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8 Legendary Cafes That Prove McleodGanj Is Not Just About Breathtaking Views But Some Great Food Too!

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Cutesy cafes offering captivating views of the valleys and rich coffee or ‘adrak wali chai’? Sounds perfect? Well, these cafes in the hippie, chilled out town of McLeodGanj do that and that too with utmost perfection! An escape to the hills is always a great idea and what better than a trip to Dharamshala? Obviously, we expect you to traverse further and end up in Dharamshala or perhaps Dharamkot, and if you know where exactly to step for the best food, it’s definitely gonna add on to the experience. So, here we bring you a list of picture-perfect cafes worth a shot. Happy Vacay!  

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(Image Source: Aishwarya Shree)   

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1. Illiterati Cafe, McLeodGanj
(Image Source: Illiterati books & Coffee)

The pride of McLeodGanj. First things first, this place offers a plethora of books and free wifi(yay!!) and if you are traveling solo, this is the best idea. Next, the view from here is spectacular and the ambience, so welcoming!! It’s not just that but these guys offer rich coffee which is honestly the best in town. And the food, oh! So appetizing! Don’t forget to try their delicious burgers. The delectable taste of wood-fired food will keep you coming back. Super Excited to go to McLeodGanj??  Click here to see an awesome package custom-made for you!
Cost for two: Rs. 400 (approx)
Must Try: Ravioli and Burgers.
(Image Source: Illiterati books & Coffee) 

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2. Woeser Bakery, Dharamshala
(Image Source: Ananya)

This is the most sought-after coffee shop in McLeodGanj and once you go there you will know why! If you wanna know what a perfectly brewed cup of cappuccino tastes like a step in here. What adds on is the warm ambiance and the friendliness of the owner who claims to have the best recipe for Carrot cake in the whole town. Their cappuccino is best followed by pancakes and Walnut Tart. Traveling for food seems like a crazy yet exciting idea?? Do it! Click here to see some awesome McLeodGanj Packages!
Cost for two: Rs. 500 (approx)
Must Try: Chocolate Brownies and Carrot Cake.
(Image Source: Woeser Bakery)  

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3. Om Cafe, Dharamkot
Om Cafe. (Image Source: Anastasia Nifontova)

A cool, chilled-out little place, this is one of the oldest cafes in Dharamkot. Their artistically painted walls and great ambiance and amazing background music make it one of our favorite places in the hills. And, the rich coffee! Oh man! It is something to die for and the momos are really great too. Not just this, one can also have a chat with the colorful locals or indulge in a conversation with the staff. Wanna experience some hippie vibes with amazing coffee? Click here to see amazing McLeodGanj Packages!
Cost for two: Rs 500 (approx)
Must Try: Pizzas and Coffee.

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Om Cafe. (Image Source: Raushan Abylkassymova) 

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4. Carpe Diem, McLeodGanj
Carpe Diem. (Image Source: Neha Diwan)

Comfy old cushions, a chilly evening, rooftop, and your squad and good food! Well, that’s what good vibes feel to me and that’s exactly what this cute, comfy place has to offer. You can chill with some beer or whiskey if you feel like it. The icing on the cake though is their extensive menu which ranges from Italian to Indian, and offers Chinese, Thai and Mexican too. As if this wasn’t enough, these guys do desserts too and honestly, they are pretty great. For more, visit the place and don’t forget to share your experiences. Click to discuss the upcoming Weekend Trips nearby Delhi. 
Cost for two: Rs 600 (approx)
Must Try: Tacos and Nutella Crepes.
Carpe Diem. (Image Source: Rishab Sharma) 

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5. Shiva Cafe, McLeodGanj
Shiva Cafe. (Image Source: Nupur Chowdhary)

There’s no wifi in the forest, But I promise you will find a better connection.” that’s what is their tagline and they make sure they stand by it. Notoriously infamous, this is the most hippie place in town and people visit here for the super-chill ambiance. We have all heard about this place from the friends who have been to McLeod and this is the place where you will found some great ‘stuff’.  And, obviously the food! Have Maggi to know what good Maggi actually tastes like and don’t forget their momo and these guys serve some amazing Tibetan food too. This hippie place also serves ‘Hookah’, which these guys are very famous for, if you just feel like chilling, give it a shot. Wanna get your hands on the best stuff and have a chilled-out weekend? Click here for some awesome McleodGanj Packages!
Cost for two: Rs 300 (approx)
Must Try: Maggi and Chicken momo.

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Shiva Cafe. (Image Source: Traveling Wolf) 

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6. Jimmy’s Italian Kitchen, McLeodGanj
Jimmy’s Italian Kitchen. (Image Source: Vandita Jain)

Living upto its name this place does Italian to perfection and there was no way we were gonna leave this one out of our list.  Its McLeod’s very own Big Chill’. The view is breathtaking and the food scrumptious! Another great thing about the place is you can chill with a beer or two with your squad here. It’s totally worth the hype and once you go there you won’t be able to stop yourself from saying the same. Their Red Sauce Pasta is what heaven tastes like and their pizzas are what will keep you going back. Wanna chill with the best and be at peace in nature and munch on some amazing Italian food? Click here for an amazing McLeodGanj tour package tailor made for you!
Cost for two: Rs 500 (approx)
Must Try: Baked Potatoes and Chocolate Mousse.
Jimmy’s Italian Kitchen. (Image Source: Anushka)

7. The Clay Oven, McLeodGanj

The Clay Oven. (Image Source: Ashlesh Sonkusare)

‘Turning dreams into reality’ shall be their tagline for they are really doing that. A warm ambiance at a hill station with mesmerising views and munching on Hot Dumplings while sipping some great tea! Transcended into that headspace?? Well, so did I and that’s exactly what this cutesy place has to offer. The feather in the cap is the owner who travelers swear by for being their guardian angel in the times of emergency and a really friendly person. Click here for the best  McLeodGanj-Triund itineraries. 
Cost for two: Rs 400 (approx)
Must Try: Hot Peach Tea and Lemon Cake

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The Clay Oven.  (Image Source: A Chandigarh Girl)

8. Lung-Ta Japanese Restaurant, McLeodGanj

Lung-Ta Japanese Restaurant. (Image Source: Stuti Gupta)

How often is it that you have found amazing Sushi in a city, or maybe even in a developed Indian city for that matter? I know, it doesn’t happen very frequently. And, if this is the case in the cities how can one find great Sushi in a village? Well, let me enlighten you a bit. Lung-Ta restaurant run by a Japanese family in the hills do Japanese food with perfection and the view is awe-inspiring. DIY to know better. Click here to see the wide range of destinations for weekend trips nearby Delhi. 
Cost for two: Rs 300
Must Try: Miso Soup & Sushi Rolls.
Lung-Ta Japanese Restaurant. (Image Source: Gaurav Saha)

Hills are always a good idea! We travel to get away from the chaos & break the monotony, or for adventure, thrill & adrenaline rush and sometimes even for the ‘stuff’ we get there. Why not travel for food this time?? Afterall, McLeodGanj is a foodie’s paradise and you must explore it! Click to REGISTER  for the upcoming Weekend Trips to 15+ Wanderlust Destinations nearby Delhi. 


(Image Source: Illiterati Books & Coffee)
(Image Source: Illiterati Books & Coffee)
(Image Source: Woeser Bakery)
Om Cafe. (Image Source: Shivam Sambhar)
Carpe Diem. (Image Source: Namit Saxena)
Shiva Cafe. (Image Source: Dilip Kumar)
Shiva Cafe. (Image Source: Callie)
Shiva Cafe. (Image Source: Aayush Chauhan)
Jimmy’s Italian Kitchen. (Image Source: Reya)
Jimmy’s Italian Kitchen. (Image Source: Farhana)
The Clay Oven.  (Image Source: Sowmya)
The Clay Oven.  (Image Source: Baish2Sea)
Lung-Ta Japanese Restaurant. (Image Source: Karen Almagor)
Lung-Ta Japanese Restaurant. (Image Source: Kate Malik)

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