First Timers Guide To Cambodia
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First Timers Guide to Cambodia!

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First-Hand Guide For Cambodia Trip!

Once the nation of glorious progress, the huge Khmer empire of Angkor, whose remaining parts today structure the national identity of Cambodia. The nation has turned out to be one of the well-known tourist hotspots in South Asia over time.

Cambodia’s sleepy towns and urban communities are an enjoyment, with their blurred colonial architecture and antiquated charm, while in the countryside a large group of significant landscapes awaits, from the mighty streams and lakes to the remote forested highlands and mountains.

As a first time traveler anywhere there are questions and uncertainties approaching around while getting ready and exploring. Stress not! We help you with your questions by revealing all you have to know – from how to get there to travel, accommodation, food, and other travel necessities.

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Best Time to Go!
  • Cambodia remains reliably warm all through the year– seasons are characterized by rainfall as opposed to temperature.
  • The cooler seasons are November to February and hotter ones from March to May.
  • Best Time to go is amid cooler atmosphere – NOVEMBER – FEBRUARY.
  • It is advisable to stay away from the stormy season.
  • Dry Season is the best time to go! You’ve never seen such amazing view…even in your dreams! Just Click here!

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How to Reach!
  • Unfortunately, there are no non-stop flights to Cambodia from numerous parts of the world.
  • Connecting flights are accessible from numerous Asian centres like – Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Kong and many more.
  • The Connecting flights take you to either Phnom Penh or Siem Reap. Get yourself lost in mysterious Cambodia. Click Here! 

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  • Cambodia is a budget destination and fits all spending sorts.
  • Accommodations begin from 7-8$ however the costs can go up if in case that you are want to stay in Phnom Penh.
  • Eating is cheap in Cambodia. Roadside food is luscious and satisfying and begins from 2-3$.
  • High-end cafés are likewise well reasonable.
  • Transport is likewise manageable and the expenses are normally 1$ every hour but this can range from destination to destination. Land in the Magical Land with your loved ones! Click here.

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Where to Stay?

Finding a stay is simply easy as housing for all financial limits is effectively found. The famous places are – Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Sihanoukville.

Budget Accommodations:
  • Many Hotels and Guesthouses are accessible in budget rates offering facilities enough to guarantee you have a charming experience including essential toiletries, TV, restrooms, WiFi and so on.
  • It is advisable to convey mosquito nets on your own though.
  • Budget Hotels and Hostels extend from 5$ – 15$ per night.
  • There are additionally numerous Dorms accessible which cost around 3$ – 10$ every night. Paradise for Foodies…No, No you don’t have to kill yourself! Just Click Here

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Mid Range to Luxury Accommodations: 

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In and Around the City!

There have been numerous improvements in Cambodian transportation systems and now it’s increasingly simpler to go in and around the urban areas.

  • Do take note that the streets can wind up unavailable or slow amid rainstorm or festive times particularly New Years.

Buses –

  • The least expensive and agreeable method for transportation associating every single significant town and urban areas.
  • Buses usually begin from the capital – Phnom Penh.
  • The fare range from 4$ – 6$.
  • There are no particular timetables for buses and they must be reserved days ahead of time as standing travellers are not permitted.


Taxis –

  • There are many shared taxis running in Cambodia offering you to take places even buses won’t.
  • Do take note of that the taxis can be packed sometimes and so as to have a taxi all to yourself, twofold the cost is charged.


Boat –

  • Waterways are genuinely basic method for going in and around the city.
  • Boats run daily south along the Mekong stream between Phnom Penh and the Vietnamese fringe at Chau Doc.
  • From Sihanoukville in the south, regular ships and quick catamarans leave a couple of times each day to Koh Rong, with a couple of proceeding to the neighbouring island of Koh Rong Samloem.
  • Other approaches to travel incorporate Tuk Tuks and leasing a motorbike or cycles. Land in the Magical Land with your loved ones! Click here.

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Where to Eat!

Cambodian cuisine, for the most part, has impacts from numerous Asian nations especially China.

Rice is a staple and offered with pretty much every supper.


Must Try –

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Popular places to eat –

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Cambodia offers a perfect destination with a taste of history and rich culture! Are the remnants calling to you? Folklore excited you…Listen from the locals…they will tell more! Click Here.



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