7 Best Places To Visit In Cambodia
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7 Best Places To Visit In Cambodia! #InstaPlaces #TravelGuide

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Places You Can’t Afford To Miss On Cambodia Trip:

Historical sites, quiet shorelines, exotic wilderness and ancient temples fill the scene of Cambodia. Regardless of whether you are searching for an oldie but a goodie or modern new urban communities, you won’t be disappointed by what’s coming up. Cambodia rises above time with its unparalleled excellence and conundrum, making it a popular South Asian tourist destination.


In the event that you are making a trip to Cambodia for the first time, remember to look at our First Timer’s Guide to Cambodia. Presently, there are some picturesque areas you should tick off your bucket list for a total encounter of this outlandish excursion! IT is AMAZING….I must tell you! Don’t miss this one…Just Click Here!


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1. Angkor Wat

Remember the antiquated remnants deified by the Tomb Raider establishment? The most iconic spot to visit in Cambodia and a UNESCO World Heritage site, Angkor Wat is a well-known tourist place.


  • Speaking of the design, Angkor Wat was constructed by around 300,000 labourers, 7000 elephants and the sandstone was particularly brought right from the heavenly mountain of Phnom Kulen.
  • The temples have a stone passage with gatekeeper lions, an extremely wide moat frequently utilized in the before times for defence purposes.


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Angkor Wat


2. Phnom Penh

The capital of Cambodia is an enchanting riverside city – Phnom Penh. The royal residences and the French provincial engineering are apparent all through the city.


  • Three streams synchronize at the city – Mekong, Tonle Sap, Bassac Rivers.
  • The Hindu/Buddhist temples called ‘Pagodas’ are an absolute necessity to visit.
  • The Khmer civilisation relics are unquestionable should be on the bucket list – visit at National Museum.
  • Visit the wonderful complex of the Royal Palace, the golden towers are a treat for eyes.  Get yourself lost in mysterious Cambodia. Click Here! 

Phnom Penh


3. Koh Ker

Often called the Abode of Temples’, Koh Ker lies near Siem Reap and is one of the must go places in Cambodia. The old stories of legends state that dropping a coconut at a well in the temple of Koh Ker; it shows up at a lake at Neang Khmao sanctuary.


  • The complex is around 3 km and has various temples in its region.
  • The must visit temples incorporate Neang Khmao – a stupa formed temple over slopes.
  • Koh Ker temple, Chen temple, Preng well and Kuk temple are different popular places to visit.


Tip! – Don’t miss the 30m Prasat Thom complex over the encompassing wildernesses. Land in the Magical Land with your loved ones! Click here.

Koh Ker


4. Koh Rong

The intriguing island of Koh Rang is an unquestionable requirement to go shoreline destination in Cambodia. There a great deal of activities for all the adventure lovers and even for lazy shoreline bums who might just rather drench up the sun!


  • Don’t miss the various types of aquatic life – seahorses, sergeant fish, parrot fish, blue spotted ribbontail, squids and so forth by means of swimming.
  • Other watersports incorporate – diving, kayaking and surfing.
  • Visit the Butterfly Farm and Mini Zoo on Police shoreline.


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Koh Rong


5. Mondulkiri

In case you’re a nature lover and a wildlife enthusiast – this is the spot for you! The greens of the slope, thick backwoods, unblemished cascades and a taste of wildlife, welcome you.


  • Visit the slope clans in Phnong houses to experience the conventional culture.
  • Visit Bou Sra, Chrey Thom cascades and the Gold mines at Memang.


Tip! – The Bou Sra falls offer a Mayura Zipline ride, don’t miss that! Go and blend your culture with Cambodia’s by just living few days in the city. Memories will remain forever wherever you will go in the world…I bet! 



6. Kampot

It is a popular place known for black peppercorns; the excellence of Kampot is unmatched. The riverside views mesmerize one and all.


  • There are numerous pioneer structures with French impact.
  • Visit Bokor National Park on the old French slope station for Nepenthes Flower, Wild Elephant and Tiger.
  • Visit the remains at Kampot Kampong Caves.
  • Go for sailing on the riverside and unwind by the waterfalls. Land in the Magical Land with your loved ones! Click here.



7. Preah Vihear

The pilgrimage centre in Cambodia is frequented by Hindu and Buddhist devotees. It is additionally known for its tropical hardwood forests and the wide open view.


Preah Vihear(Image Source: Mr Linh’s Adventures)


8. Kep

Shorelines, markets and delightful areas make Kep a standout amongst the most looked for spots in Cambodia.


  • Take a stroll on the white sand shorelines and view the bottomless statue.
  • Try lip-smacking seafood and crab dishes from the road sellers.
  • Visit the Kep National Park – waterfalls, the Stone house, Little Buddha.
  • Enjoy an evening loaded up with great delicious food and music at the Led Zepplin Cafe at the Kep National Park. Paradise for Foodies…No, No you don’t have to kill yourself! Just Click Here.

Kep(Image Source: Terry Treks)


Has the travel bug got you restless as of now? Cambodia offers you a sample of everything and that excessively well inside a budget plan. Go explore! Folklore excited you…Listen from the locals…they will tell more! Click Here.

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