11 Best Mountains In New Zealand For Adventure Lovers
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11 Mountains In New Zealand For Adventure Lovers

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11 Best mountains in New Zealand: New Zealand is a country surrounded by awe inspiring natural view, scenic landscapes, sun glinting mountains, picturesque backdrops and uncountable idyllic attractions. The country features numerous of breath taking sights with soaring sky high peaks that create a perfect contrast with the pristine blue sky. It is a paradise for all the adventure enthusiasts who love the mountains.

So here is a list of some of the most incredible mountains that are sure to leave you spellbound for days! Click here to see our irresistible New Zealand packages custom-made for you. 

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1. The Remarkables: This mountain landscape beautifully adorns the backdrops of the lake Wakatipu, along its southeastern shores. The remarkable offers some of the most breath taking views and its glory is enhanced even more due to the number of lakes including the glacial lake, you will get to see around this area. Also during winter the whole are is covered with snow which makes the ambience of this place even more alluring and also making a prime attraction among people for snow sports. Already imagining how being there would be like? Click here to see the best New Zealand packages just made for you!

The Remarkables



2. Aoraki/Mt Cook: This is the highest mountain in New Zealand, the peak of which remains covered with snow during the majority of times. Located in the Southern Alps, this mountain range stretches the entire south island. It is a favourite spot for the people who come here for mountaineering specially because the landscape here is challenging and gives thrilling experience at the same time.  Also it is quite popular among the hikers and if you are looking for a perfect place to have a good hiking experience then you should definitely visit this place at least once. New Zealand holiday packages




3. Ben Lomond: This place holds the title of the ultimate hiking spot in Queenstown is a popular location among the hikers.  You get to witness a unique view from the top and a feeling of serenity. There is a hiking trail and overall the whole area is very well maintained. Are you craving to be here? If you are the click here to see the best New Zealand packages just made for you!

Ben Lomond(Image Source: Active Adventures)



4. Mount Aspiring/Tititea: If looked outside the Aoraki section of the Southern Alps, then this mountain is known to be highest of them all. It is located at a distance of nearly 50 km from the nearest town Wanaka. This mountain is situated at a unique location. This is because there is national park close to it and also there are three major glacial system located in the close proximity to the mountain. So coming to this place does not only treat you with adventurous activites but also with awe inspiring picturesque sceneries. Click here to see your dream packages. 

Mount Aspiring



5. Mt Tasman: This is the second highest peak in the entire country of New Zealand reaching the heights of 3497 m. because of its spectacular locations and amazing vies, this mountain is one the favorites among many climbers. So if you are looking for an option for climbing you can always come here. It is one of the most suggested places by the mountain climbers. Looking forward to going here with your special someone? Click here to see some awesome packages just made for you! 

Mt Tasman(Image Source: Alpine Recreation)



6. Mt Ngauruhoe: After depicting the Mount Doom in the internationally acclaimed move ‘The Lord of Rings trilogy’, this mountain gained massive popularity among the people. It has gained a lot of attention in the recent times form the climbers and mountaineers coming from all over the world. This is an active starto volcano. And it is estimated that it erupted first of all approximately 2500 years ago. Till it is known that it has erupted 45 times if we talk only about the 20th century. Click here to be in New Zealand right away and see the best package for you. Mt Ngauruhoe(Image Source: Adrian Hodge Photography)



7. Mitre Peak: This mountain peak is considered to one of the most iconic mountains in the south island.  Lying on the shores of Milford Sound, this mountain landscape is considered best for hiking. Hikers love to this place again and again and sink into the beautiful aura of this place. The sublime scenery that this mountain has to offer is simply out of this world. To see these natural wonders form up close you can avail the facilities of one of those boat cruises and have the time of your life. Click here to see your dream packages. 
Mitre Peak



8. Mt Taranaki: Mount Egmont is the nether name given to this mountain landscape and is located on towards the west coast of North Island. As you visit this place your will witness the most symmetric volcanic cones you may not find anywhere else. Also one of the most iconic Hollywood stars Tom Cruise shot for his movie The Last Samurai, at this place you can easily spot this mountain in the backdrops of the movie scene. Are you craving to be here? If you are the click here to see the best New Zealand packages just made for you!Mt Taranaki



9. Mauao/ Mount Maunganui: This is one of those volcanic cones considered to be extinct now.  As the name suggests, Mauao means ‘caught by the sun’. There are so many stories associated with the mountain. The peak is adorned with the sun’s rays he first things that happens every morning. This is located towards the end of the eastern side of Tauranga harbors and is 22 m above the sea level.  Looking forward to going here with your special someone? Click here to see some awesome packages just made for you! 

Mount Maunganui



10. Mount Tarawera: This is located in the north island at a distance of about 24 km firm Rotoura. As you visit this place you will get to see the wonderful series of lava dome fissures remains.  If you want to get a view of the picturesque landscapes of this place it is recommended that you take a hike through Tarawera trail. You can opt for guided tours if you want to know more about the local insight. Click here to see your dream packages. 

Mount Tarawera(Image Source: Out There Kiwi)



11. Mount Alfred: This is considered the most favourite among the hikers because as you hike all the ways up you get to enjoy the breath taking view of the nearby landscape as well. The neighboring area is covered with lush green grasses and small lakes which add even more beauty and charm to this place. So if love nature then this has got to be the best place for you to hike! If you too like me can’t wait to be here, I suggest take a look at this insane packages and you might end up being in New Zealand in the next few days.

Mount Alfred(Image Source: Lost in the Midlands)

Thus with so many breathtaking mountains to visit in New Zealand it simply is a no brainer to discover the sheer vastness that is hidden in the less explored area. The mountains of New Zealand are a get of its own and have got all the right reason for you to go there and explore the less explored. Are you craving to be here? If you are the click here to see the best New Zealand packages just made for you!


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