32 Most Startling Places Of Himachal Pradesh
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32 Most Startling Places Of Himachal Pradesh

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‘Himalayas in Himachal’ or one must say Himachal in the Himalayas. ‘Him’ in Hindi literally means ice or snow and ‘alaya’ means home, which makes the Himalayas ‘The Home of Snow’ and from there Himachal gets its name meaning ‘Land of Snow’. With spectacular snowy peaks and plunging river valleys, beautiful Himachal is India’s outdoor adventure playground. From trekking and climbing to rafting, paragliding and skiing, if it can be done in the mountains, it can be done here. Villages perched on staggering slopes enchant with fairy-tale architecture and their people’s easygoing warmth. Hill stations appeal with a holiday atmosphere and colonial echoes, while backpacker magnets lure with their blissed-out vibe and mountain beauty. For all above cool stuff, Just Tap Here Once and Pack your Bag for Heaven Tour.

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Britishers left best Toy Train in India other than ‘Thank you’ & ‘Sorry’. One of the    Best train rides in India from Kalka to shimla, summer capital of British India through beautiful mountains & valleys with such spectacular view outside the window. Popularly known as ‘Queen of Hills’ Kalka-Shimla toy train gives you unforgettable life long experience of moving through scenic beauty and misty views of lush – green mountains.96 km long stretch has small – big 103 tunnels which include which includes 3-min long mind-boggling & jaw-dropping Barog tunnel which is truly memorable in 6 hours journey. Whole journey fascinates tourists very much that bring them back to this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Kalka-Shimla toy train ride makes you forget late night journey of JAB WE MET. Look for your dream Himachal Tour here.

Kalka Shimla toy train(Image Source: indiatourntravels)

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Situated on the Observatory Hills, one of the seven hills of Shimla. Formerly the house of British India’s Viceroy and known as Viceregal Lodge looked liked Hogwarts School of Harry Potter in the first sight. Its mesmerising architecture and rich wood quality interiors take back to you in Colonial Era. Museum inside the lodge is also an attraction other than its Architecture where you can see huge collections of texts, photographs, articles and artefacts of British Empire & Culture which exhibit royalty of British Viceroy’s. Britishers declared Shimla as their Summer Capital due to its natural beauty and amazing ambiance which depicts by many buildings & churches of Colonial Era in whole Shimla. Beautiful movie BLACK on Helen Keller’s life shoots at this Architectural Beauty.Look for your dream Shimla Holiday here.

Rashtrapati Niwas(Image Source: goibibo)


Temple of Lord Hanuman situated on top of the Jakhoo Hill, highest peak of the Shimla (Jahan se Poora Shahar Dikhta Hai) can be reached by trekking through narrow paths and roads which is an enjoyable and adventurous journey for devotees. Trek to Jakhoo Temple is worth to witness highest statue of Lord Hanuman and pray in the holy temple where Hanuman rested after curing Lakshman by Sanjivani herb coming back from Lanka and going to place the Sanjivani Hill back in Himalayas. Jakhoo Temple built around foot prints of Lord Hanuman. Worshippers come to see and pray the footprints of hanuman. Experiencing mesmerising sunrise & sunset from the top of Hill, chilling in the Temple Park in breezy morning and evening of Shimla City. Do NOT forget to take blessing from Lord Hanuman’s appearance on earth, Monkeys. Do not get frightened by monkeys, stand still and let them search for eatables. Real fun to see them searching in your pockets and will embarrass you if found nothing (by actions). Devotee of Lord Hanuman??..Click here for the best Shimla Holiday packages and If not, then also…Click here for the best Shimla Holiday packages.

Jakhoo Mandir(Image Source: Instagram- @43hi5h3k)

Scandal Point, THE Ridge

NO chance you miss Scandal point or The Ridge.  The Ridge is large open space situated in the heart of capital of Himachal seems like white carpet spread on black road when snow falls. The Ridge is face of Shimla covered with beautiful pine trees, fir trees, Himalayan oaks and Rhododendron trees in front of snow capped mountains in the backdrop of orangish-hued sky gives mouth-opening & amazing  views which people compel to say, ‘unbelievable’.  The Ridge meets famous Mall Road at the scandal point. Mall road and The Ridge is cultural hub of Shimla and paradise for shopping enthusiasts, those who interests in shopping more than experiencing nature’ beauty Shimla. You can find everything on Mall road and The Ridge from  shops selling exclusive artefacts, cafes, bars to boutiques, shops and restaurants and attracts many tourists every year.  Standing on The Ridge against Mighty Himalayas gives you Goosebumps and spectacular feeling you have never feel. Miss anything but Don’t Miss Scandal Point and for that Click here for the best Shimla Holiday packages.

The Ridge(Image Source: youtube)


Situated in the lap of one of the famous River Valleys of ‘Land of Snow’ and named on Goddess, pristine Parvati Valley. Manikaran is famous Pilgrimage site for Hindus and Sikhs Devotees on the bank of powerful River Parvati discharge from Himalayas. Manikaran attracts a large number of devotees for not just for praying in holy place but also for its scenic beauty and its famous hot water springs. Hot water springs is holy place which fascinates tourists around the globe as nature’s marvel in Manikaran and devotees believe that hot water is magical cures many diseases. Gurudwara Manikaran Sahib and Shiva & Ram Temple here in Manikaran makes place sacred and devotees visit Manikaran on pilgrimage. Do not forget to sit in Langar (Guru’s Lunch) and take Prasad (God’s food) from Temples. Excited about Hot water springs??Then Click here to see the best Kasol – Manikaran itineraries.

Manikaran(Image Source: Instagram- @life_in_manali)

Kheerganga Trek

IF God Lives here, Then Kheerganga would be His Seat. Valley is crown jewel around Kasol.

Kheerganga Trek is most famous in Parvati Valley. A Trekking paradise full of lush-green mountains in sunny summer and snowy peaks & mountains in bone chilling winters with elegant Parvati River flowing alongside a pearl necklace. Trekkers and nature lovers across the world take challenge to trek Kheerganga and experience pure gift from nature. Trekking is not just walking up and down on the mountains with heavy backpack, its more than that, it is unique treat from Himalayas  that everyone human being have to do once in lifetime, it is a short life from bottom to top and top to bottom that everyone should live. Trekking in Kheerganga is larger than life experience. Take a dip in warm water of hot springs of Kheerganga, prize for long trek…it is worth it!!! On the top of Kheerganga, take yourself aside in peace and look around , just look around…..you’ll forget worries and ailments in your life. You came down but your heart will remain forever on the top. Explore the Crown Jewel of Parvati Valley by Just One Click, Click here to discuss the upcoming Kasol-Kheerganga Weekend Trip.

Kheerganga Trek(Image Source: yataindia)

Malana Village

Best Known for World Famous Malana Cream which attracts Hashish lovers from every corner of the world. Malana is best secret of our country which remained hidden for many years. Malana is a village which compel you to fall in love at first sight and unique creation of nature and god both in the lap of Himalayas. The mountains of Himalayas hold some of the best secrets and one such is Malana. The lifestyle of Malanese & social structures of village makes it more interesting and unique. Cultivation of Cannabis and “Hashish grown village” is what tourists interests more to come here than ambiance & nature. But that’s only Malana is all about……. Malana is the oldest democracy in the world and have their own administration which governed or operate by 11 elected members from the village. USP of Malana is not Hash but its ancient religious culture and heritage. Malanese worships & believe their DEVTA, JAMLU RISHI and Lord Shiva. The Malanese believes that they are descendants of ALEXANDER. Malana is an exotic village in the night under the sky with billions of stars sighing Malana and Moon illuminate Malana. It is a summer home for many Hippies and mysteries of the Hills never fails to surprise them even today. Must visit this unique village in Himalayas. Don’t worry, We are here for you… Just Click here to see the best Kasol – Manikaran itineraries.

Malana Village(Image Source: tripoto)

Great Himalayan National Park

Global Warming and Climate change are real and its happening now.

21st century is the time when Globalization is increasing rapidly and Climate is Changing very fast. Flora and Fauna are going slowly-slowly in the RED LIST, a book of endangered and rare species. Great Himalayan N.P., a UNESCO World Heritage Site home to exceptionally diverse plant life and more than 375 species of fauna is treat to all Human race by preserving rare flora & fauna spread across four valleys i.e., PARVATI, TIRTHAN, SAINJ, JIWANAL each one them is mesmerising and has its unique quality which offers endemic specie and exotic flora & fauna in between the Himalayas.  These valleys comprises numerous refreshing Waterfalls cascading down the valley meeting in important rivers which are preserving aquatic life of the region, small rivers eventually dropping in Beas, a sacred water spring ‘Tirth’, deep forested areas helping in preserving trees ,plant and animals which eventually well-maintaining Hydrological or Water Cycle, ice covered areas preserving ice animals life. These are all preserved so that human race can experience them and a can get beautiful glimpse of nature and its creation. Most Loved quality of National Park-‘Roadless’.  Enjoy Nature’s creation with God’s creation, not Human’s.

Flora & Fauna: Towering Trees, Flowers blooming in the grass, Himalayan Musk Deer, Elusive Snow leopard, Blue Sheep, Himalayan Brown Bear.

Great Himalayan National PARK(Image Source: thebetterindia)

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Christ Church

Spirituality lies & lives in hearts but religious places devotees to connect with God. Situated on the prominent road of Shimla, The Ridge. Christ Church is one of those places where Christians praying to God since 1857. Built in Colonial British Era, Neo Gothic style church is rich culture & heritage. It is enriched with some historical significance Raj Era Memorials and typical stained Victorian glass with big wall clock. This Yellow Building is also home for many religious books and ancient scriptures made this Church holy to worshippers. Anybody Anytime can visit and pray to the God in the Church but in evening this yellow coloured Church takes shower with beautiful lights when lit up with colourful lights and illuminate in the whole Shimla, seems like Diwali in church. Ideal time to visit Church is in the breezy evening of Shimla and experience the feeling of ‘Praying to God in Nature’s Lap’. Pay the visit to Church, No matter you believe in God or Not. Just believe in Beauty of shimla. For that…Check Shimla Tour Packages here.

Christ church(Image Source: dayafterindia)

Triund Trek

Triund is the crown jewel of Dharamshala, situated in the lap of Dhauldhar Ranges, it has magnificent   view of Dhauldhar mountains on one side & gorgeous Kangra Valley on the other. Triund is serene & alluring trekking destination and tourists around the globe. Triund Trek can described as a tranquil trek which is for all ages. The Triund trek is exhilarating and super thriller with amazing panoramic views from Top at dusk, dawn , moonrise highlights unique charming beauty of Triund. Triund trek comprises of undulating & steep but well-defined trails through lush green forests of rhododendron & oak trees. Enthrallment of the terrains, tricky and tiresome curves on the byway makes Triund treasure trove for trekkers, its pristine and soothing ambiance make it an ultimate relaxing destination. Camp in the night at Triund for best camping experience. Sleep beneath the blanket of starry sky, mesmerise by the sunrise of Triund in morning and admire the inky blue sky in day. Wanna start your trekking life…Start with Triund Trek, For that Just Click here to discuss the upcoming McleodGanj-Triund Weekend Trip.

Triund TREK(Image Source: fiverr)


The Village of Dharamkot clings to the mountain side above Mcleodganj and Bhagsu, offers an almost overwhelming variety of meditation & yoga courses. Dharamkot just has a magical, spiritual vibe with nature, fresh air, mountain views, simple life & spiritual energy of Himalayas set the scene for great place to mediate, soak up the nature & find within yourself. Dharamkot is a quaint and traditional Himachali Village that not caters for hippies and travellers. There are still no roads, just one that comes from Mcleodganj which ends at popular Trek & Dine Cafe at the entrance of village. You will get fit staying here walking up & down the mountain all the day!!! Dharamkot is also great base for treks around the beautiful countryside and Dhauldhar range such as Triund, Illaqua & Indrahar Pass where you can see the snow dusting on mighty Himalayas. Trek to explore other villages & see the waterfalls – Bhagsu Waterfalls. There’s definitely a special energy in these mountains & people who flock here. Having a pleasant climate throughout the year, the place id ideal to visit for rejuvenation & relaxation.

Dharamkot(Image Source: global-gallivanting)

Tsuglagkhang Complex

What a Name….Tough to pronounce??Don’t worry, You are allowed in Complex. Situated in Dharamsala, a home-away-from-home for Tibetans and also House of Dalai Lama , this complex has lot to offer…Only thing is that you have to come and take a glimpse of This Fairyland. Complex has such a ambiance that you feel like your life & this world is perfectly fine. Complex’s beauty can hypnotises anyone and seems like nature itself guarding this complex. Complex’s Library is peaceful place with lots of spiritual and historical books which depicts the rich heritage and culture of Tibetans and Buddha Dharma. Visit the library also if you are not reader types and read any book. Dalai Lama’s residence which itself is a holy place for Tibetans and tourists can get inspired by just listening to him…if you are lucky enough to listen him. Tibet Museum is a centre where materials related to Tibetan history, culture and heritage preserved along with Tibetan artefacts and rare photographs. Museum stands at picturesque location with the backdrop of Dhauldhar Mountains is mesmerising also its interior is designed very beautifully and crafted. Namgyal Monastery is pilgrimage but its famous for afternoon Debate between the Monks which is very interesting to see, its full of humour and theatrical claps & stomp of feet after one finishes. Seeking Peace?? Click here!

Tsuglagkhang complex(Image Source: tibetanreview)

Jwalamukhi Temple 

Famous for being a Temple that doesn’t house any idol of God, Jwalamukhi Temple situate in the lap of Shivalik Ranges in Kangra Valley and one of the Shakti Peethas (Power Spots) in India. Temple is dedicated to Jwalamukhi-Goddess of Light. Literally Jwalamukhi means, ‘Flaming Mouth’. An eternal shining blue  flame emanating from a rock sanctum worshipped as a goddess of flame. Akbar tried to extinguish the flame but he failed and gifted golden dome to the most revered temple of Hindu Dharma but according to folklore  Goddess Jwalamukhi  turned it into copper as she don’t want to accept golden dome  to the most revered temple. Navratri is the best time to pray in Goddess Temple. In Navratri, the Temple is lit up in colourful lights and illuminate in whole Kangra Valley and looks mesmerising in the backdrop of snow-capped mountains. Mahapuja of Jwalamukhi during 9th day of Navratri  looks amazing with diyas lighting up the Temple and prayers of Goddess makes the ambiance spiritual and magical with full of positive energy. Many devotees came to Kangra just to have a glimpse of the endless burning flame. Enjoy Navratri of Temple by Just Clicking This Link!

Jwalamukhi temple(Image Source: pulserateblog)

Manali Nature Park Sanctuary

Walking through sprawling acres of greenery nestled amidst the snowy mountains in Manali Nature Park bring tourists a step closer to nature. Dense woodlands of deodars (reaching for sky) and cedars, Alpine forests etched on the snowy sloped of mountains, wildlife reserve is set on the River Beas and no one neglecting its pristine landscape add to the beauty of Nature Park and makes it to the dream destination for nature lovers & peace seekers. Don’t forget to carry binocular as Nature Park provides a chance to spot a Himalayas state bird, Monal Pheasant to tourists, Do not miss it. Misconception is that Manali Nature Park has some weird animals among the tourists. One can spot only small birds & mammals in the park, expansive wilderness…and of course snowy mountains which makes Park a hotspot destination. Manali Nature Park is a dense land dotted with deodar, kail, Horse Chestnut, Walnut, Maple trees which provides beautiful ambiance while trekking, picnic, camping in park and best background for capturing moments in camera. Sun rays find their way into floor of forest & lit up green moss instantly looked like scene straight from ‘Lord of the Rings’ Remember??…IF don’t, then back your bags and Nature Park is waiting For you. Click here for the budget Manali Holiday packages.

Manali Nature Park(Image Source: tripoto)

Jogini Falls

Picturesque mesmerising waterfall in remote, tranquil setting has shrines below it & sacred to locals. Manali, a cultural hub of Himachal Pradesh is full of wonders NO DOUBT and One such wonder is Jogini Falls. Waterfall cascades down from a height of 150 feet through multiple levels creates musical tone when water touches the surface of pool and rocks at different height. Short yet memorable trek in Manali is of Jogini Waterfalls pass through narrow lanes of Vashisht village accompanied with beautiful apple orchards, tall pine trees and small water streams. Complete path is scenic full of beautiful landscapes and sprawling valleys. Take a dip in renowned hot water pool which is believed to beneficial for health and pray at the Vashisht Temple on the foot of waterfalls. Capture best memories with your friends & family in the quiet and peaceful place. Come with your lovey dovey to enjoy this mesmerising waterfalls with Just one click. But where to click??Click here to spend memorable moments!

Jogini Falls(Image Source: tripoto)

Museum of Culture & Folk Art

Museum is treasure of collection of cultural & traditional heritage of Himachal. Himachal is not just about snowy mountains, chilled out hill stations, river valleys but Himachal’s rich culture & tradition dated back to ancient times which Himachal preserved for long years which is truly phenomenal and genuine treat to cultural enthusiasts and explorers curious about culture & history of Himachal. Established in 1998 to collect and exhibit unique cultural & folk art antiques articles of Himachal. Museum is house at Utopia complex. The museum has admirable & appreciable collection of rare & almost extinct articles of forgotten era. Artefacts and items exhibited here highlights the traditional way of living in Himachal. Visiting this place enriches your knowledge on traditions art of state. Wooden carvings on the door of Museum also depicts design of houses in Himachali style.

Dishes on the Platter to serve: Traditional Himachali dresses, Kullvi Kitchen, Traditional wooden mask worn during, Old measuring Scale.

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Museum of Himachal culture and art(Image Source: top10india)

Hidimba Devi Temple

An Ancient Devi temple known as Dhungri Temple dedicated to Hidimba Devi, wife of Bheema is situated on the foot of the Himalayas, Manali. Beautifully carved temple is surrounded by Cedar Forest at Dhungri Van Vihar and Spiritual ambiance is what attracts devotees from all over India. 24 metres tall Shikhar (tower) above the sanctuary with intricately carved wooden doors & mud wall adorn stonework makes the perfect place for devotees for pray to their Goddess. The sanctuary is built over a huge rock carving her footprint jutting out of the ground worshipped as a deity. Pahadi architecture & design of door has elaborate miniature paintings of Goddess, animals etc and the beam of doorway has the Navagrahas & female dancers from stories of Lord Krishna makes the one of the famous tourist attractions of Manali. Festival of Hidimba is celebrated in Temple every year in the holy month of Shravana. Pray for your family with family to Goddess Hidimba, go ahead & explore the amazing Manali Tour Packages! Let the temple in hills leave you awestruck!

Hidimba Devi Temple(Image Source: holidify)

Solang Valley

Popularly known as Capital of Ski resorts in India, Solang Valley attracts adventurers & tourists from every corner of the world. Solang Valley is high-altitude Valley is known for winter and summer sports resorts on high-mountain slopes that turns smooth milky white when snows ideal for skiing and winter games likes snow skating and Paragliding and when snow melts in summer skiing gets replaced by Hot favourite of tourists in summers…Zorbing and other like horse riding and parachuting. Solang Valley is THE place for adventurous and sports activities no matter what the season is…Show is always ON. Skiing on the sloppy mountains covered with white carpet welcomes you everytime with more enthusiasm gives tourists adrenaline rush and enjoyment of next level. Solang Valley is a Valley no one can find in Whole India and is truly adventure lover’s paradise. No way you didn’t enjoy the spectacular slide from 8,400 feet above from the snowy peak. Make Zig-Zag. In Solang, just surrender your body and even soul to the mother nature. You’ll feel great. To Find the adrenaline rush in Snow Click here to Reserve your Seat @ Rs.99 only for the upcoming Manali Weekend Group Trip.

Solang Valley(Image Source : goibibo)

Rohtang Pass

Literally Rohtang means “Ground of Corpses” due to number of people lost their life just to crossing the Rohtang Pass in ancient as well as modern times. Rohtang Pass was a major trade route between the people of either side of Pir Panjal and it provides a natural divine between Hindu cultured Kullu Valley and Buddhist cultured Lahaul & Spiti Valley. Gaze outside at mesmerising beauty of nature is absolute bliss of your window and feel chilling breeze with increasing altitude. The magnificence of white landscape & sonorous silence gives breathtaking & paranomic view of Rohtang Pass is mesmerising and worth experiencing also if you are not adventure and snow lover. Rohtang Pass also gifted its natural beauty to Bollywood Movies like Jab We Met and YJHD. Rohtang Pass is genuine treat to glacial trekkers, snow lovers, nature enthusiasts…encounter superb waterfalls, pointed peaks & bone-chilling cold. Adventure lovers has special gift of thrilling sports full of snow & ice like Sledge ride, mountain biking for bikers, try hand at skiing, Tyre drop at Rohtang Pass (Speciality) increases your adrenaline rush surely. Be ready to cross Rohtang: The Deadly Pass by Clicking the Link you are Reading.

Rohtang Pass(Image Source: singonline)

Rafting in Beas

What comes in mind when you listen Manali??…Fun with friends & buddies in Himalayas with snow like YJHD, explore new and unique places, taste different cuisines in cafes, trekking, riverside camping, boozing in mountains OR adventurous sports like rafting, skiing, paragliding. Manali is most chilled out & famous destination for adventurous activities especially rafting in the high speed stream of River Beas coming out from Mighty Himalayas. You’ll get goosebumps by just seeing the panoramic landscape but what comes out from you is Positivity spread in the ambiance of Himalayas and Beas which motivates every single person standing on the land. Rafting is adventurous sports requires power, energy and motivation to beat the fear inside you. Riding the raft in Beas increases your adrenaline rush for which visitors come and keep your energy very high. Nature teaches you the important lessons of your life, Don’t forget. Click  here to increase your adrenaline rush in River Beas.

Beas Rafting(Image Source: traveldglobe)

Bijli Mahadev Temple

Trekking of just 3 km on foot through a path of beautiful trees with the spectacular view of mountains & valley to Famous Bijli Mahadev Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva in Himalayas is pleasure for devotees of Shiva and prays in one of the ancient temples & prominent religious sites in mountains. Bijli Mahadev Temple gets blessing every year by Lord Shiva through destroying the Shiva Lingam into pieces made up of Butter by lightning from the blue sky. Bijli Mahadev temple in Adobe of Gods, Himachal looks spectacular with the backdrop of snow-capped mountains in Kullu Valley. Right at the exquisite temple door, one can fancy the twin bulls, ‘Nandi’ who also get worshipped and boasts of delicate & superb carvings at door frame is true delight to the devotees of this holy place. Excited to visit the ancient Lord Shiva Temple?? Click here.

Bijli mahadev temple(Image Source: Flickr-Mivr)

Dhakpo Shedrupling Monastery

Spirituality is THE way to attain inner peace. Buddha spent his whole life to spread peace in the world and invented new way of life, Buddha Dharma. Situated in Kias Village of Himachal, Dhakpo Shedrupling Monastery is the perfect place for people seeking peace in your life and mind and wants to eradicate the negative thoughts coming to mind from their busy & fast-moving city life. Monastery was inaugurated by Nobel Laureate Dalai Lama in the year 2005. Monastery is home to lots of Buddhist monks & scholars who spread the words of Buddha and Buddhist Literature around the world. The elegant design of Monastery is a fine-example of Indo-Tibetan architecture along with the backdrop of sprawling lush-green mountains on the bank of Beas river makes the monastery mesmerising and gives picturesque location with pleasant view. Praying in the front of Big Golden colour statue of Buddha in charming beautiful colourful interiors transfers the unmatched serenity, peace, love, calmness from Buddha to our mind & soul and generates positive thoughts with positive energy in the body leaves the visitors in placid state of mind…you can stay one more day.. Monasteries are Best treat in himachal.Come here for your treat by Just One Click.

Kais Monastery(Image Source: ktntours)

Bhrigu Lake

At Almost 14k feet, Bhrigu Lake is phenomenal creation of nature in the lap of Himalayas. Extraordinary feature of this Glacial Lake is that it mysteriously changes colour & shape every week…Truly magical Right?? Bhrigu Lake sometimes get totally frozen, another time turns royal blue and emerald green looks stunning and for this amazing lake it is worth doing trekking to 14k feet. Bhrigu Trek’ journey is also famous & enjoyable thanks to high altitude Alpine meadows at 11k feet which appears just after long trek through thick oak forest. Most of the meadows are delight to behold and view of the landscape is startling & beautiful. The special vast lush green meadows stretch far & wide, undulating, almost like an endless carpet. You’ll see horses galloping & sheep grazing while walking barefoot feeling the smooth grass reducing the pain of foot due to trek of 11k feet above the sea level. The landscape of lush green mountains against the deepest blue sky is something to capture in memories. Getting a chance IN Alpine Meadows all along a trek is a rare opportunity and makes trek special and  it feels more pristine when meadows covered with snow. Click here and Witness Bhrigu Magical lake with your eyes and left awe-struck.

Bhrigu lake(Image Source: lehladakhxp)

BhagsuNag Waterfalls

Stunning Waterfall is situated near simple yet attractive and quaint Village, Bhagsu. One of the amazing waterfalls in India & attraction in Tibetan Cultural Capital, Mcleodganj. At 7,000 feet, Bhagsu Waterfall is moderately easy trek for this mesmerising nature’s gift through pine & deodar trees with majestic views of Bhagsu & other villages. Bhagsu waterfall, surrounded by beautiful cliffs & trees is a perfect place for high-altitude picnic spot with your loved ones and click best memories of your life in the extreme grandeur & picturesque location. The panoramic view from the top of the sensational Kangra Valley is not to be missed. Majestic BhagsuNag Temple of Mighty Lord Shiva is extremely popular among worshippers thanks to its mystic beauty. The Waterfall falls into the pool of the BhagsuNag Temple eventually forms freshwater springs where devotees take holy dip as a blessing of Lord Shiva. Want to stay in beautiful moment ?? Pay a Visit to Bhagsu in Himachal.

bhagsunag waterfalls(Image Source: Instagram- @dharamshalagram)


Must-Visit Hill Station situated in the outskirts of Shimla, capital of ‘Land of Snow’, Himachal. You truly want to “find yourself” then take a road trip to quiet & peaceful place away from hustle-bustle, Kufri and “Live” there for few days. Small yet wonderful hill station with pristine locations and lots of fun & adventure activities. Famous for nature park & perfect picnic spot with family & friends in any season, pleasure is always there in town. Full of lush-green hills and panoramic views where deep valleys and forests of thick Cedar woods rise towards the lofty mountains. Kufri, winter sports capital of Shimla hosts annual winter festival for adventure lovers and skiing enthusiasts. During winter, a meandering path through Potato plantations turns into popular white milky ski track. Kufri Fun World is the highest amusement parks in the world  situated amidst snow-capped Himalayan peaks is most beautiful & refreshing amusement park and has the highest Go Kart Track which gives you goosebumps while riding and increase your adrenaline rush. Mahasu Peak, highest peak of Kufri is accessible only by horse/mule. Take a ride on horseback in muddy road. Explore pristine Hill station Kufri in Shimla by landing in Shimla.

Kufri(Image Source: hpshimla)


Dalhousie is THE Most Pristine Hill Station spread across 5 Hills. Established by British Empire’s Government of India as a summer retreat for troops & officials of British India. Located on the western edge of popular Dhauldhar Ranges of Himalayas. The town reminds British Colonial Era thanks to its Neatly planned streets, Victorian & Scottish architectural Bungalows & Churches are marvellous amidst the lush green surroundings & snow capped mountains. Khajjiar at short distance from Dalhousie also known as ‘Mini Switzerland’ is a town surrounded by thick covers of deodar & pine trees. Khajjiar Lake is one of the most amazing & serene picnic spots in Dalhousie. Khajji Nag Temple is an ancient temple built in the 12th century is holy place for worshippers and quite attractive due to its architectural beauty & ambiance which surprises tourists in this British Era Hill Station. A famous 5 km uphill walk to Ganji Pahari…Thinking How it got this name?? Well, from the bald patch of Bakota hills. The freshness of air on top of the Ganji Pahari is intoxicating & perfect spot for eating & relaxing. Live in colonial Era! Come To Dalhousie.

Dalhousie(Image source: thrillophilia)

Bir Billing

Paragliding Capital of India or Hub of Paragliding in India…These are just short description of Bir Billing. Want to get some real fun & mesmerising views of Dhauladhar Ranges and Kangra Valley (not by foot) from the clouds in Blue sky. Weather & smooth winds of place perfect for a gliding sport. YOU feel no less than a free bird flying across mountain ranges, gliding through clouds. Billing is takeoff point & Bir is landing. The gigantic Himalayan Range covering the city makes it an apt place for paragliding. A Silent Valley adorned by the beauteous extravagance of Mother Nature. A place filled with lush greenery & fresh air. Besides being a visual treat & paradise of the wind, place offers with an opportunity to take part in lots of sports & fun activities. Bir is noted centre for ecotourism, spiritual studies & meditation…of course other than paragliding. It is Buddhist town famous for Tibetan handicrafts centre and home to Buddhist monasteries & Buddhist Stupa.For Paragliding and Mountain Biking Expedition…Bir Billing is Paradise. Come to Paradise….Don’t worry, you can go back after enjoying.

Bir Billing (Image Source: weekendthrill)

Nahan City

Nahan is town Literally means “don’t kill”, situated on Hill Top in Shivalik Hills, overlooking green hills. Capital of former Sirmur princely state has unique story of its Name. Nahan is a traditional city of pure Himachali style. Saints and prices are linked with the origin of state. Town gets its name from an incident where the King was trying to kill a lion  and was stopped by a saint named Baba Banwari Das who said Nahar means “don’t kill.” Away from buzzing crowd of city, Nahan is perfect romantic gateway. Lying among the lofty Shivalik overlooking lush green hills & fields, dirt free roads & clean streets, small hill station make an ideal place for holiday. The quaint down today is clotted with gardens, temples & manmade Lakes.  Once a retreating point for Royal family, today this lake bounded by lush green lawns. A temple located near the lake devoted to Lord Shiva attracts pilgrims in large numbers to Rani Tal. Suketi Fossil Park is a prominent fossil park and first of its kind in Asia where actual fossils were unearthed & has collection of vertebrate fossils & skeletons date back to prehistoric times recovered from Shivalik. Chundaar Peak is trek includes rock climbing buffs covered with verdant forests & fields. Spectacular view from top of Nahan is actual reward for visitors.  Explore this offbeat place in Himachal.

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Mani Mahesh Lake

Amidst the mystic of the Pir Panjal Range in Himachal Pradesh, the Manimahesh Lake, set at an altitude of 3,950 meters on the base of Manimahesh Kailash Peak, which towers at a height of 5,653 meters, is considered as one of the sacred lakes in the Indian Himalayan region. The name Manimahesh signifies a jewel on the crown of Lord Shiva. It is said that the rays of the moon reflected from the jewel can be witnessed from Manimahesh Lake also known as Dal Lake on full-moon nights. The lake is a popular Hindu pilgrimage site that is dedicated to Lord Shiva and it is believed that the mighty peak is the abode of the Hindu deity.  Travellers can view the natural beauty of Mount Kailash and take a dip in the holy Manimahesh Lake. The spiritual journey undertaken by thousands of pilgrims from different corners of the country commences on the auspicious day of Janmashtami and ends on Radha Ashtami. The pilgrimage starts in Bharmour that has beautiful ancient temples all around the region. When talking about the mountain walkers, nature lovers and trekkers from all over the world, the journey to the Manimahesh Kailash is one of the most beautiful treks in Himachal Pradesh and even boasts the feet of amateurs. The Manimahesh Kailash Peak, which is also known as Chamba Kailash, is one of the virgin peaks in the Indian Himalayan region. The pristine water of the Manimahesh Lake that is sourced out from the serpentine glacier of the Chamba Kailash Peak forms a tributary of River Bidhil. The Manimahesh Lake encircles a barren topography with small hilly mounds, boulders and dry bushes. Trek to Manimahesh. Super Amazing…Right?? Pack your Bags to Himachal.

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Cultural and administrative capital of largest & most snowy region on ‘Land of Snow’, Lahaul & Spiti Valley. Keylong is eminent stopover for bikers going to Leh-Ladakh and adventure endeavours trekking to Spiti Valley. The snow beauty of mountains bordering this tourist spot and tranquil Buddhist Monasteries of Keylong is unique and distinguish from other famous tourist attractions while you find adrenaline rush in the air of this hilly heaven as well. Keylong is wonderful destination for those who come on adventure, trekking, sports or seeking peace on the journey of spirituality. Kardhang Monastery played an important role in spreading Buddhism in Lahaul. The interiors are the charisma of this Monastery with library that houses ancient Buddhist scriptures and weapons of 12th & 13th century. Magnificent Statue of Avalokitesvara and overall atmosphere is quite serene and meditative to let you immerse yourself in tranquility of this place. Amidst the numerous fascinating lakes of Himachal, Suraj Tal is calm, Laidback Lake situated at the height of 4960m. Name of lake means ‘Lake of Sun God’. It is revered spot for travellers as local believe that a divine dip can cleanse you from sins and the water, too, is all rejuvenating and revitalizing plus scenic backdrop as ‘icing on the cake’. The immaculate haven is an emerald beauty and work as refreshing sight in your journey. Keylong follows Buddhism culture and every festive celebration includes participation of Lamas and monks. The annual festival Lahaul festival celebrated in July is quite famous among Buddhist and locals.

Some more Tourist Attractions:  Gondla for ancient fort, Sissu for Siberian wild geese and duck during spring and autumn, Triloknath temple sacred destination for both Hindus and Buddhist. There are monasteries like Shasur, Guru Ghantal, Tayul and Gemur famous for its arts and Buddhist faith.

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Prashar Lake

Located amidst the Dhauladhar ranges in Kullu Valley, Prashar is a pristine blue-water lake. Prashar Lake is a well-kept secret of Pandavas by Himalayas in the Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh. Prashar trek follows a charming trail through a tall cedar forest and several rivulets and offers a 180 degree view of the snow capped mountains of Dhauladhar, Pir Panjal and Kinnaur mountain ranges and water streams of Sutlej River. One can enjoy the local culture as the trail goes through villages as well. Nobody can enter in the Prashar Lake as it is Fenced. A round island is floating island inside the lake. The floating land moves in all directions in the lake and covers 29% of area of lake whereas water is with 71%. This is approximate percentage of water and land we have on the earth. An ancient riveting Himachali architecture three storied pagoda like- temple on the bank of lake dedicated to Prashar Rishi (Sage); believed that he mediated here for long time, blends perfectly with the landscape. Bansen the King of Mandi got temple built by a single deodar tree in the 13th century. Prashar Lake looks like a blue emerald in the midst of green pastures and gigantic mountains. The surroundings of the lake are a rare site which can enchant the mind and soul of every tourist. Hurry up and book your journey to the Himalayas.

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Kangra Fort

The Historic Fort is located in Kangra Valley (Easily identify by Name) near Dharamshala. Constructed long ago by the Royalty of the Katoch Empire, this majestic fort is one of the oldest forts in country…Think how old this Fort is. Amazing. Kangra Fort is a famous tourist attraction and hotspot monument of Himachal for its mesmerising location other than its historical greatness. The architecture fort with its gateways, doors, courtyard and temples, all make it the perfect place for history to be lived in present.  The statues which are present along the way further add beauty to the already breathtaking structure. The view from the top of the fort of the surrounding location is definitely worth the climb. Kangra fort is located atop a hill on the base of which the river Banganga and Patal Ganga embrace each other. There are plenty of doors in this fort which are made by the rulers of several dynasties. The entrance to the fort is designed with stone carvings and known as Ranjit Singh Gate. The next entrance door to the fort is Jahangiri Darwaza followed by Ahni and Amiri Darwazas. There are three temples inside the fort called Ambika Devi Temple, the Shitlamata Temple and Lakshmi Narayan Temple. There is a temple dedicated to Jaina Tirthankaras where a stone image of Lord Adinath is installed. A staircase in between the temples of Shitlamata and Ambika Devi leads to the Sheesh Mahal where a small hall-like compartment is designed with a block of stone at the edge of which a polygonal watch tower is installed. While exploring the part of the palace opens towards Andheri Darwaza one can see the remains of a historical mosque. Also stepwell called Kapoorsagar is a significant attraction of Kangra Fort. Witness the history and architectural beauty. Click here to get amazing offers to Himachal.

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