Island Hopping In The Romantic Maldives
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Island Hopping In The Romantic Maldives

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Island hopping in the Maldives:  An archipelago of 1192 coral islands, is the perfect tropical destination that dwells in the lap of pristine natural beauty and is an existing display of some of the most breathtaking picturesque landscapes in the whole world. The beaches of the islands here are glorified with the soft shimmering white sand stretching for as far as they can and the awe-inspiring view of the sea tuning form turquoise blue to emerald green as the sun goes down is truly a divine thing to experience.

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So if you are planning to come to the Maldives make sure that you visit most of their islands and have an experience of a lifetime.

So here is a list of some of the best islands in the Maldives that you have got to visit! Click here to see our irresistible Maldives packages custom-made for you. 

Image 1(Image Source: Angsana Velavaru)


Male Island: Being the capital of Maldives, the beaches of this island strongly reflect the essence of the Maldivian culture. Coming to this island will be one of the best decisions you will ever make because male offers the best of both worlds.  Here you will get a glimpse of posh urban lifestyle as well as the calm and peaceful of beach life.  The city life offers to you building of the finest architecture, resorts which scream of luxury, a heart throbbing night life as there are so many pubs and restaurants and a number site for sightseeing like Male Fish Market, Friday Mosque, Male National Museum, and Sultan Mosque. But this is just the surface. What hides beneath it is the beaches of this island which are the epitome of tranquility. Their white soft sand touching the sea creates a blissful ambiance, and the underwater life here is full of diversity. You can enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving, and other water sports as well. Already imagining how being there would be like? Click here to see the best Maldives packages just made for you!

Male Island(Image Source: summer island maldives)


Baros Island: This island is quite popular as the photoshoot location because it features the dense lush forest, picturesque landscape, turquoise blue water, and beaches with white soft sand surrounded with the coconut trees.  Along with the sightseeing’s one can also enjoy the spa services, water sports or may lay back and sun bask in the sun. Maldives holiday packages

Baros Island(Image Source: Baros)


Fulidhoo island: This island is one of the smallest islands and hence also the least crowded.  Now since fewer people come to visit this place, it is often a favorite for those looking for some peace and serenity. Lying in the crowd free zone, you can come here to just sit and relax and admire the wonders of scenic natural beauty that this place has to offer.  You can enjoy the traditional local food cuisines and chase the sunset as the evening comes. Are you craving to be here? If you are the click here to see the best Maldives packages just made for you!

Fulidhoo island(Image Source: sLOVEnians travel)


Vadhoo Island: The island is special in its own ways and what makes it so special is the sea of stars.  This is yet another gift of nature that perishes in this island due to the phenomenon of bioluminescence which you can witness underneath the sea.  It looks like all of the stars have landed on the earth and the view is simply magical. You can reach her by a flight or a boat form the Male island.  You can spend your day on this island by sun basking on the beach and witnessing the sea of stars at night. Click here to see your dream packages. 

Vaadhoo Island


Alimatha Island: The sun-kissed beaches, pristine blue water, aquamarine lagoons, and world-class spa resorts are what completes this island.  Coming to this island will quite a good decision for you as you can enjoy the spa sessions, Ayurvedic massage, and other relieving facilities. Also, there are plenty of water sports options like snorkeling and scuba diving which are equally a fun thing to experience. Looking forward to going here with your special someone? Click here to see some awesome packages just made for you! 

Alimatha Island


Maafushi Island: This island is the ultimate paradise for all the history and culture enthusiasts.  Rich in the historical Maldivian culture, this island is full of positive and vibrant lifestyle. As you walk through the narrow lanes of this island, you will see the house all brightly colored and happy faces with a warm and welcoming attitude.  You can spend some quality time with your loved ones as you take a leisure stroll with them exploring the nightlife of this place. The beaches justify all the good things that have been said about them as they offer beautiful sceneries, snorkeling, and diving spots and a lot more. Click here to be in Maldives right away and see the best package for you. 

Maafushi Island(Image Source: Asad’s Photography)


Mirihi Island: This island is famous among the tourist as a romantic destination as well as a perfect location for the adventure enthusiast.  It not only serves the glitz and glamour of the city life but also the tranquility of the beaches.  You can try out a number of things when on this island. You can go for scuba diving which is why this island is so popular among the thrill seekers or explore the house reef.  As the sun sets down you can chase the sunset while sailing through the sea and witness the breath taking views. Also, you can go for snorkeling at the Manta point which is yet another favorite spot. Click here to see your dream packages. 

Mirihi Island(Image Source: Mirihi Island Resort)


Biyadhoo Island: Now if you are a lover of the water sports and can’t find an ideal place to enjoy the ample of different activities you have been wanting to, Biyadhoo Island has got it covered for you. This island is famous for the variety of water sports that you can try out and have some nerve chilling experiences. And to add complete to this enthusiasm the lush green vegetation of this place is something which will take your heat away. This place is a perfect blend of both tropical aura and sporty vibes. Snorkeling, scuba diving, canoe paddling top the category of must try things on this island. Are you craving to be here? If you are the click here to see the best Maldives packages just made for you!

Biyadhoo Island


Kuredu Island: Along with its breathtaking natural beauty and top-rated resorts while makes this island so popular is the unique kind of an underwater dining facility that they provide to their visitors which you can find only at a few places. You can reach this island by taking a seaplane or a boat form the Male island. Along with underwater dining, you can also enjoy the aircraft ride and enjoy the spectacular view of this island from the top. Looking forward to going here with your special someone? Click here to see some awesome packages just made for you! 

Kuredu Island(Image Source: Kuredu Resort)


If you are a lover of nature, beautiful beaches, and the diverse underwater marine life, Maldives will prove to be the best getaway of your life! So what are you waiting for? Visit this land of paradise as soon as you can! If you too like me can’t wait to be here, I suggest take a look at this insane packages and you might end up being in Maldives in the next few days.


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