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Things To Know Before Going To Maldives: First Timers Guide

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Know before going to the Maldives: Maldives is a country of dreams. It is a land of paradise. A haven to over a thousand breathtaking islands, Maldives has a lot to offer to its visitors. The lush green forests, picturesque landscapes, awe-inspiring sunsets, and sun glinting beaches everything here has a charm of its own. But when it comes to visiting this place, there are a few things that you should be very well aware of before you come to this place.

So here a list of some of the important things that you must know before to visit this pristine land! Click here to see our irresistible Maldives packages custom-made for you. 

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The demographics of Maldives have a 100 percent of Islamic population: Yes, very few people are aware of the fact that Maldives is the only 100 percent Muslim country other than Saudi Arabia in this whole world. Now, this is very important for you to know because the people of this place respect their religion a lot and have learned to live with some strict rules which may be a little difficult to adopt by the foreigners. Like women are not allowed to wear very short cloth that may end up revealing their elbows, knees, shoulders etc. homosexuality is another thing the laws of Maldives are against of. Also, you are not allowed to do public display of love, even kissing in public places is also not allowed. Since Muslims are strictly against alcohol, you can’t expect them to try them out here. Already imagining how being there would be like? Click here to see the best Maldives packages just made for you!

Islamic population


Many of the islands are either not inhabited or unnatural. Most of the islands are even disappearing: Now although Maldives is an archipelago of 1192 islands only 200 of them inhabited by humans. These islands are either dedicated to the industry sectors or are given for farming. Also although many of the islands are natural some of them are a manmade island as well. Although there is no issue in visiting those islands. And one very important things to note is that many of the islands have been disappearing lately due to rising of sea level or beach erosion. So you may witness sea walls surrounding the island, or the pumps on the beaches which are designed to pump back sand onto the land. Maldives holiday packages



Some of the items are banned in this country: So as you reach Maldives, there are a few things that you are not allowed to take into this country. These are alcohols, pork products, tobacco products etc. this is because strictly Muslim country and they are against alcohol. Also you can’t take religious holy books with you like Bible etc. Are you craving to be here? If you are the click here to see the best Maldives packages just made for you!

No Alcohol


The drinking water here is demineralized: Since the water that is provided here for drinking goes through an extensive processor recycling via the reverse osmosis desalination, the water becomes demineralized which means all to its natural minerals are taken out. Now this does not need to freed because even if it is demineralized it incompletely safe to drink. Although you may not get the required nutrient and fatter serving on this water for a few days you may even start feeling dizzy or sluggish. Click here to see your dream packages. 



The overwater villas may cost you a lot: Yes we know that these overwater villas are one of your prime motivations to visit this place but before booking one of these make sure that you can manage you budgets as there rents are a little bit on the pricier side. But again all that money is worth every single penny. This is because you get to have a unique view of the sea right from your bedroom and you have your own private steps to the ocean. Looking forward to going here with your special someone? Click here to see some awesome packages just made for you! 

overwater villas


Direct flight to the resort islands are little over expensive: Now although flights can take you to your resort island where you will be staying in just 15 minutes but they can cost you as high as $1000. Also the prices are not fixed and they decide the price on the basis of the country their tourist is coming from. Click here to be in Maldives right away and see the best package for you. 

Direct Flight


The seaplane journey departs on unscheduled time: Although traveling by seaplane can be a lot of fun but you may also find yourself waiting for hours before the flight takes off. Here there is no scheduled timetable for the seaplanes. As a result, you may have to wait for hours in order to get to a particular destination. Click here to see your dream packages. 

seaplane journey


Snorkel underwater in the company of human-sized marine life: Maldives undoubtedly is one of the best places for snorkeling in the world. The underwater marine life is so rich and diversified. While swimming underwater there is a great probability of giant turtles and the harmless reef sharks (although you still need to be careful!)You can even spot some dolphins and if lucky enough then may white sharks that come here while migration. Are you craving to be here? If you are the click here to see the best Maldives packages just made for you!

Snorkel underwater


You can swim underneath the island you will be staying on: This is another exciting part when you visit Maldives. Imagine exploring the underwater life of the place right above which you will be living for the span of 5 to 6 days or so. You can do this by either snorkeling or scuba diving and witness the phenomenal sights underwater.  Looking forward to going here with your special someone? Click here to see some awesome packages just made for you! 

Swim Underneath


There are no restrictions on the retort islandsThis is like a ray of hope for people who enjoy the consumption of alcohol or pork products. Women are free to wear the kind of dress they want like bathing suits. You can wear short dresses while taking a tour of the island. But make sure that whenever you visit a local island you follow the dress code according to the local customs and do not wear short dresses. If you too like me can’t wait to be here, I suggest take a look at this insane packages and you might end up being in Maldives in the next few days.

No Restriction


By taking care of a few of these aspects you can enjoy a wonderful vacation in the Maldives.  Although some restrictions are really strict, it all comes down to the worthiness of this place. The Maldives is so magnificent that you won’t have a hard time compromising a few things here and there. Looking forward to going here with your special someone? Click here to see some awesome packages just made for you! 


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