9 Exotic Destination in Abu Dhabi
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9 Exotic Destinations Compel Anyone To Visit Abu Dhabi

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Yas Island and Yas Marina Circuit

“Small Fun World”   Yas Island stops every tourist landing in Abu Dhabi with its Modern World Charm thanks to royal class leisure by world class hotels, lots of options to entertain either by playing or watching and Yas Island is known for its shopping malls & opportunities to buy unique souvenirs and gifts. Yas Island is full of wonders & surprises and lots of thrill activities for all ages, no matter you are a man or matter…Yas Island has exciting to offer to you. Unpack your gift by visiting Yas Island once in your life. For chilling and fun filled- adventure together at the same time; take a tour of Yas Waterworld. Yas Waterworld is a futuristic water park includes world’s first and largest hydromagnetic-powered, six-person tornado water slide which gives you adrenaline rush at the peak. Based on the theme of “The Lost Pearl”, Yas Island also offers, three-metre high waves on Bubble’s Barrel, which has the world’s largest surfable sheet wave for flowboards and bodyboards &  the Bandit Bomber, a 550–metre coaster, is the first with onboard water and laser effects.

Yas Islands

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Yas Marina is home to state-of-the-art Yas Marina Circuit- witness the speed on track. Circuit is known for hosting Formula1 race and attracts spectators from the world once in a year. Fans & Followers of car racing come here to witness the speed & world’s best circuit and feel the adrenaline rush. Come here before next F1 race starts. Sat along the island’s western shores, Yas Links Abu Dhabi is an award-winning golf course. It’s the first true Links course in the UAE with an astonishing 112 bunkers and views of the Arabian Sea from every hole. Surrounded by lush mangroves, this is one of the island’s most beautiful destinations.

Yas Marina Circuit

Ferrari World

“Speed is unstoppable”  Ferrari world is first-ever sensational Ferrari-branded theme park in the world. Ferrari World is very attractive thanks to its unimaginable design…WHAT a Design!!! Looks stunning in every shot. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is designed for those with an appetite for G-force and velocity…adrenaline seekers! Home to the world’s fastest rollercoaster, Formula Rossa; this is the only place on the planet where you can be blasted to 240 km/h in 4.9 seconds, just for fun! Keep your heartbeat calm & mouth shut, just an advice! Ferrari World Abu Dhabi host  thrilling Ferrari-themed rides and star attractions that will get your heart racing (at the peak)! From state-of-the-art simulators, new Flying Aces ride (Loop take you in…), record breaking electric powers go-karts  to immersive and interactive family-friendly attractions, this is a day out for everyone! Ferrari World Abu Dhabi offers a unique experience with live shows, inspiring collection of racing memorabilia, biggest Ferrari store & Italian cuisines (Not to Miss Indian food) for visitors of every age in a refreshing, indoor, climate-controlled environment. Something is different here in Ferrari World that cannot be describe in words, You only have to come & experience the moment with feel. Click Here!

Ferrari World

Qasr Al-Sarab

Ever Read “One thousand & One Nights” (No…Yes, it’s in Arabic) or ‘Arabian Nights’?? If Yes, than you also had the fantasy to live in the unique houses of Arab! Congratulations, your fantasy became reality on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi in the midst of mystic world’s largest sand Desert, Liwa Desert in the form of magnificent resort named Qasr Al-Sarab (Fantasy types…Right??) by Anantara. Pack your bags & imagination (don’t stop excitement) to Abu Dhabi. If Not, then…you must come to this Fantasyland (Yes, you’ll feel that).  Qasr Al Sarab in the middle of Rub’ al Khali or Empty Quarter, the largest uninterrupted sand mass rises up from flame-coloured dunes like a mirage, invites adventure in the most luxurious & stylish oasis. Reach at Qasr Al-Sarab on camelback for become the part of sunrise over the sands and reflect positively the rays in your life. Refresh your body by ancient Hammam and desert rose rituals in the morning.  Race across in endless Sand Dunes to get adrenaline rush in such a peace location (Truly very exciting). End your amazing day by savouring the romance of Arabia. Get asleep by seeing the breathtaking view of desert and in the excitement of next sunrise in the morning. You can’t miss this place full of wonders and uniqueness. So, Book your tickets & land here by Clicking Here!

Qasr Al Sarab

Emirates Palace

Located on the silent shores of the Arabian Gulf and overlooking its own private natural bay, Emirates Palace is one of the most iconic landmarks of Abu Dhabi. Surrounded by lush landscaped gardens, the palace combines ultimate luxury with views of either the turquoise waters of the Arabian Gulf or Abu Dhabi’s modern skyline, allowing guests to experience the magical & memorable stay at the palace with the royal feeling. The hotel features 114 domes, with the central dome at an imposing 72.6 metres above ground. Gold, mother of pearl and crystals dominate the interior. The Palace has 1,002 chandeliers, the largest weighing 2.5 tonnes. Another memorable Palace feature is its two handmade wall display carpets, portraying the palace itself and each weighing a tonne. Emirates have lot more to offer, Where are you??.Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi features 14 food and beverage outlets, where cuisines from all cultures meet from modern Chinese at Hakkasan to fine French Fair at Le Vendome and come together to create a blend of exotic flavours. Guests and visitors can wander through the majestic halls and corridors – a showcase of Arabian design, with grand central passageways and arched ceilings – and choose from over 200 rooms, all decorated in a comfortable yet chic style and boasting lavish cultural touches. With two swimming pools, tennis courts, water sports and a kids club, the Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi is the ideal hotel for sports and leisure activities. What are you waiting, if you reach upto this?? Click here to discover more!

Emirates Palace


“Human Creativity Unites”  Louvre is the biggest Art & Civilisation Museum in Arab World inspired from France’s notable Louvre which is biggest Art & cultural museum in the world. Louvre is the universal museum in Arab World consists history of mankind & stories of human creations from cultures & ancient to modern civilisations from every corner of the world. Louvre Abu Dhabi bridging the gap between East & West through collection of unique artworks from around the globe under the dazzling architecture that combines French design with Arabic heritage. Louvre becomes new cultural beacon, bringing different cultures together to shine fresh light on the shared stories of Humanity. Louvre Abu Dhabi champions the cultural achievement of human race, from prehistory to present time and waiting for you to witness its achievement. The galleries are not separated by geography, nationality and history but arranged in chronological order. The aim is to induce, respect, learning and self-reflection of human experiences and its growth. The museum is designed as a “seemingly floating dome structure”; its web-patterned dome allowing rays of the sun to filter through lace dome and touch every bit of the museum to enlighten & keep alive the ancient artworks. The overall effect is meant to represent “rays of sunlight passing through date palm fronds in an oasis”. The metallic ceiling of the Louvre Abu Dhabi is design to reflect light into the museum like a natural palm frond. You can’t miss this man! Feeling is amazing when rays of sun touches your body through the unbelievable roof. Click Here to FEEL. 


Saadiyat Beach

Pristine white sand stretching along its shore, Saadiyat Beach has become one of the most desirable beach locations in the UAE. The person who loves the beach and breathtaking views at sunrise or sunset, Saadiyat Beach is the place for them to land and persons who don’t like beaches…they will fall in love after walking barely foot on the shore (Wooden Broadway) with sea water touching the feet periodically or sitting with your loved one in exotic resort of Saadiyat beach. Experience exotic beach yoga classes to eco-friendly water sports activities such as windsurfing and sailing, tourists can enjoy with their loved ones & make some memorable memories on such an amazing beach. Saadiyat Beach is a unique destination houses world-class modern resorts of Abu Dhabi with serene natural beauty of environment of beach preserved in very beautiful & pristine form and the delicate balance between these two ‘poles apart’ features makes the beach unique & attractive. The beach today is alive with rich native wildlife which includes Hawksbill turtles that use the beach as their nesting ground. Hatching sites are protected by strict environmental measures and are patrolled by trained personnel who continually monitor the reproduction of the turtles. If you got too “into-it” and forgot to click link above, than here’s your chance to visit the amazing Abu Dhabi by Just Clicking Here! 

Saadiyat Beach


Impressive 8 km long-stretched manicured waterfront, Corniche is not-to-be-miss destination thanks to white sandy beaches, peaceful promenade by cycle (separate track) or generous walk on pathways seeing the spectacular view of iconic high-rise tower blocks assembled along the seafront and superb skyline of Abu Dhabi, Corniche’s landscaped gardens for children’s enjoyment & fun, cafes and restaurant and at last Corniche Beach- a lifeguarded beach park. Abu Dhabi’s immaculate Corniche beachfront is a fantastic outdoor destination from hustle city life where the seaside boardwalks and the walkways paved with benches and gardens overlook the glory of the open Arabian Gulf. The public beach separates into Al Sahil for singles and groups, Gate 2 for families and has a quiet zone and Gate 3 for families, especially children. Corniche beach is not a disappointment for water & beach sports lovers which includes volleyball courts, football pitches, and playing fields for children & families. Visitors can also rent a speedboat off the Corniche and soak in the majestic view of the Abu Dhabi skyline, or go snorkelling to discover local aquatic life.  The best way to explore the whole Corniche is by grabbing a bike from the Cyacle bike-share station or By Just Clicking Here!

Emirates Palace

Mangroves Kayaking 

Mangroves along the shoreline form an integral part of the coastal ecosystem in UAE. They provide a rich natural habitat and safe breeding grounds for several fish species, turtles, shrimps, sea snakes. Different species of fish use mangroves for safe breeding to lay eggs and Seabirds utilise the mangroves to nest their young ones. The UAE is globally recognised for well-sustaining large Mangrove forest, locally known as ‘Qurm’. Mangroves play a crucial role in the maintaining the health of Abu Dhabi’s ecosystem by creating a natural habitat for variety of birds and marine life. Discover one of Abu Dhabi’s most amazing hidden treasures in forest of mangroves through Kayaking. Mangroves preserved the abundance of life in it that is flourishing over the years & witness by tourists through Kayaking and reveals Abu Dhabi’s natural beauty that often goes overlooked. The mangrove forests compose a network of channels that are easily accessible during mid to high tide with very calm waters, making it easy to navigate for novice kayakers. Kayak is the best way to explore spectacular mangroves winding through lush trees on clear, shallow waters. Observe elegant flamingos feeding in the shallows; encounter schools of flying fish and uncover unique experiences as you paddle through a habitat rich in wildlife while discovering Mangroves by Kayak. Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife as you paddle. You may catch sight of vibrant bird species, plenty of fish, marine creatures like crabs, and even foxes flitting about on shore. Take your time admiring the hidden beauty within the city as you make your way through the tranquil trees, and enjoy a quiet respite from the bustle of the city before going back. Come to desert city and Kayak in Mangroves. What an irony, No?? But, it’s true. Believe me and come to Abu Dhabi.


Al Ain

Situated on the eastern region of Abu Dhabi at the foot of Jebel Hafeet (tallest mountain in Abu Dhabi), Al Ain is famous for its ancient history that dates back to the Stone Age from where human civilisation begins. Important centre of Abu Dhabi heritage, Al Ain is known for various intriguing cultural events, outdoor sports of Arab such as camel race and falconry and environment which are unique & special like the forts & castles of Arab architecture houses in Al Ain. Thanks to Al Ain’s long history of date plantations, healing springs of Jebel Hafeet, milder climate, Al Ain is often referred to as the “Garden City of the Gulf”. The UNESCO World Heritage Site, historic Al Ain oasis sprawls across 3,000-acre and provides a unique insight into the region’s inhabitants who began taming the desert 4,000 years ago. Home to educational Eco-Centre and an extensive system of shaded pathways that wind through some 147,000 date palms, Al Ain is now open to tourists and became hotspot destination thanks to its moderate weather and authentic heritage. The site houses up to 100 different varieties of vegetation that surround the impressive oasis, with widespread plantations that are also working farms. The site is shaped by a complex shared water supply, based on both wells and ‘falaj’, the UAE’s traditional irrigation system. Eco-Centre exhibits traditional farming methods which used by Al Ain’s oasis farmers to preserve the delicate oasis ecosystem. Go quite far from exotic life of Abu Dhabi and discover the heritage of ancient Abu Dhabi.

Al Ain Oasis


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