10 Restaurants In Kerala For A Gastronomic Delight!
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10 Restaurants in Kerala for a Gastronomic Delight!

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Kerala! Thinking beaches, houseboats, backwaters & ayurvedic spa? We say Biryani, Mutton Curry, Appam, Prawn Curry and much more! Tempted already?
Well, great then! Be ready for a virtual treat and a gastronomic delight! This small state at the southernmost tip of India has a diverse, distinctive cuisine with the infusions of French, Malabari, British & Arabian tastes giving us rich, unique and mouth-watering flavors and some delectable delicacies.
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1 Villa Maya
(Image Source: Looser Jackson)
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This restaurant has managed to earn the title of ‘the best’ in Asia for its ambiance and theme.
Well, this is an experience in itself. Not just food but the ambiance and the service too! Imagine dining in an 18th Century Dutch mansion or in private curtained alcoves in a peaceful courtyard garden. Dreamlike, isn’t it? Well, Villa Maya does that. And, it’s not just about the ambiance, their food is toothsome too. The best part is that the hotel is on Airport Road which means that you can chill here and have amazing seafood just when you arrive in the city. Can’t wait for a romantic trip to Kerala? We have amazing tour packages for you just a click away!! 
Must Try: Stuffed Crab with Lobster Butter & Pineapple Shikanji.
Location: 120, Airport Road, Trivandrum, India
Cost for two: Rs. 1200

2 Shala Restaurant
(Image Source- young_ro_se)

haathon mein jaadoo hai’. This is the phrase that exactly goes for the chefs here who are 3 local housewives. Yes! You read that right! ‘Ghar ka khana’ is the USP of this small place where you will find people queued up. The menu is very limited with just 6 dishes but the rare taste & quality of traditional Kerala food makes the place definitely worth a shot! When you are done marveling at the beauty of the beautiful Fort Kochi step in here for food which will keep you coming back. Click here to see 50+ awesome Kerala Trip itineraries.
Must Try: Malabar Prawn Curry & Veg Special(changes every day)
Location: Peter Celli Street, Fort Kochi, Kochi, India
Cost for two: Rs. 600

3 Hotel Sapphire
(Image Source- Sandeep Maniyappan)

A name synonymous with Biryani in Thrissur, Hotel Sapphire is a must visit if you are visiting Thrissur for your visit will be incomplete without doing so. Established in 1972, the place serves delectable delicacies and your taste buds are gonna have a party. It’s 36 years old and their quality has been bettering with each passing day. Try to know! After an eventful day in Thrissur, step in here to have an appetizing and fulfilling dinner. Click for the best Kerala Holiday packages here.
Must Try: Mutton Omelette, Porotta & Chicken Biryani
Location: Sapphire Complex, Railway Station Road, Thrissur, India
Cost for two: Rs. 500

4  Saravana Bhawan
(Image Source: Abhihek_Sp)

With more than 100 branches in India alone, this premium restaurant is somewhere you should definitely be at! It’s a heaven for vegetarians. Serving essentially South Indian dishes  Saravana Bhawan promises excellent taste & efficient service. Using a blend of the unique spices to give the customers the best experience, Saravana Bhawan is a top-notch restro. Start your exciting and fun-filled day with a traditional South-Indian breakfast at Saravana BhawanLook for your dream Kerala Tour here.
Must Try: Puttu, Appam & Dosa
Location: M.G. Road, Munnar, India
Cost for two: Rs. 300

5 Paragon Hotel
(Image Source- Tharun Vardaraj)

Your trip to Kerala is incomplete without trying their Biryani. Their ambiance and service are close to what they call ‘PERFECT’. They serve the best Malabar food in town and it’s no surprise that you will find queues of customers waiting to try their toothsome food! They have branches in Sharjah & Dubai too! Woah! Once done exploring the city with the best beaches in Kerala head to Paragon Hotel for a delightful experience. Check out these amazing tour packages curated especially for you!
Must Try: Beef Chilli & Fish Mango Curry
Location: Kannur Road, Calicut, India
Cost for two:  Rs. 400

6 Bait Restaurant
(Image Source: Brock Wagner)

Situated within Vivanta By Taj in Kovalam, Bait is a seafront restaurant and sources its ingredients directly from the Arabian sea and serves it the same day. Seafood flavored with some sapid spices and a beautiful view makes for a perfect dining experience. To top it all, there’s live music to add to the experience. Once done discovering the backwaters, and trying out some thrilling water sports head to this restaurant for a relaxed evening.  Explore Kerala like never before with these amazing tour packages!
Must Try: Wood-fired Baby Fish & Prawn Pepper Stew
Location: G.V. Raja Vattapara Road, Kovalam, India
Cost for two: Rs. 4000

7 Hotel Annapoorna
(Image Source: Vidya Kv)

Calling all the vegans in for a feast! A pure veg restaurant, Hotel Annapoorna serves the best Mallu food in traditional style. They serve quality dishes made with utmost perfection. Have a wholesome South Indian breakfast and kickstart your day loaded with adventures. Or maybe have a rich cup of filter coffee to get away from the day’s fatigue. Discover the beautiful city famous for 3Ts-  timber, textiles, and tourism. Start your day with traditional South Indian food. In Kerala, do what the Mallus do.  Click here to see 50+ awesome Kerala Trip itineraries.
Must Try: Puttu, Idli & Masala Dosa
Location: Kanjirakkad, SH 1, Perumbavoor, India
Cost for two: Rs. 700

8 Kethal’s Chicken
(Image Source: Kethal Chicken)

Forget Kentucky Fried Chicken(KFC) and try Kethal’s Fried Chicken! Established in 1949, this has been the one-stop destination for Chicken Fry, which has been patented by the hotel for the people in Kerala. It’s equally popular amongst locals and travelers. Being one of the oldest hotels in Kerala they specialize in home-style recipes. When you have explored beautiful places and tried out some adventure and are tired of walking through the lanes, are craving great food, step in here and munch on great food. Check out these amazing tour packages curated especially for you!
Must Try: Chicken Fry sprinkled with lime juice & chapati
Location: Rahmaniya Lane, Chalai Bazar, Trivandrum, India
Cost for two: Rs. 700

9 Brunton Boatyard
(Image Source: Meg)

CGH Earth’s Brunton Boatyard located in Cochin Harbour is an amalgamation of the splendor of Fort Kochi’s past. This one is about grandeur and great food both! Located in Fort Kochi, the place has a welcoming ambiance attracting customers. Kerala’s cuisine which has been influenced by the Dutch, the Portuguese and many more are served in all its richness here. When you are done exploring the unique blend of Portuguese, Dutch and French culture in the same village step into this restaurant to have a gala time. Look for your dream Kerala Tour here.
Must Try: Mutton Curry & Fish Moilee
Location: Calvetty Road, Fort Kochi, India
Cost for two: Rs. 2100

10 Indian Coffee House
(Image Source: Rafeek Muhammad)

A trip to Kerala is incomplete without sipping on great coffee! What better than having it at a place which is famous & established for the same. The Indian Coffee House is the oldest & biggest chain of restaurants in Kerala with 51 restaurants. Very famous for its architecture and sea facing view this place does the best filter coffee in the city. We bet! Start your days in Trivandrum with a hearty breakfast at this amazing place. Click here to see 50+ awesome Kerala Trip itineraries.
Must Try: Coffee & Idlis
Location: Central Station Road, Trivandrum
Cost for two: Rs. 300

If you have made it to the end then we hope, all your confusions and curiosities about what and where to eat in Kerala are done away with. The next time or even if it’s your first time in Kerala make sure you tick if not all then some of these amazing restaurants from the list and savor some delectable delicacies. Happy Vacay! Explore God’s Own Country like never before with these amazing tour packages!

Contributed by: Japneet Kaur.

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