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Adventure Tourism Finds A Frontrunner In Andamans

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We all have travel diaries, don’t we? Travels diaries of the nature lover, the wildlife lover and then there are the travel diaries of an adventure junkie; all include places that you feel fit the bill. But then, what is extremely important about this diary is that you keep updating it. For instance, if you are the keeper of the adventure diaries, have you included Andamans in your list yet? Erstwhile, Andamans was a favorite among those seeking to dip their toes in the sea and rub some sand on their feet while enjoying the pristine beauty of the place. All you could do for an adrenaline rush was to take a swim in the waters. Now, it should be the name on your next travel bookings if the thrill of adventure sports is what makes your vacation fulfilling.  Most of these adventure water activities are centered at Port Blair and the neighboring islands.  Click here to see 25+ awesome Andaman holiday packages!

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Banana Boat Ride: Let’s start with baby steps and what better way to start your adventure journey in Andamans than taking a banana boat ride. As the name suggests, the ride is shaped like a banana and can seat as many as six people. The boat is tied behind a speedboat, to gain initial speed while you take a little ride in the waters. And just when you feel that you seem to have wasted your money and time on a boring ride, the instructor upturns the banana boat, toppling you into the sea near the shore. Every rider wears a life jacket, so you can enjoy this super-fun water sport even if you are a non-swimmer.  Super Excited to have this ride??  Click here to see awesome packages custom-made for you!

Banana Boat Ride


Undersea Walking: Before you start to feel ‘meh’ about this one, imagine yourself in close encounters with the magnificent aquatic life that Andamans has to offer, it being the first undersea walking destination of India. Undersea Walking is one activity that can be enjoyed even by amateurs. All you need to do is plop on a helmet and walk underwater on the seabed while enjoying the superb scenery around you. This activity does not involve any tricky equipment and the instructor walks along with you underwater. At the end of the adventure, you can collect the videos or pictures taken by the instructor of you, admiring the sea life with an open mouth and eyes spread wide with wonder. Elephanta Caves are a good place for some sublime sea walking experience but they are closed for the period from May to September. Planning to visit the Bayview with your bae? Click here to see romantic Andaman Packages! 

Undersea Walking(Image Source: Sealink adventures)


Snorkeling: This one does require some swimming skills for it requires you to swim underwater at the colorful reefs of Havelock Island in Andamans. The coral reefs and the colorful marine life create an amazing masterpiece underwater, while you swim in the shimmering crystal clear waters at the North Bay Island of Andamans. Don’t be surprised if you spot a little ‘Nemo’ or ‘Dory’ near you, admiring you just as you are admiring them. Some of the best spots in Andamans for snorkeling are North Bay, Elephant beach, and Jolly Bouy, and it is one activity that you can enjoy all the year round in Andamans. Traveling for adventure seems like a crazy yet exciting idea?? Do it! Click here to see some awesome Andaman Packages!

Snorkelling(Image Source: Adventure In You)


Scuba Diving: If you can handle the barrage of equipment that comes along with this activity, then, this should top your list of activities to do in Andamans. Once inside the water, the rewards that come to you in the form of seeing that giant turtle or a lobster swim right next to you or a school of fishes coming out of the magnificent coral reefs will far exceed the little weight of the equipment. Travelling doesn’t come alone! It brings good vibes too! Explore crazy Andaman honeymoon Packages here!   You do not need to be extremely proficient in swimming to enjoy scuba diving. A lifeguard accompanies you on your underwater stroll and he can show you some beautiful spots underwater.  Elephanta caves with its bluish-green hues of water, lined with white sandy beaches are perfect for scuba diving. January to May is when you should take book some Andamans Holiday Packages for scuba diving.

Scuba Diving(Image Source: Scuba Diver Life)


Parasailing: You don’t know swimming but deep down if you are an adventure sports fanatic, then, Parasailing is just the activity for you to indulge in Andamans.  This is one water and air adventure sport that gives you the best of both worlds. You can enjoy the aerial view of Andamans while sailing mid-air over the sea. Harnessed from a parachute which is tied behind a motorboat, this adventure activity is superbly thrilling. You can check out some of the amazing Andamans Holiday Packages here.

Parasailing(Image Source: Espadilla Ocean Club)


Jet Skiing: Vroom goes the ski, splashing you with water while your heart is racing at an astronomical pace with the thrill that you feel. Jet Skiing requires a little skill but once you have mastered it, there is no better water sports activity to do in Andamans. In case you feel a little jittery an instructor can always accompany you on your ride. Wanna be in Andaman and visit this cool avenue without spending a hefty sum? Well take a look at these and perhaps you finally find what you have been looking for, all this while!

Jet Ski(Image Source: Clear Water Adventures)


Surfing: An adventure water sports activity that is trending in Andamans these days is surfing, which tops the charts for adrenaline pulsing sports. The exhilaration experienced will know no bounds while you surf on the not so rough waters at Little Andaman. The best time for surfing here is from mid-February to April. You can check out some best Andaman holiday packages here.



Mangrove Kayaking: The mangroves at Mayabunder and the Havelock Islands in Andamans offer this adventure activity. You can witness some gorgeous wildlife while kayaking and enjoy the serenity that will encompass you. Perfect for taking some amazing pictures, you can easily hear the chirping of birds resting on the mangroves. Super Excited to visit Andaman??  Click here to see awesome packages custom-made for you!

Mangrove Kayaking(Image Source:


Seaplane Ride: A little different from the other water sports activities, the Sea Plane ride will give you a holiday that you will cherish for long. The seaplanes have a seating capacity of 9 and flies between Port Blair and Havelock Island. The 15-minute ride is enough to give you a splendid view of the landscape below. Planning to visit this exciting romantic destination? Click here to see romantic Andaman Packages

Seaplane Ride(Image Source: Experience Andamans)

In the end, nothing is better than spending a gala time with your family! Explore Andaman Family Tour Packages here!  The list doesn’t stop here itself with Andamans offering you several other options like dolphin watching, sports fishing or angling, speed boating, and glass bottom boating.

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