Amore di Una Vita: LOVE, LIFE & Italy
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Amore di Una Vita: LOVE LIFE & ITALY

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10 Must-See Places In Italy!

These 10 places I visited on the European holiday that made me fall for Italy.



1. VENICE –  Love at first sight? That was what I felt when I took a water bus down the Grand Canal of Venice. The luxurious exteriors of the palazzi on its banks, going back to when the exchange between the East and the West was Venice’s mainstay, were my excellent friends for the evening. As I coasted along on the water, I could see that Venice is a gathering of islands hung together by its bridges and I was eager to realize that each time I crossed a bridge, I would really be island-bouncing!

Strolling around the city, I found that, in spite of the fact that car-free and compact, Venice is a veritable maze of limited calle (streets). But, when I set out to lose myself in them, I was luxuriously remunerated. I should have simply needed my map behind and convey my feeling of adventure along on my European holiday! And when my feet started to dissent from the majority of that strolling, I sat down to appreciate the calming lapping of the water in the canals, with a Bellini or Spritz in hand.

Tip: Take the lift to the highest point of the Campanile in San Marco square to appreciate a seagull’s eye view of Venice and the encompassing lagoon.

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2. BURANO – Taking a 45-minute ship ride from Venice, I reached the most chipper island in the Venetian lagoon – Burano. Its colorful houses (painted so to help the island’s fishermen in recognizing at night) gave the ideal background to photos of my Italian holiday. Between selfies, I chomped on the S-shaped Buranelli cookies and shopped for handmade laces that are forces of the island.

Tip: Ponder over the inclining bell tower on the island. The Leaning Tower of Pisa isn’t the just a single.

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3. THE DOLOMITES – I should concede that before continuing on my European holiday, I had not thought a lot about the Italian Alps a.k.a the Dolomites as they are (shockingly) less prominent than the Swiss Alps. However, they ended up being one of the features of my trip. Stopping at picture postcard towns, for example, Pieve di Cadore and Auronzo di Cadore, I discovered that this area of Italy is financially huge owing to its timber and eyewear enterprises. The fashionista in me was excited to get designer frames at less cost at the factory outlets here.

Traveling further into the Dolomites, I came to the “winter wonderland” setting of Misurina. It is ideal for snowball fights (oh, how I missed my girl gang!), yet I needed to manage with a stroll on the frozen waters of its lake. In the mood for some skiing and celeb sighting, I at that point made a beeline for the chic town of Cortina D’Ampezzo, my last stop in the Dolomites.

Tip: Visit the Olympic Ice Stadium in Cortina, setting of the 1956 Winter Olympics, to watch figure skaters and curlers in action.

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The Dolomites(Image Source: Sachsenklemme)



4. FLORENCE – As an art, fashion and history buff, I realized I had touched base at the correct place when I reached Florence.

The Uffizi and Accademia art exhibitions are treasure troves I could without much of a stretch spend days in. The high fashion boutiques on Via Tornabuoni (including the first Gucci store on the planet), jewelry shops on the Ponte Vecchio, leather products stalls at San Lorenzo Market and artisans’ workshops in Oltrarno are the place I got my shopping fix. I additionally agreed to accept free strolling visits to comprehend the role played by the financiers’ turned-nobles of the Medici family informing the political and social existence of Florence. From that point, spotting the Medici crests on different monuments around town turned into a most loved hobby of mine.

But if in case I needed to pick the best experience of my Italian holiday it would definitely be ascending the dome of the Duomo. My tiredness, from climbing 463 narrow steps to the top, vanished as I saw the excellent city of Florence spread out before my eyes. To unwind afterward, I watched the sun set over the city from the statures of the Piazzale Michelangelo.

Tip: For a break from the city and an essence of “la dolce vita” on your Italian holiday, you can explore the excellent Tuscan countryside on a tasting tour through the world-famous wines produced in the vineyards there.

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5. SIENA – Remaining in the seashell-formed square in the city of Siena – Piazza del Campo – it felt like I had ventured into time travel, where almost every little seemed to have changed since the 1500s. From a narrative I had viewed on the bus in transit, I realized that the memorable focus, encompassed by very much safeguarded royal residences, doubled up as the venue of the Palio horse race held twice consistently. Local people amused me with stories of strategy and gamesmanship employed by the savagely competitive contrade (city wards) in winning the Palio.

It is the local custom for the Palio winner to offer gratitude to Mother Mary in the Cathedral. So, it was the place I headed straightaway, and what a treat it was! All its distinctive components – the mosaic works on the floor, the Moorish-style striped segments, the star-studded dome and chapels adorned with works of Donatello and Bernini – met up perfectly and made it a standout amongst the most delightful houses of worship I visited on my European holiday.

Tip: Spot the Capitoline Wolf statue which is the symbol of Siena.

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6. SAN GIMIGNANO – Reaching San Gimignano, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, I saw the point of view that renders the name “Medieval Manhattan” to this quaint town. Ascending high over the undulating greens of the Tuscan countryside, 14 towers shaped a standout amongst the most distinctive skylines I had seen on my European holiday. As I strolled around the town with no one in sight, a gelato cone from the World Championship-winning Dandoli for the organization, I couldn’t resist feeling as though it was every all a giant set up for a period film.

Tip: Climb up to Rocca di Montestaffoli for clearing perspectives of the countryside. Is there any doubt that Italy is a paradise on the Earth?  Explore Italy with all your heart! Check packages here!




7. PISA – Climbing the pinnacle with the checked tilt will unquestionably be a standout amongst the most unusual encounters of my European holiday. And, in reward for my exertion, I got all-encompassing views over the Field of Miracles and the city of Pisa. After visiting the Cathedral and Baptistery in a similar complex, I took a merited break by the banks of the River Arno. Turned out it was my lucky day, and I could get a rare sight of the dolphin which swam into the Arno from the Mediterranean!

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8. CAPRI – Nothing spells holiday for me like being on an island, and for some quality island time on my European vacation, I went to Capri. Nature has formed from limestone probably the most dramatic cliffs, caves and rocks here, which I could acknowledge (and take gazillion pictures of) from a boat ride around the island.

Back on terra firma, I took the chairlift up Monte Solaro to get to the most astounding point of the island. Despite the fact that the relentlessly ascending 13-minute ride was amazing, the view of the Bay of Naples and the Amalfi Coast from the top blew my mind.

Before going back to the mainland (reluctantly, I should include) to proceed with my Italian vacation, I stocked up on locally produced limoncello, my most loved Italian digestivo. Everything from the shading and aroma to the taste of this mystical elixir restored me from a food trance-like state and set me up to attack the next gelateria with recharged energy.

Tip: Weather allowing, you can visit the Blue Grotto for a one of a kind affair on your Italian vacation.

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9. ROME – The past is particularly present in Rome and strolling through its various neighbourhoods felt as though I was going forward and backwards in time. For a look at the Rome of the times of yore, I visited monuments, for example, the Pantheon, the Colosseum and the very much safeguarded ruins of the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill. Then again, to feel the beat of the modern metropolis of Rome, I spent my evenings in the shopping locale paving the way to the Spanish Steps.

Rome is a city of slopes and to appreciate incredible perspectives over the city from vantage focuses, for example, Gianicolo Hill and Pincio, I needed to complete a reasonable piece of climbing day by day. On the upside, all that activity amid my Italian vacation empowered me to share of locale fortes, for example, Cacio e Pepe and Spaghetti Carbonara with no blame.

When I was hypnotized by Rome, I made sure to toss coins into the Trevi Fountain to ensure my return to the city. In doing as such, I likewise earned great karma as coins retrieved from the Fountain are utilized to nourish the underprivileged of Rome.

Tip: Enjoy a decent optical dream? The (non-existent) dome of the Sant’Ignazio Church is to be believed to be misled!

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10. VATICAN CITY – With no border markers, it was simple for me to neglect that I’m in a different nation when in Vatican City. However, visiting its St. Subside’s Basilica, Sistine Chapel and the Vatican Museums is one of the encounters from my European vacation I will recollect for a long time to come.

I climbed the cupola of St. Peter’s Basilica to see Rome in the entirety of its magnificence. From the top, I could see several monuments of Rome, especially the impressive structure of the Vittoriano and the Colosseum covering up in display behind it.

I likewise made utilization of the super-effective mail service of the Vatican Post (by popping into the mail van stationed in St. Peter’s Square) to send postcards bearing stories from my European vacation to family and friends. I additionally purchased stamps printed by the city-state as souvenirs that are unique and simple to convey home.

Tip: Reservation of admission ahead of time is suggested as long lines at the entrance, owing to airport-style security checks, are not out of the ordinary.

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Things Italy taught me:

#1 – Save for a Saldi (deal) day. In winters, it could really be a rain day!

#2 – When life gives you lemons, make limoncello.

#3 – Make gelato when the sun sparkles, and cioccolata calda (hot chocolate) when it doesn’t.

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