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For The ‘Beach’ Inside You: Best Beach Vacation Spots In India!

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Top 10 Beach Vacation Destinations In India:

Looking to sunbath your way through a holiday? Does your ideal vacation time involve beaches? We have gone a step further and interviewed 35 serial beach hunters, browsed through the best restaurants, places to stay, attractions and other parameters to create a list of best beach spots in India that just take your breath away.

Be it a weekend escape with your companions or a fast honeymoon trip with your partner, or a family get together some place in the lap of nature, this list won’t fail to impress you!

Here are 10 beach destinations in India that will rock your world!
A blend of flawless beach excursions brimming with nature, adventure, unwinding or simply insanely partying!

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1. Candolim Beach in Calangute, North Goa

The golden sparkling sand, lined with astonishing shacks offering authentic Goan cuisine and beverages, is the reason Candolim is an unquestionable visit! With the Aguada fort overlooking the ocean and the shoreline, it is known for its pristine beautiful magnificence and quiet and composed climate.

Special Tip – Do not miss the lovely nightlife and the well-known bars here, which were popularized by the popular band, The Beatles.

Nearest Airport: Goa International Airport; 37 km from Candolim

Best suited for: Party and fun loving couples, families
Attractions in Candolim and Calangute: Clubs, eateries serving Goan food, parasailing and water-bike rides, Sunburn festival in December

Best time to visit Candolim and Calangute: October to March
Even though the shoreline water is neat and clean, the harsh tides and strong waves make Candolim extreme for swimming.Click here to look for an awesome Goa holiday package.

Candolim Beach



2. Agonda – Palolem, South Goa

The white sand, palm trees, shacks, with beautiful rocks and an island off its shore, all in all, make this destination a tranquil area.

Special Tip – Spend time meditating, or unwinding in the sun, go dolphin spotting, or simply go for a walk on shore, viewing the dusk with your special someone.

Nearest Airport: Dabolim International Airport; 65 km from Agonda

Best appropriate for: Couples searching for unwinding

Attractions in Agonda and Palolem: Spa, night clubs, dolphin spotting, scuba diving and snorkelling, Water activities, for example, swimming, sunbathing, watercraft tours.
Best time to visit Agonda and Palolem: November to April
Beaches here are serene with clean water, yet the water here isn’t perfect for swimming. Click here to see 20+ Goa Tour itineraries.

Agonda(Image Source: Steemit)



3. Anjuna – Baga, North Goa

This happening destination is renowned for its nightlife, shoreline shacks, karaoke, mouth-watering seafood delicacies and chilled beer. The tenderly swaying palm trees, a huge spread of sand, with an unusual rock formation, makes this spot a blend of excellence and liveliness.

Special Tip – Do not miss titos path, where food and beverages are consistently streaming, music to shake your spirit and the beats to dance constantly. All this with a view of paper lamps smashing upon the shoreline right outside.

Nearest Airport: Dabolim International Airport; 23 km from Anjuna

Best suited for: Party and fun-loving group of friends

Attractions in Anjuna and Baga: Watersports, dolphin cruises, windsurfing, salt shower, wild rave parties, flea markets offering funky jewellery

Best time to visit Anjuna and Baga this winter: November to February
Clear and clean water, however hazardous for a swim. Click here to look for an awesome Goa holiday package.




4. Mandavi Beach, Maharashtra

Broadly known as the ‘Black Sea’ for its glossy dark sand, this shoreline is well known among water sports enthusiasts. This shoreline is bordered by Ratnadurg Fort to its west and the Arabian Sea to its south.

Special Tip – seeing the dusk over its crystal clear blue water gives an unbelievable view.

Nearest Airport: Ratnagiri Airport; 3 km from Mandavi Beach
Best suited for: Couples and companions searching for a spot to chill

Attractions in Mandavi: Forts, temples, water sports like diving, skiing, swimming, parasailing, watercraft rides.

Best time to visit Mandavi: October to March

The shoreline is white and firm, the water is blue and clean, making Mandavi an ideal fit for swimming. If you too like me can’t wait to be here, I suggest take a look at this insane packages and you might end up being in Maharashtra in the next few days.

Mandvi Beach(Image Source: That Goan Girl)



5. Daman & Diu, Gujarat

An exploratory destination with attractions like colonial forts, famous churches, with the additional favourable position of beautiful sun-washed shorelines, well known for its silver sand and wonderful climate. The rich legacy and culture here offer extremely enthusiastic merry days.

Special Tip – Gujarat being a dry state, Daman is the main spot where liquor is sold lawfully and that too at cheap rates!

Nearest Airport: Mumbai; 193 km from Daman and Diu

Best appropriate for: Group of companions and couples searching for partying or unwinding

Attractions in Daman and Diu: Nani Daman Fort, Diu gallery, Lighthouse, Jampore Beach.

Best time to visit Daman and Diu: November to February
The shoreline water isn’t just overly clean, yet additionally alright to swim.  Isn’t it just so beautiful? And, don’t you want to be here? Click here to see an awesome package just made for you! 

Daman & Diu



6. Kovalam, Kerala

The most action stuffed shoreline, Kovalam in Kerala is a mainstream surfing destination with its golden crescent-shaped sand, and the swaying palm trees along its coastline.

Special Tip – Kovalam shoreline is a trifecta of the plains, the slopes, and the shorelines that finish at the world’s edge. Lease a car, drive south in case you’re searching for a view from the slopes, drive north if in case you appreciate the interminable straight drives off the plains, and head west in the event that you want to get your feet wet!

Nearest Airport: Trivandrum International Airport; 15kms far from Kovalam
Best suited for: Couples or group of companions searching for a loosening up time together

Attractions in Kovalam: Lighthouse beach, Hawah Beach, Samudra beach and Neyyar Dam. Surfing, wooden/speedboat ride, sunbathing, swimming, catamaran rides, sunset seeing, cycling on the shoreline.

Best time to visit Kovalam: November to March

The crystal clear water is perfect for swimming; however just in the safe zones. If you can’t wait to be here, we suggest taking a look at these amazing package and your dream holiday is just a call away.




7. Kochi, Kerala

A perfect destination for unwinding, with coconut trees, rich green bushes and delicately lashing seawater.

The peaceful shoreline offers an environment to snuggle with your cherished one.

Special Tip – Bask in the sun gently with local people and different sightseers.
Nearest Airport: Cochin International Airport; 39 kms from Kochi
Best suited for: Couples, friends and families searching for a spot to unwind and calm down

Attractions in Kochi: Santa Cruz Basilica, Veegaland Amusement Park, St. Francis Church

Best time to visit Kochi: October to February

The shoreline water is neat and clear, likewise ok to swim. Ready to dive in blue water Beaches…Click Here!




8. Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu

The shorelines here have turquoise blue waters that are cool, refreshing and soothing, which makes this destination a perfect spot to unwind and enjoy with your friends and family. Here is an ideal mix of French and South Indian culture, not very salty not very sweet, with the consistently intriguing heritage design!

Special Tip – Catch hold of the Veerampattinam Festival and Masi Magam Festival.

Nearest Airport: Chennai International Airport; 146 kms from Pondicherry
Best suited for: Couples, families searching for a spot to unwind and enjoy

Attractions in Pondicherry: Old lighthouse, Gandhi Statue, French War Memorial, Kali Temple, Water sports like sunbathing, kayaking, canoeing, boating, and sailing

Best time to visit Pondicherry this winter: November to February
The shoreline is less crowded and has clean water, likewise alright to swim. Go explore it yourself, with this amazing package tailor-made for you! 

Pondicherry(Image Source: backpacksters)



9. KanyakumariTamil Nadu

This destination is known as the shore of ‘Glorious Dawns and Dusks’ for its tempting view of the dawn and the sunset. Seeing multi-hued sand is a view to die for. Make full utilization of the shoreline as it is both a holiday stop, as well as a religious place.

Special Tip – Do not miss “Thriveni Sangamam” – crossing point of Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea.

Nearest Airport: Trivandrum International Airport; 97 kms from Kanyakumari

Best suited for: Couples, families searching for a spot to unwind and ease out

Attractions in Kanyakumari: Lighthouse, Gandhi Museum, Kanyakumari Temple, Vattakottai Fort, Vivekananda Memorial Rock

Best time to visit Kanyakumari this winter: October to March
The shoreline water is neat and clear; swimmers can go quite some way in the sea.  Go explore it yourself, with this amazing package tailor-made for you! 




10. Puri, Orissa

This destination is a blend of a neat and calm spot for sunbathing, alongside innumerable devotees taking a dip to pay tribute to Lord Jagannath. Try not to miss the striking dawn and the sunset.

Special Tip – The yearly beach festival occurring in November, and the prestigious sand sculptures. Puri is the only shoreline in India to have a surfing festival.

Nearest Airport: Biju Patnaik International Airport; 61 kms from Puri

Best suited for: Families searching for a loosening up time

Attractions in Puri: Rath Yatra, Konark Sun Temple, Pilgrimage, nature walk, boating, fishing, scuba diving, surfing, swimming

Best time to visit Puri this winter: November to February
The shoreline water is neat, with quiet waves; a little better than average swimmers will find this spot safe. Click here to see an awesome package just made for you!




(Header Image Source: Ramit Batra)

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