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A Jain Family’s Trip to Paris! Things to do on your family trip to Paris!

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Things not to miss on your Paris Trip


Day 1 – Paris Metro & Eiffel Tower – Being Jains traveling by ourselves was challenging and threatening on our maiden abroad visit, to Europe, particularly arranging Veg. food leaves aside Jain food! Nevertheless, this turned into a fantasy tour of a lifetime for us. We couldn’t contain our fervour as we sat in the car with Madhavanandji from Iskcon – Paris, who had come to get us at the Charles De Guile Airport. A brisk ride over the colonies on the edges of the city took us to the Iskcon Ashram where we were to stay for the following five nights. A pleasant comfortable place with an Indian milieu, amidst a suburb, at a distance from the bustling city was inviting. We dumped our luggage in our neat bunk bedded room and made a beeline for the towering excitement each one head for in Paris – The Eiffel. We purchased a five day Paris pass from Sarcelles Station that empowers one to travel any place around the city by Rail or Bus. Significant tourist spots have stations underneath which are effortlessly accessible by the Metro. They state that anyplace in Paris you are not in excess of a couple of meters from a Metro station! Our first excursion in the Metro was elating as we changed a couple of trains in transit the station to Eiffel Tower, with the assistance of simple to peruse Metro map.

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It was sprinkling late in evening as we came out of the station when an amazing moment of a lifetime left us awestruck; we were standing before – The Eiffel Tower. Seeing it in an image one can’t understand the immensity, scale and its excellence as much can be acknowledged seeing it in reality. It kept us amazed over a few hours as we sat there gazing for long, went to the top to see the sparkling city laid around us – a hypnotizing experience, came down to gaze again at the flawlessly lit up tower during the night, staying there on a lawn as the tower twinkled intermittently as we tasted the charming miracle of art and science.

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Day 2 – Full Day City Tour with Desi Sandwiches, Instant Bhel & Ready to Eat Meals! – Following day we took the metro to the Louver Museum Station and clicked a few snaps at the Giant Pyramid helping us to remember the novel – Da Vinci Code. From here we completed a city tour of the local transport buses which came free with the Paris Pass. First was the happening Montmartre we went to the tallest structure of Paris – Sacre Coeur, white purifying Basilica on a peak. Sat on its footsteps hearing a soothing harp played by an artist enjoying the view of the city from the top. Appreciated a funicular ride downhill. A bustling market and energy around the place are energetic with roadside painters and cool Cafes spread around. We had purchased foot long eggless bread and made our very own cling sealed Sub Sandwiches that we munched with a bottle of Tang that went for the day. A passport full of stamps rather than a life full of chaos! Check Paris tour packages here!

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We took a transport ride to Trocadero an excellent viewpoint to appreciate the Eiffel from the opposite side over the Seine River. In transit, we saw the excellent Arc De Triomphe helping us to remember the – Gateway of India. Saw the National Art Museum rapidly and left for the Majestic Notre Dame, an engaging Gothic Church with a rich history. We had a chance to observe a religious parade inside the Church, which was conveying a thorn crown worn by Jesus! From here we strolled to the well known Pont Neuf connect and the romantic love locks connect Pont des Arts. After a quick meal of Instant Bhel on the banks of river Seine, we strolled down to the Pantheon a magnificent Roman structure, which had closed for the day. Live the luxury which you wanted to live since forever! Check the luxurious packages of Paris here!

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Tired from strolling, we took a bus ride from here going through the roads of Latin Quarters, saw the lovely Jardins of Luxembourg Palace, passing a few renowned monuments in transit we reached the well known public square of Paris, The Place de La Concorde. From here we took a bus to La Defense, the only place in Paris which has modern development with multi-storied buildings. The ride was on the renowned – Champs Elysees Avenue, the fashion high road lined up with huge brand stores including the fantastic Louis Vuitton store. Enjoying the ride through this we finished the city tour at La Defense.
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Day 3 – The Vast Beauty of Versailles Palace! – On our third day, we visited the Versailles Palace, which is immense and maintained, albeit every last bit of it doesn’t house especially incredible exhibits with the exception of the mirror room. The imagination of somebody living in such grandeur and the tales of the opulence of the Royal individuals abandon one exasperated. The gardens likewise take the heart, unfathomably spread with various whimsical fountains that work on settled days. Immense manicured plant walls and greenery is so all around kept up that it feels like an ethereal maze cut out of nature. One can spare time and energy by hiring a Golf car around the gardens, which we could decide just on hindsight on the grounds that by the day’s end we were depleted.

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Day 4 – The Grandeur & Magnificence of Art, Architecture & Museums – Our fourth day was the principal Sunday of the month when all the Museums in the city give a free entry. In spite of the fact, we purchased a quick entry ticket for Louver, grabbed a map and denoted the floors and exhibits we needed to see and abandoned around the ceaseless halls of Louver eager to see some renowned creations, yet the peak of the adrenaline for everybody around seems to be the Mona Lisa. At this point, everybody was certain to feel for what reason is this artwork so well known when there are thousands of paintings, sculptures, creations lined up all around the apparently ceaseless Museum. For each art lover, this place beyond any doubt is a pilgrimage of a lifetime.


From that point, we went to see the underground scary skeletal collection, The Catacombs, which unfortunately we couldn’t make it, as they give limited entries every day. It was doubly disappointing as we had missed the lovely Musee De Orsay for the same. From here we went to see the Rodin Museum, a stunning spot where his sculptures and creations are shown in a well-kept castle, including the Thinker we all have seen. And lastly the most happening of Museums, Centre George Pompidou! Appropriate from the atypical futuristic design of the building to the modern creations housed in and the vitality of entertainers in and around the place, everything was fascinating. Despite everything, we couldn’t see numerous great museums; however, for a day this was an adequate portion of art.

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Day 5 – Last but not least, Disneyland! – The Last day of our trip was to Disneyland. We had purchased a two-park ticket in advance that spared time and money. We began our day early at Universal studio, took a map of the place and figured the exciting rides and things that would advance us all the more other than which rides were putting forth quick passes so that we can spare time standing in the inescapable lines. A Great Roller coaster and a couple of good rides, alive and movie- both combined stage show and a stunt show, were the adrenaline pumping moments we appreciated until 3 pm. After that we rushed to the adjoining Disneyland, supported with their map again chalked out a plan as we appreciated some incredible rides, the live Parade, adored the whimsical Fantasyland and were astounded, entertained and catapulted in a different universe when we saw the late night Disney show, an electric blend of laser, animation, firecrackers, audio-visual musical, projected on the marvelous Disney palace.

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Time to bid adieu – Au Revoir – The time had come to bid adieu to the city of Love, to the trip of dreams, to Paris – A flawlessly spread out city, entertaining as though a major living museum and a gem itself. The French, not actually tourist friendly, are endeavoring to conquer the pomposity credited to them throughout the years. We had all the more then we dreamt for from the tour. We had missed numerous things because of a tight schedule incorporating a stroll in the Tuileries Garden, Pere Lachaise Cemetery, Catacombs, Musee d’Orsay, Musee de l’Orangerie, Lido Show, Moulin Rouge, Musee Picasso, French Cuisine or wine being Jain Veg Teetotallers and a lot more appealing things. We promise ourselves to return to Paris for a longer stay.

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