Terrific Turkey Place Where Nature Resides With Ancient Beauty
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Terrific Turkey: Place where nature resides with Ancient Beauty

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Pearl City of Mediterranean

Protected by ancient Roman walls, Antalya is situated at the end of a gulf, the namesake of the city, and extends over a green plateau that lies parallel to the sea. With its blue sea, luminous sky, the ever-changing colour of its mountains and lush green vegetation, the city is a festival of colours. Antalya is world’s most-lovable tourist resort and offers everything you expect or even that you don’t expect. Antalya takes you on a ride full of surprises & unexpected experiences which will leave you awestruck and inspires you by its natural & ancient beauty. Antalya offers diversity from skiing on the snow-capped mountains to swim on the shore of white sandy beaches to historical archaeological sites in great number. Antalya offers you rich variety of local lifestyle in the form of great artworks from different civilisation at every corner of the city and holiday villages. Albania offers you quality life thanks to luxurious hotels and entertainment establishments. Popularly known as the Turkish Riviera, Albania has most stunning coast in Mediterranean Sea with perfect sun, endless clean beaches, pristine ocean water, ultra luxury resorts and blessing of nature’s five senses. Over 200 beaches, 5 marinas & 5 yachts; received the Blue Flag Award making beaches of Albania best in the world. Ready to dive in blue water Beaches…Click Here!

Antalya(Image Source: Instagram- @antalyazamani)

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Koprulu Canyon National Park is the most popular rafting area of country and paradise to mountaineers, trekking & camping (river or mountains) enthusiasts and nature lovers plus solo trippers in the search of life & families (picnic spots…).  The national park is perfect for hiking & ideal for canyoning or; to explore the ancient ruins or just relax & enjoy the dramatic Mediterranean scenery. Koprulu Canyon National Park is gifted with pristine nature beauties in a fertile valley. The beautiful circular & scenic route that leads to National Park criss-crosses over the clear, flowing water of the mountain river and passes through virgin forests and over rippling waterfalls makes the journey even more memorable experience along with your loved ones. Rafting in Canyoning is next planet thing! Don’t worry, Do it in Turkey…Click Here!

Koprulu Kanyon N.P.(Image Source: Instagram- @turkey_home)

Where is World’s Biggest Tunnel Aquarium?? None other than in… Antalya! Antalya Aquarium offers inspiration, entertainment and education all at the same time. No one can find such unique place in the world… For that, you have to come at Antalya. 131 meters is the length of tunnel aquarium. A lot to watch around in aquarium that you can even remember the count of your footsteps in those 131 metres.  Besides, making snowballs from real snow in Snow World and Ice Museum, you can step into a journey among the most poisonous, colourful and interesting species of the world in tropical reptile house; WildPark. You can sail the world seas with multi-dimensional movie technology in OceanRide XD Cinema. IT is AMAZING….I must tell you! Don’t miss this one…Just Click Here!

Antalya aquarium(Image Source: Instagram- @antalyaaquarium)


Escape to Turkey’s Otherworldly Landscape

Outcome of the Volcanic Eruptions, Cappadocia is miraculous nature wonder and unique on this planet. Volcanoes, rain, wind and ice sculpted this wonder city over the millions of years. Landscape of Cappadocia is eroded and basalt stones formed conical structures locally known as “Fairy Chimneys” are unique rock formations. Nature was the first artist to design the Cappadocia on Earth and arranged this beautiful decor through the medium that was a being…Human, an Anatolian man. The rocky wonderland is honeycombed with a network of human-created caves; living quarters, places of worship, stables, storehouses and even 250 underground cities were all dug into the soft stone over the centuries. Want to experience something unique, Come to Cappadocia. You’ve never seen such amazing view…even in your dreams! Just Click here!

Cappadocia(Image Source: Instagram- @turkey_home)

UNESCO World Heritage City, Cappadocia offers visitors an extraordinary and lavish banquet of natural wonders that exceed their wildest imaginations. One of Turkey’s UNESCO World Heritage sites, Göreme Open-Air Museum is an essential stop on your Cappadocian itinerary and deserves time. First an important Byzantine monastic settlement that housed some 20 monks, then a pilgrimage site from the 17th century, this splendid cluster of monastic Byzantine artistry with its rock-cut churches, chapels and monasteries is on hilltop gives stunning (You’ll freeze) views of Cappadocia. Get yourself lost in mysterious caves of Cappadocia. Click Here! 

Cappadocia(Image Source: Instagram- @christobeltravel)

The trails that loop around Güllüdere Vadısı (Rose Valley) are easily accessible to all levels of walkers and provide some of the finest fairy chimney–strewn vistas in Cappadocia. They hide fabulous, little-visited rock-cut churches boasting vibrant fresco fragments and intricate carvings hewn into the stone. If you only have time to hike through one valley in Cappadocia, this is the one to choose. Cappadocia is famous place to fly in hot air balloons around the world. The spectacular surrealistic landscapes combined with excellent flying conditions allow the balloons to gently drift over between the fairy chimneys, pigeon houses hewn into the unique rock formations, orchards and vineyards – through impressive valleys and then float up over rippled ravines for breathtaking views over the region.

Cappadocia(Image Source: Instagram- @turkey_home)


Brave enough to hold two continents

Magical Land where East and West meets, Istanbul is historical city where Romans, Byzantines and at last Ottomans ruled and also known as Imperial Capital. Each One of them come with unique culture & different religion and got blended in Istanbul’s lovable air.  They beautified accordingly with magnificent monuments and made Istanbul a metropolis where diverse cultures, nations and religions mingled. Istanbul formed a delightful mosaic from the small pieces of culture and religion of different nations and City retains that cultural diversity till date very gracefully. Istanbul’s endless variety that fascinates the visitors are museums, churches, palaces, grand mosques, bazaars and sites of natural beauty which are countless. Relax on the western shores of the Bosphorus in the evening and watch reddish orangey sunset whose light is reflecting on the other continent. You can think why Istanbul is truly one of the most glorious cities in the world watching the mesmerising sunset. Land in the Magical Land with your loved ones! Click here.

Istanbul(Image Source: Instagram- @turkey_home)

For Foodies, Istanbul is the stop from where they don’t have to or they don’t want to go anywhere in the world. Istanbul is unique amalgamation of east and west not just in geography but also in delicacies…Excited?? What a yummy dishes! Locals take their eating and drinking seriously and you also have to…Don’t worry, you’ll compel to eat & drink in best restaurants of country. You can eat aromatic Asian dishes or Italian classics, but here signature dishes are is sample of the succulent kebabs, flavoursome mezes and freshly caught fish that are the city’s signature dishes, washing them down with the national drink, rakı (aniseed brandy). Paradise for Foodies…No, No you don’t have to kill yourself! Just Click Here.

Istanbul(Image Source: Instagram- @turkey_home)

Istanbul is home to many historical monuments but Aya Sofya is a venerable structure – which was commissioned by the great Byzantine emperor Justinian, surpasses the rest due to its innovative architectural form, rich history, religious importance and extraordinary beauty. Aya Sofya often referred as 8th wonder of the world. Topkapı is the subject of more colourful stories than most of the world’s museums put together. Libidinous sultans, ambitious courtiers, beautiful concubines and scheming eunuchs lived and worked here between the 15th and 19th centuries when it was the court of the Ottoman Empire. A visit to the palace’s opulent pavilions, jewel-filled Treasury and sprawling Harem gives a fascinating glimpse into their lives. The vibrant, inclusive and expanding community is full of people who work and party hard, treasure family and friendships, and have no problem melding tradition and modernity in their everyday lives. Go and blend your culture with Istanbul’s by just living few days in the city. Memories will remain forever wherever you will go in the world…I bet! 

Aya Sofya(Image Source: Instagram- @ilahiyatciseyyah)

Some More…Famous sites: Blue Mosque, Suleymaniye Mosque, Basilica Cistern, Kariye Museum or Chora Church, Grand Bazaar


Home of Troy

Canakkale(Image Source: Instagram- @turkey_home)

Çanakkale is an honourable resting place for the soldiers who lost their lives in WW1 at Gelibolu. If you thought Çanakkale was worth visiting only as a launching point for Gallipoli’s battlefields (WW1), think again. The presence of the highly regarded Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University endows this small city with a sizeable student population that loves nothing more than to eat, drink and party in the atmospheric cobbled lanes around the saat kulesi (clock tower; 1897) and along the sweeping kordon (waterfront promenade). Joining their revelries is a highlight of any visit.  The beauty of the green hills, sandy beaches and blue waters spice up this lovely place for the lovers to spend quality time and cool place to hangout for friends with Total Dhamaal. One cannot help but sense the heart of the Turkish nation in the patriotic spirit of Gallipoli. Trek to the hills covered with green of pine and olive trees are dotted with sacred springs and monasteries…Landscape is enough to make your Day. Just Click Here to make you Life.

Canakkale(Image Source: hometurkey)

Venetian castle captures your whole attention and attract your eyes to Bozcaada Island. Make your eyes ready for blazing experience of glistening white houses and restaurants and cafes which line the promenade. Wine seems as plentiful as water on this island and you’ll reveal intriguing vineyards and wine cellars as you get more indulge in life of Çanakkale. Visit Exotic sandy beaches at Ayazma, Poyraz and İğdelik for amazing beaching experience, handover your soul to the Mother Nature and you just relax. The undisputed hub of the region, Çanakkale is replete with mythological associations. It was from the ancient town of Abydos immediately north that Leander swam across the Hellespont every night to see his love, Hero; and it was in the Dardanelles that Helle, the daughter of Athamas, was drowned in the legend of the Golden Fleece, giving the waterway its ancient name. Close by are the remnants of ancient Troy, immortalised by Homer in his epic poem the Iliad. Folklore excited you…Listen from the locals…they will tell more! Click Here.

Canakkale(Image Source: Instagram- @demokratgazetesi17)

Exotic Blue Flag Beaches: Küçükkuyu (Literally…‘Little Well’, beach known as “the place where Aegean Sea Begins”, Geykili (‘Deer Beach’…Drink a cup of Turkish Tea), Hamzakoy (Beach with Golden Sand), Kepez (In Lap of nature…Windier and For Families), Baris (‘Peace Beach’…Eat Ice cream in evening walking on beach…sunset!). These are just amazing n’ hot plus waiting for you! Just Click Here if you haven’t…till.

Datça Peninsula

A sliver of mountain and beach jutting into the Aegean offers an oasis of unspoilt tranquillity amid the lively resorts of south-west Turkey.

Datca(Image Source: Instagram- @aygunbag)

The spindly, 50-mile-long Datça peninsula in Turkey’s Muğla province is a dagger of pure green at the meeting point of the Aegean and the Mediterranean. The ancient Greeks believed Datça to have been created personally by Zeus, so gorgeous are its rocky outcrops and aquamarine waters.  It’s about craggy, pine-crested hills, endless olive groves, empty ravines, cornflower-blue coves, vast sweeping bays and deserted beaches, air scented with thyme, rosemary and sage, and sleepy villages. It’s about goats on the road and old men tinkering with their worry beads in vine-covered cafes. Welcome To “Mugla”…you’ll get to know when you spent days and travel in Turkey! Click here

datca(Image Source: theguardian)

Ancient Ruined Harbour, Knidos is place for notable remains which are few basilica arches, floor mosaics and the exceptional sea-facing theatre.  Its most famous poster girl, though, was its nude Aphrodite statue, which had a cult following and many came just to admire it and time to you also to admire the ancient beauty of Knidos. Climb the silent steps of the antique theatre and pick the daisies on the hillside and see the marble city with terraces descending to the sea, full of temples, home to 70,000 people and you. Vibe of amphitheatre is amazing, also when silence in the air! Click here

Datca(Image Source: theguardian)

The peninsula has coves, bays, and beaches in abundance. Sandy or shingly, they all share the same, alluring, crystalline turquoise waters. Often the water remains shallow for some distance offshore, making it safe for children. Kargi is a simple rustic idyll with a few vine-shaded cafes and a clutch of pensionson a shingle beach, and the tiny villages of Hayıtbük, Kızılbük and Ovabükü, triple bays in a row, are becoming places to spend a day on the beach. Triple bays in a row, are becoming places to spend a day on the beach. No Doubt on Hidden Gem…Domuzbükü, which translates as ‘Pig Inlet’, is a lovely turquoise bay which can only be reached by boat. A favourite stop on the famous Blue Cruise, find a gulet (yacht) to make a ride. 50 minutes is like a second in ocean with beautiful bluish landscape to the town…south of Datça, Symi is the closest Greek island and makes for a winning day trip, partly because of the contrast between its neo-classical beauty and Datça’s rustic vibe. The island flourished on sponge diving and boat building and many elegant homes were built. It’s a wonderful place for walking and discovering secret corners and houses with faded beauty. Boats leave from Datça town’s main harbour. Admire the skill of the weavers then haggle for their carpets and kilims. Enjoy Datca, best part of Turkey. Click Here!


God’s Gift 

Bursa is filled with lush-green gardens and parks overlook a verdant plain. Popularly known as ‘Green Bursa’, city is situated in prime location of fruit-growing region. Modern, industrial Bursa is built around the mosques, mausoleums and other sites from its incarnation as first Ottoman capital. Despite being built-up and somewhat chaotic, its durable Ottoman core and abundant parks keep it remarkably placid in places. For some fresh air after pounding the markets, the soaring peaks of Mt Uludağ (Turkey’s premier ski resort) are nearby, with Çekirge’s thermal hamams en route. Bursa was awarded Unesco World Heritage status in 2014 for being the birthplace of the Ottoman Empire. The city’s historic contributions to Islamic development have given it an austere reputation. Yet locals are kind and welcoming, and you can take the occasional photo inside historic religious structures (just be respectful). You’ll see a majority of headscarved women here and devout prayer in overflowing mosques. First thing First: Except the Gift of God and then…Click here!

bursa(Image Source: hometurkey)

The enormous Seljuk-style shrine (1399), Ulu Camii is Bursa’s most dominant and durable mosque. Sultan Beyazıt I pledged to build 20 mosques after defeating the Crusaders in the Battle of Nicopolis, he settled for one mosque, with 20 small domes. Two massive minarets augment the domes, while the giant square pillars and portals within are similarly impressive. The mimber (pulpit) boasts fine wood carvings, and the walls feature intricate calligraphy. Grand mosque’s interior is simply amazing inaugurated by large marble ablution fountain beneath a glass dome gives such a cool welcoming feel. Home to one of the most vital Islamic calligraphy collections in the world, walls and pillars are decorated by unique and artistic calligraphy samples makes the ambiance spiritual. The doors and pulpit are made from skilfully carved walnut wood, and the pulpit contains an engraved scaled model of the solar system. East of the highly ornate mihrap, a centuries-old door curtain from the Mecca Kaaba is displayed in a glass case. Ornate fountains are located in the courtyard in front of the minarets. Pray in the mosque…whatever your religion is and wish for world peace. Click Here! 

bursa(Image Source: Instagram- @muzik_boxs)

Mount Uludağ (Great Mountain) is the highest point in the Marmara region, and the Aras Waterfalls and glaciers at the peak are its most interesting geographical features. Uludağ has two faces: On one side, it’s an untouched natural beauty of forests, hills, and rocks overlooked by eagles and on the other it’s a heavily-used resort of winter sports…both are really intriguing and adventurous, now ball is in your court to decide for which challenge plus fun you’re ready?? Uludağ National Park is one of the Turkey’s favourite winter sports resorts and as well as skiing, its richness of flora and fauna has made it into a National Park and summer activities like trekking and camping are also popular. Uludağ was previously known as Olympos Misios in ancient times, and is known in mythology as the place where the gods watched the Trojan War. Sports time…Enjoy on white carpet as much as you can! Click Here.

Mount Uludag(Image Source: Instagram- @turkey_home)

Some more interesting places: Muradiye Complex, Yesil Camii, Yesil Turbe, Bursa city museum, Bursa Citadel, Emir Sultan Camii.

Bodrum Town

Although more than a million tourists flock to its beaches, boutique hotels, trendy restaurants and clubs each summer, the town of Bodrum (ancient Halicarnassus) never seems to lose its cool. More than any other Turkish seaside getaway, it has an enigmatic elegance that pervades it, from the town’s crowning castle and glittering marina to its flower-filled cafes and white-plastered backstreets. Even in the most hectic days of high summer, you can still find little corners of serenity in the town. The evocative castle and the ancient ruins around town also help keep Bodrum a discerning step above the rest. The town of Bodrum is in its own rights, the true gem of the Aegean coast. Modern architecture sits with ancient ruins, and private yachts, Mediterranean houses and cobbled streets to highlight a destination that is renowned throughout Turkey as being the inspiration for artists and famous celebrities.  Bodrum town can be anything you want it to be, lively, relaxing, luxurious or traditional…Just Click Here! Life in Bodrum town centre revolves around the harbour front where narrow streets are lined with cosmopolitan bars, exclusive restaurants and traditional shops that are overlooked by the domineering appearance of St Peters castle.

bodrum town

(Image Source: Instagram- @turkey_home)

Yalikavak is a simply stunning, elegant resort town, situated on a medium sized crescent bay with the Greek isles of Leros and Patmos. Life of Yalikavak is live around “Plaz Cadd” beachfront walkway gives you glimpse (& lot more) of amazing bay, making “strolling” the past time of natives and tourists…of course. It has a super relaxed atmosphere, sunsets that postcards are made of, a lovely old village of many unique shops, plenty of artists selling their wares, and local shopkeepers and residents who pride themselves on talking with you and even offering a cup of tea so you might sit down with them for a rest and a chat. Impressive Turkish village architecture runs throughout Yalikavak and the old style gardens surrounding the houses with olive and tangerine groves and chickens running loose in them really tell a story of century old village life. The peaceful ambience of these houses fit in perfectly with the lush green hills and crystal blue coastline of the Aegean Sea. Click here to enjoy in nature’s lap.

Bodrum(Image Source: Instagram- @turkey_home)

Gumbet is old days cute small and sleepy fishing village but now it has become favourite holiday destination for tourists national and international. Known as a lively hotspot on the Aegean coast of Turkey, Gumbet is fast building a reputation for vibrant nightlife and exciting water sports. Sun worshippers consider Gumbet to be a Mecca and the long, sandy beach is the centre of activity during the day. If you are looking for a holiday destination that will bring you fantastic memories and revitalize your energy for life, Bodrum town is the perfect place. Village is something we all miss in cities…Come here to refresh! Click here.

Other Attractions: Mausoleum (One of the seven ancient wonders of the world), Bodrum Castle, Bodrum Maritime museum.


In 1958 an earthquake levelled the seaside city of Fethiye (feh-tee-yeh), sparing only the remains of the ancient city of Telmessos and rock tombs dating back to 4th century. More than half a century on, it is once again a prosperous hub of the western Mediterranean (blue pristine water), and a major base for gület (Turkish yacht) cruises. Despite its booming growth, Fethiye is low-key for its size, due mostly to restrictions on high-rise buildings and the transitory nature of the gület business, which brings travellers flocking here between April and October. Fethiye’s natural harbour is perhaps the region’s finest, tucked into the southern reaches of a broad bay scattered with pretty islands, including Şövalye Adası, glimpsed briefly in the James Bond film Skyfall(at Calis Beach)…have you seen that?? Hurry up and pack your bags to Turkey and check out the amazing locations of Fethiye but don’t forget to experience ‘007’.

Fethiye(Image Source: Instagram- @turkey_home)

Fethiye also makes a good base for visiting Ölüdeniz, one of Turkey’s seaside hot-spots, and many interesting sites in the surrounding countryside, including the ghost town of Kayaköy (also called Karmylassos or Levissi) just over the hill.  On the hillside above (and south of) Fethiye and along the road to Kayaköy, you can’t miss the ruined tower of a Crusader fortress, built by the Knights of St John at the start of the 15th century on earlier (perhaps Lycian, Greek and Roman) foundations. Focusing on Lycian finds from Telmessos as well as the ancient settlements of Tlos and Kaunos, the small yet attractive Fethiye Museum exhibits pottery, jewellery, small statuary and votive stones (including the important Grave Stelae and the Stelae of Promise). A bit of a pull, but climb up to the main Lycian rock tombs in Fethiye – the tomb of Amyntas – and take in the amazing views of Fethiye marina and the whole of the bay. You can always reward yourself with an icy cold Efes Pilsen when you come back down into Fethiye. Take you reward by just Clicking Here! It’s delicious …I bet.

Fethiye(Image Source: Instagram- @turkey_home)


Canyoning is a relatively new and exciting outdoor activity that involves walking, scrambling, climbing, jumping and abseiling through a canyon. Wet, wild and absolutely unforgettable, jumping into clear cool pools of water, abseiling down waterfalls, sometimes swimming through narrow passages, sometimes climbing boulders, sometimes walking. Canyoning is an exciting sport that is continuously winning over more and more fanatics. There are many gorges and canyons in Turkey where canyoning is organized. Each offers something amazing for adventure seekers. You should try this pure adrenaline. Turkey’s canyons offer something amazing and pure adrenaline for adventure seekers. Are you a adventure seeker??…Come and get the fruit of nature in amazing way! Click here.

Canyoning in turkey(Image Source: goturkeytourism)

Best Places for Canyoning:

Aegean: Akdag Tokali Canyon, Butterfly Valley, Esen Creek Canyon, Kapuz Canyon, Saklikent Canyon, Ulubey Canyon.
Mediterranean: Ahmetler Canyon, Goksu Canyon, Goynuk Canyon, Guver Canyon, Hacioglan Canyon, Kaputas Canyon, Koprulu Canyon, Lamas Canyon.
Black Sea: Aydos Canyon, Catak Canyon, Coruh Valley, Ersizdere Canyon, Horma Canyon, Incekaya Canyon, Incesu Canyon, Kirpe Canyon, Valla Canyon, Yazili Canyon.
Marmara: Ballikayalar Canyon, Harmankoy Canyon, Sahinderesi Canyon, Tuzla Canyon.
Anatolia: Ihlara Valley, Karanlik Canyon, Kazankaya Canyon.

Lycian Way

Lycia is the historical name of the Teke Peninsula, which juts into the Mediterranean on Turkey’s southern coast. The mountains rise steeply from the rocky coast, giving beautiful views of blue coloured sea. Forestry predominates; pines are mixed with strawberry trees and carob, and give way to juniper and cedar at higher elevations. Along with coastal tourism, high-intensity agriculture is crowded onto the deltas. Are you looking for a challenging hike? How about a walk through the ruins of history? Or possibly a few day trips of walking while enjoying a nice sunny vacation? The Lycian Way in Turkey is the perfect answer for all three types of getaways. The Lycian Way (or “Likya Yolu” in Turkish), is a 509-km/300-mile walk along the coast of Turkey from Fethiye to Antalya. It is a combination of several ancient routes of the Lycian people and is marked by a red and white striped logo. You’ll go through rocky coastline, deserted beaches, pine forests, mountain peaks, and ancient ruins. Along the way you’ll encounter the charming and generous Turkish people, eat delicious food, and float in the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Enjoy fully the challenging and beautiful walk in the Turkey and deepens your relationship with your loved ones by spending weeks exploring rocky coastline and piney forests of Turkey. Nature teaches you in every way, gives experience about life, strengthen your relationships! Just Click Here.

Lycian way(Image Source: Instagram- @orhnavcii)

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