Your Guide To A More Than ‘PERFECT’ Honeymoon In Kerala.
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Your guide to a more than ‘PERFECT’ Honeymoon in Kerala.

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Shakespeare once said “The earth has music for those who listen.” and that’s what exactly the patter of rain will do to your ears in Kerala. Creating magical moments with your partner at the seaside or getting wet under the magical waterfalls or just spending leisure time in the backwaters in a houseboat, Kerala is all your dreams coming together.  Can’t wait for a romantic trip to Kerala? We have amazing tour packages for you just a click away!! 

Kerala is the best destination to embark on your new journey with infinite beautiful memories. This blog will tell you why a honeymoon in Kerala is the best idea ever! Spending some intimate time in a land that seems to be far away from the fast-paced, maddening world is an idea worth dying for in itself and that’s exactly what Kerala has to offer. Here are 7 experiences that you must not miss on your honeymoon in Kerala which gets all the more better if it’s during Monsoon.

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1.  Get Wet in the Magical Waterfalls in Thrissur:
Remember the waterfalls in Bahubali? Well, those were the famous Athirappilly Waterfalls in Thrissur. I know how everyone around the country was crushing over that location. They are stunning and absolutely magical! Get drenched in the waterfall with your significant other or maybe just marvel at the gorgeousness holding hands! The experience is rejuvenating and mesmerizing.  Click here to check our best Monsoon Holiday Packages and know how to get a free travel voucher! 
Waterfalls in Thrissur(Image Source: Sh@dows)

2. Chai + Kerala Ka Monsoon= Jannat:
Baarish aur Chai ka rishta atoot hai’. We are firm believers of ‘Chai time is the best time’ and if so are you then do visit some amazingly stunning tea plantations and museums in Kerala. Yes, you read that right! Not just coffee but tea too! And, this is surely gonna be your ‘cup of tea’. Sipping tea with your loved one while it’s raining. Nothing can beat that! Visit the Tea Museum in Munnar for more. Wanna Honeymoon in Kerala? Click here to see Kerala Honeymoon Tour Packages here!

3. Spend some intimate moments on a houseboat in Alleppey: It seems like a scene straight out of a Bollywood movie or maybe a dream but you can and you must experience it. Cruising on Kerala’s backwaters is once in a lifetime kind of an experience. Feel the cool breeze brushing against you, stay in a houseboat and meander through the tranquil paddy fields enjoying each other’s company.   Wanna have a luxurious honeymoon? Click here to see some amazing packages with a stay at premiere resorts!!
(Image Source: Azad-N)

4. Fall more in love at the Beaches: Beaches are Bliss! No, honestly. And, if its Monsoon beaches are literally in their full bloom, just like your love for each other. Have some adventure or just walk on the white sand and enjoy pristine waters. Let your soul connect to the nature and each other at its best. There is also a market along the beach from where you can buy cute souvenirs for your partner and give them something to cherish forever! Wanna be at the beach this Monsoon with your special someone? Click here to see Romantic Kerala Tour Packages!
beaches(Image Source: yugantarora)

5. Take a scintillating boat ride in Periyar Lake: The Periyar Wildlife Reserve is enchanting and delightful in itself but the most exciting experience would be the boat ride in the park itself. Boating on the Periyar Lake gives you an opportunity to be very close to nature and obviously your loved one. You can spot the abundant wildlife very closely. A cute herd of elephants and water birds are surely gonna be exhilarating and do hold her hand tight when you guys are boating to make it an experience she will cherish throughout her life.  Are you too craving to be here, as much as we are? If you are, then click here to see our best Kerala packages just made for you!
Lake(Image Source: Book-My-Ticket)

6. Have a Candlelight dinner at the beaches of Kovalam: What can be more romantic than a candlelight dinner? A candlelight dinner at the beach. The most beautiful beaches in Kerala undoubtedly are those in Kovalam. They are unmatched! Golden sand and pristine waters and the best company! Probably there is nothing more beautiful than this. Have a candlelight dinner at the charming beaches of Kovalam, order what all she likes, look deep into her eyes and tell her what she means to you. Do it and she is yours for a lifetime. Afterall, she is a keeper and so is you!  Captivating, isn’t it? Do get a picture in a striking pose! Explore Kerala with exciting Kerala Honeymoon Tour Packages here. 
Kovalam Beaches(Image Source: Joseph-R)

7. Visit Bekal, the lesser known paradise: Want some privacy, natural beauty, clean sand and unsullied waters? If yes, then Bekal is the place for you. Tranquil and calm this will take you away from the chaos and monotony and draw you closer to each other. You can enjoy the beautiful views of the Bekal Fort and will find yourself in proximity to the soothing backwaters of Valiyaparamba. Bekal beach and Nityanandashram caves are the places to explore. Click here to see our best Kerala packages tailor-made for you!
Bekal(Image Source: Trip-Jodi)

So, all you love-struck couples if you are still trifling with the thought of where to honeymoon, we suggest you pick Kerala. God’s own country won’t disappoint you and you will make unforgettable memories. Spending time here will definitely strengthen your bond and increase your love quotient. If you have already decided on Kerala, well you’re smart then! Make sure you don’t miss on these experiences on your honeymoon and you will have memories to cherish for a lifetime. Happy Honeymoon!
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