Things To Keep In Mind When Planning A Vacation In Dubai
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Things to Keep in Mind When Planning a Vacation in Dubai

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Vacations are so much fun, aren’t they? Especially, when your destination is as exotic and thrilling as Dubai! Welcoming more than 10 million visitors every year from all over the world, Dubai is definitely a tourists’ delight. A city with majestic architectural sights, expansive deserts, glamorous shopping souks, and a rich culture, Dubai has something for everyone. To create an action-packed travel itinerary, do not forget to explore Dubai packages and choose the one that suits you best.

Though Dubai is a welcoming and safe tourist destination, it would be wise to be aware of some key things to take care of before you embark on your expedition. Here is a list of things you must keep in mind while planning a vacation to Dubai. Your search for the best Dubai packages ends here.

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  • Keep the Doctor’s Prescription Handy: If you are carrying some medicines along, do not forget to keep the doctor’s prescription mentioning those drugs. This is because many drugs that you may be using might be banned in Dubai and you may get into legal trouble for the same. The punishment can be as severe imprisonment. However, carrying a prescription will keep you away from landing in any trouble. Look for your dream Dubai Tour here.

Doctor Prescription

  • No Mess at Public Places: Dubai is one of the cleanest city you will ever see, this is because they do not allow the local public or tourists to litter anywhere.  Stay away from eating, drinking, and throwing any trash in the public transport as well as public spaces because it is strictly not allowed. Also, any fights, argument or swearing is not permitted. It is also illegal to take a picture of anyone without their permission. Playing loud music and dancing in the public places of Dubai might also put you in trouble. Once caught for any of these, you will be deported or heavily fined. Click here to see the best Dubai packages custom-made for you!
  • No “PDA” : In spite of its flashy veneer and modernity, Dubai holds its tradition and culture very close to its heart and follows some strict Islamic rules. Indulging in any kind of public display of affection like kissing and hugging at a public place, even with your spouse can put you behind bars. The public spots where you should refrain from indulging in PDA include nightclubs, bars, hotels, public places, public transport like taxis, and the beach. Many foreigners have been reported to be arrested for indulging in PDA.


  • Choose Clothes Wisely: Though Dubai is a liberal country as compared to the other Gulf countries, when it comes to clothes, women still need to take care of their attire. Too revealing, transparent, or too short clothes may not be too accepted.  You will find the same information in almost all the ” href=””>Dubai packages as well. Women are expected to keep their shoulders covered. Swimwear is however acceptable at the pool or beaches. Excited enough? Call: 011-49058399 or,  Click to get a Callback.


  • Pre-booking: Dubai is not only an expensive city, but it is always flocked with the tourists worldwide. To avoid any disappointment and dent in your pocket, it is always advisable to pre-book your hotel, flights, and pre-arrange the tickets of the tourist spots you wish to go. Look for your dream Dubai Tour here.
  • Research: There is a lot to do in Dubai. Make a list of all the places that you want to visit in advance so when you are in Dubai, you know precisely when and where to go. Also, stay updated on the visiting hours and entrance fee of the museums and other historical architectures. This way you will not miss the fun and will have an idea of the prospective budget too. You should also explore the best places to eat, the places to shop, and what not to miss when you are there and select Dubai packages accordingly.


  • Be Prepared for the “Hot” Weather: Trust us, it is going to be extremely hot in Dubai. The temperature in summer can be anywhere between 50 to 55 degrees. You can expect to get quite sweaty in this climate.  If you are visiting Dubai between November and March, you can expect less sweaty weather. Though most of the places like shopping malls, public transport, adventure parks are air-conditioned, many places are open too. Hence, you must carry comfortable clothing if visiting during summers. Also, do carry things like sunglasses, sunscreen lotions, cool flasks etc. Check out the best Abu Dhabi packages here.

Hot Weather

  • Are You Visiting During Ramadan? If you are visiting Dubai during Ramadan, additionally you need to know that the city is more peaceful and is less of hullabaloo. Most of the restaurants will be closed in the daytime. There will be a slow nightlife and less crowded tourist destinations. Also, you may be needed to dress up more conservatively during this time. Scan through the Abu Dhabi holiday packages here.
  • Carry Enough Money: You would have planned your budget. But, do remember that Dubai is an expensive city, and you must carry some extra cash in case you go over-board. Good news for foodies is that the food in Dubai is cheap unless you go to a fine dining restaurant. Thanks to the immigrants from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Iran who offer affordable delicacies in local restaurants.  If you go to the streets of Deira, you will find tasty and economical food. But if you walk into irresistible Dubai’s fine-dining place, where the cuisines are served from the kitchens of the celebrity chefs from different parts of the world, be ready for a hole in your pocket. Moreover, because Dubai is a shopper’s paradise, you will be tempted to shop a lot, and hence you will end up spending a lot of money on designer clothes, gold jewelry, spices, and souvenirs. Look for your dream Dubai Tour here.

However, you don’t need to feel bogged down, just keep these simple tips in mind and go out, have fun and experience the various activities and attractions this incredible city has to offer. Can’t wait for a romantic trip to Dubai? Call: 011-49058399  or, Click Here to select your preferred itinerary.

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