Now Visit Abu Dhabi Without A Visa!!
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Now visit Abu Dhabi without a Visa!!

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As per CNN’s Fortune magazine, UAE’s capital city, Abu Dhabi is the richest city in the world. Promising a unique blend of tradition with modernity, this luxurious city with its mighty ancient buildings, world’s one and only Ferrari branded theme park and beautiful hotels like the Emirates Palace and Qasr-Al Sarab to name a few, keeps on prospering. And, for all those who don’t know we have a great news, you guys!! Click here to see our irresistible Abu Dhabi packages custom-made for you. 
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Well, we won’t keep you waiting any longer and will come down straight to the point. Well, the UAE cabinet announced on 15th July 2018, that the children of tourists under the age of 18 will be exempted from visa fee, during the summer season which is from July 15th to September 15th of each year! Yes, you read that right!!  Explore our amazing packages here especially created for this long weekend!!

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The new law came in to support and give a boost to family tourism 32.8 Million passengers traveled through the country’s airports in the first quarter of this year. People come to Abu Dhabi to enjoy the luxurious lifestyle, indulge in fine dining and explore the culture. This decision clearly reflects UAE’s position globally in tourism, attracting hundreds and thousands of travelers each year.
The cabinet’s decision goes hand in hand with the prosperity and growth of the tourism sector exempting transit tourists of visa for the first 48 hours. So, we are saying start planning, pack your bags right away and fly to Abu Dhabi for a cost-effective yet luxurious holiday.  Already imagining how being there would be like? Click here to see the best Abu Dhabi packages just made for you!
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