tip! – Know what «тапочки» [TA-pach-kee] means.

This means a pair of shoes. For what reason do you have to know this?

Since when you are welcome to a Russian home which is clutter free and too clean, you will be expected to take your shoes off and may be offered a pair of тапочки.

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Carry a Gift with you

  • Russians are high on hospitality and tradition.
  • Any little gifts like souvenirs, chocolates, blossoms and so on are much appreciated.

Tip! – While bringing anybody flowers (keep away from yellow), always get them in odd numbers as even number blooms are typically emblematic with events like funerals!

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Use Metros to Travel

  • Traveling inskirts in Russia can be somewhat costly with taxicabs even running on meters.
  • Traffic is frequently unusual and the distances between spots to visit can be huge as well.
  • Travel using metros to save time and cash. They offer a wonderful view as well!


Spendings can exceed expectations – How to save!

  • Russia isn’t the most modest city so in case you’re not watchful, your spending can up your financial plan. For the most part as an international tourist, your ticket costs are more than that of local people.
  • If you are a student, avail discounts at museums and so forth by showing your ID.
  • Try ‘Business Lunches’ and Buffets to get a value for your supper or go for roadside food.
  • Go to ‘Anti Cafes’ who charge you by the amount of time you spend. Live, Love and Laugh!

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Go for a Night-out

  • Russian nightlife is not less than a film portrayal. They are exceptionally tasteful and exquisite people and having a night out is an unquestionable requirement do on your bucket list.

Tip! – It is generally advisable for Men to be all black and Women in skirts and heels.  Is there any doubt that Russia is a paradise on the Earth?  

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Abstain from taking pictures in Government architects and Churches

  • You are not permitted to take a photo of official structures, military structures and the internal parts of churches.
  • This pulls in a heavy fine and you can likewise be arrested.


Finance Woes

  • Avoid bringing travelers’ cheques as they are difficult to cash and take quite a while.
  • Do not bring old dollars or euros as they may not be accepted at times. It’s fitting to convey new cash.
  • Avoid utilizing ATMs at local metros and shops as it may not be safe always, rather use ATMs at hotels or banks.


Cash in Back Pockets

  • There have been occasions of pick-pocketing in the bustling avenues and paths.
  • It is prudent to convey a bag and keep it near you consistently when in a group.

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Etiquette Conundrum

Given that Russia has a strong connection to its culture and convention there are numerous things or signs you shouldn’t do to abstain from offending anybody accidentally.

  • Do not put your elbows on the tables. It is considered rude.
  • Do not eat without taking permission on the off chance that you are eating in a gathering.
  • Do not put empty water bottles on the table. They ought to be kept on the floor.
  • Avoid giving Yellow Flowers. They are viewed as symbolizing division.
  • Do not point fingers at somebody, individuals may get annoyed.
  • If you’re going with females, don’t give them a chance to carry heavy bags, it is disapproved of.

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Quite a list right? But, Russia guarantees to not let you down with its grand magnificence and friendliness.

What are you sitting tight for?


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