Romance In the Houseboats of Kerala
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Romance In the Houseboats of Kerala #HoneymoonSpecial

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A visit to Kerala is never complete without a houseboat cruise along its backwaters. A cruise in a Kettuvallam or a houseboat gives you a unique experience. “Kettu” means dwelling structures while “Vallam” refers to a boat. The houseboats have thatched roof over the wooden hull. These boats come fully equipped with all the pleasures of modern equipment and comforts. There are cozy bedrooms, open deck as well as dining area. Kitchen is managed by a team of trained chef and his crew.  They are willing to cook as per your palate tastes and preferences.Explore Kerala like never before with these amazing tour packages!

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Best Time to Cruise in a Houseboat: Cruise in a houseboat along the serene backwaters is best between August and March. June to August is not considered to be an ideal time as the monsoon sets in and you would not be able to enjoy the backwaters due to heavy showers. If you are willing to brave the heat and humidity of the tropical summer, then you are welcome during the months between March and May. However, irrespective of the season, you need to be prepared for a sudden spell of heavenly showers.
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Types of Cruises Available:

  1. Day trip Here the cruise starts around 10 AM in the morning and you return to the starting point around 5:30 PM in the evening.Image 3(Image Source: Rahul Nayak)
  2. Overnight Stay Here the check in time is around same time as the day trip. Around the sunset, the boat is anchored at a shore of a backwater village for the night. And the cruise resumes the next day morning and you will back at the boarding point around 9:00 AM.Click here to see 50+ awesome Kerala Trip itineraries.
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Things to Do:

  • Operators provide indoor games. If you want to try a hand at fishing, one of the crew members would be happy to assist you.Image 8(Image Source: Kerala Tourism)
  • In the evenings, when the houseboat is anchored, you can visit the village to enjoy the village life.
    Image 6(Image Source: Kerala Tourism)
  • Most of the villages have coir factories, a visit to the factory could be arrange. Village temple or church can be made possible.
    Image 7(Image Source: Kerala Tourism)


Food in the houseboat:

If you are going for a day trip, lunch and tea along with evening snacks would be served.

If you are opting for overnight cruise, then lunch, evening snacks and tea, dinner as well as the next day breakfast will be served in the boat.

The food is as per your preferences. It should notified to the operators at the time of booking the cruise.Click here to see some amazing packages with a stay at premiere resorts!!

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The Experience: As the boat will cruise along narrow canals where you’ll see the glory of village life. There people travel in canoes to reach the main land as many houses do not have an approach road, even children use canoes the way we use cycles and bikes to move around. It’s simply amazing! As you pass by other boats and it’ll be a delight for you to see the guests are there having a ‘Wow’ expression on their faces.Wanna Honeymoon in Kerala? Click here to see Kerala Honeymoon Tour Packages here!

Image-10(Image Source: Kerala Tourism)


Important Notes: Few things everyone should keep in mind while opting for a houseboat cruise. The boat is traveling on water, so you cannot expect it to be as big or as comfortable as a hotel room. You will have to make sure the boat’s door and windows are closed by 6 PM. If not, mosquitoes will enter, and it won’t be that easy to get rid of those.

The houseboat might look very different from the pictures on the internet. Those photographs might have been taken the day the boat was built. Continuous exposure to sunlight makes a difference how the boat actually looks. Houseboats are generally clean and tidy. If it is not, inform the crew, try to maintain good relations with the crew. If you like to tip them, do it during the cruise rather than after it’s over.Also Read the Top 30 Places To Visit in Kerala

Image 11(Image Source: Kerala Tourism)

Don’t set your expectations too high from the Instagram pictures. One honest suggestion: book houseboats to experience something different, not to have all the luxuries you can find in a hotel. It’ll not be like a hotel room, rather an experience which requires cooperation from both the sides in order for you to have a great one.Ready for a weekend at Kerala?

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