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Off the mountain, into the blue sky: My first tryst with Paragliding in Bir Billing!

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Bir Billing, Himachal Pradesh; World’s 2nd HIghest Paragliding SIte! 

I will come back one day and learn to fly, and I will spread my wings and soar back into the sky.


Day1: Bir:

On this excellent cold morning, as I set out from the bus at Bir, the aura of the spot soaked up me totally. On one side there were little fields of tea plantations, and on the opposite side was a lovely Tibetan Monastery called Chokling Monastery. The life in this little Himalayan town was slow, yet reviving. Local people appeared to be content sipping their morning tea and simply enjoying the view, for one can see the Dhauladhar ranges from here. From having rulers at the time of the Mughals, to a huge Tibetan settlement now, Bir is an extremely assorted little town. The Monasteries situated in Bir are very notable in the World of Buddhism. And not to overlook the fact that Billing (14Kms away of Bir) is the World’s second best paragliding spot. We took shower quickly and prepared for the 7Km trek to Billing that lay ahead. Explore our amazing packages here especially created for this long weekend!! 

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Day2: Billing:

We began our tough uphill climb just to be invited by the wonderful Rhododendron trees and the charming red blooms lay on the way forward. The sun was out yet on this cold winter morning it was more similar to a gift. Only weeks prior (and one week after), a similar spot was weighed down with the heaps of snow, which was just noticeable over the adjacent pinnacles. The way was rough, yet staggering for we were going through a trail of lofty trees. The trek was a bit strenuous yet effectively possible, as a large portion of our gear had already been transferred to our campground. After tiling for 4 to 5 hrs, we reached the highest point of the mountain, and the view ahead just blew me off my feet. Directly before me, I could see a couple of paragliders taking off out there, and the snow-clad Dhauladhar tops acted as the ideal background. I could see my kindred voyagers beaming at the charming sight. Fire in your belly? Click here to see the detailed itineraries for a trip to Bir Billing.

Bir Paragliding


As I moved forward to get a more critical look at the paragliders, the possibility of hopping off this mountain (take-off point) sounded less and less satisfying, as I am not that good with heights. I could see a couple of the first time paragliders falling amid a fizzled take-off endeavor. But I chose to focus on the ones who did it on their first go, however, the human personality is distinctively wired. The thought of running off this peak made me sweat even with the cold wind blowing around me. I thought about backing off and sparing my life, yet I chose to hold up at least till the next morning. Click here to see the wide range of destinations for weekend trips nearby Delhi. 

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Billing is a blustery site, which makes it a perfect spot for paragliding. One could see the whole valley from up here, and it was simply marvelous. There were a couple of trails all over which lead to exceptionally pleasant spots. Many individuals had pitched tents near the take-off point. It was a decent assembling of adventure lovers.



Gradually we made a path to our campground and after some genuinely necessary campfire and jamming session, we hit the sack. We woke up early the following morning so as to observe the dawn. The first beams of the sun felt great after the severe cold night. Indeed, even subsequent to absorbing the glow of the daylight for a long while, I stood jittering as the thought of the upcoming occasion of the day made me restless. I accumulated all the bravery that I could and chose to proceed with my initial plan. Click here to see the detailed itineraries for a trip to Bir Billing.

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Day3: Paragliding:

After a brisk breakfast, we took off to the take-off point to take a stab at what we came here for – Paragliding! This time the take-off point was somewhat less swarmed, and significantly scarier. I strolled up till the edge of the mountain, always murmuring to myself – “I can do it. I can do it.” however only one look down the mountain incline and my stomach staggered. The “I can do it” chant immediately turned to “I can do it NOT”.



Before I could decide, I was gotten off guard by my paragliding partner (instructor). He set up all the safety harnesses in place, with us joined to one another. He made the glider prepared for his next flight and my first flight. We strolled together to the edge of the mountain, where he winked and said ‘prepare to hop off the mountain, and fly!”. I murmured one final time “I can do this” and took my position. I was standing confronting the incline of the mountain, though my partner, who was to be my guardian angel for the following 20mins, positioned himself by me confronting the contrary side, holding the glider. Out of the blue, apparently, when the breeze was sufficient, he asked me to RUN! I thought no more, my mind had only one mission, and that was to simply bounce off this mountain, so I kept running down the slope. Click to discuss the upcoming Weekend Trips nearby Delhi. 

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I ran and I kept running till I couldn’t feel the ground under my feet any longer, and I ran some more till my partner asked me to stop. I had done it! I was finally off. I was taking off like a bird. I could feel the cold wind hitting my face; however, I was not sweating any longer. I was a flying creature and not a flightless one. My guardian angel gave me a nudge and pointed towards the Dhauladhar ranges, and what a fabulous sight it was. On one side was the valley, and on the other was this snow topped range of mountains. It was an exhilarating minute as I had at last vanquished one of my biggest fears (at least for the time being).



We took off through the mountains with the valley opening up in front. The wonderful scene left me confounded. I could see a couple of monasteries with their tops shining under the great daylight. We flew over the numerous settlements, altering our direction with the breeze. The sky was blue, the ground was green, and somewhere inside I was feeling as though this is all a fantasy. We neared the landing site and made a close ideal touchdown. I was glad and excited and confident and pleased. I sat down for some time to retain this snapshot of happiness. I stood up and gazed toward the mighty mountains with a fantasy in my eyes, “I will return one day and figure out how to fly, and I will spread my wings and take off once more into the sky”. Explore our amazing packages here especially created for this long weekend!!

Bir flight




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