Bhrigu Lake Trek – Mesmerizing Trek To Himalayas
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Bhrigu Lake Trek – Mesmerizing Trek to Himalayas

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Trek To Bhrigu Lake, 4 Days In Himalayas:

After a long time of research, this year I finally ended up with the Bhrigu Lake Trek to fulfill all my cravings for the adventure in me. I am a big nature lover and mountains are a paradise for me. The Bhrigu Trek proved a dream come true to me, the moment I encountered the beautiful Solang Valley, jaw-dropping mountains, lush green forests and the astonishing Bhrigu Lake surrounded with meadows and forests in front of my eyes. Super Excited to go to Bhrigu Lake??  Click here to see an awesome package custom-made for you!

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Here is my experience on Bhrigu Lake trek:

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When you should go?  The best time to explore Bhrigu Lake Trek is May to October. You may avoid going at Monsoon as the chances of landslides are quite high. Click here for an amazing Sar Pass tour package tailor made for you!

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Things you must carry:  Warm clothes, sunglasses, gloves, trekking shoes, a camera with extra batteries & power banks, sunscreen lotion, toiletries, water, some chocolates, and fruits are some of the things you must carry. Try to pack it light. Click here to see the wide range of destinations for weekend trips nearby Delhi.

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How was my experience?

Day 1: In the morning I reached my base camp in Manali, there I was welcomed by our Guide and fellow travelers. After that, we were served a delicious breakfast. We went for an acclimatization walk through the Manali Town also, there I got to know about the region and fellow travelers over a chit-chat session. In the evening our Guide gave us an orientation session, which taught us about things to carry, how to pack our bags and general awareness about the trek route. After that, we had a light but delicious dinner and went for a sleep in our base camps. Fire in your belly? Click here to see the detailed itineraries for wanderlust Bhrigu Lake. 

Day 1(Image Source: TrekTrails)


Day 2: Finally it was the day to start our trek for which we were all excited.  We had our breakfast and drove to Gulaba, there we had filled our water bottles and started our trek to Rohli Kohli Campsite. Initial 2 hours were a steep ascent.  In our way, we passed through the virgin forest (silver oak, cedar and birch trees) and appreciated the beautiful view of Manali & Solang Valley. After that our trail became gradual but the view of the two beautiful streams Chor Nallah and Kohli Nallah made our day. In the evening we reached our Rohli Kohli Camp Site, where we freshen up followed by a dinner and went for a sleep in our camps. Click here for an amazing Bhrigu Lake tour package tailor made for you!

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Day3: We had to wake up early this morning to start our trek to Bhrigu Lake, so we had breakfast at 7’o clock in the morning and packed our lunch to have on the Lakeside. After a mix of rocky and snow trek for approx 3 hours, we have finally got the exhilarating view of Bhrigu Lake. The view was so beautiful that it had left us spellbound for some moments. Our guide explained to us the significance and history of this region and told us about the beliefs of the locals for Bhrigu Lake. One of the most popular beliefs is “Rishi Bhrigu meditated here and used to take bath in the holy water”. We had our lunch on the side of the lake and took the trek back to our camps in Rohli Kohli. After the long trek, it was the time for rest in our camps with a delicious dinner. Click to REGISTER  for the upcoming Weekend Trips to 15+ Wanderlust Destinations nearby Delhi.

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Day4: It was the day to leave these beautiful mountains and return back to our homes. In our return-trek to Gulaba, we had the astonishing view of lofty mountains and virgin forests which was really refreshing. The return trek was easy and took around 3-4 hours to reach Gulaba.  From there we were dropped to Manali by vehicle. Our amazing trek to the Bhrigu Lake concludes there. Super Excited to go to Bhrigu Lake??  Click here to see an awesome package custom-made for you!

Day 4(Image Source: himalayan nature escapes)


The view of Bhrigu Lake, Solang Valley, Chor Nallah and Kohli Nallah streams and the warm behavior of Guide and fellow travelers from different regions made this trek the best trek I have ever taken.  Wanna experience some hippie vibes with amazing coffee? Click here to see amazing Bhrigu Lake Packages!


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