Kerala Monsoon- All Myths Busted
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Kerala Monsoon- All Myths Busted!

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A long time back, well yes that’s how they tell the story now when it’s pouring heavens in Kerala, which was once a time when there was no rain. Chola, Pandya and Chera kingdoms were dying of drought. People and cattle were dying and naturally, the kings were worried. The conditions were worsening and were getting a little out of hand. That’s when these kings decided and went to pray to the God of Rain, Indra. Some long days of prayers and perseverance later, the God was impressed enough and decided to bless them with four months of rain each. Explore Kerala like never before with these amazing tour packages!

Time passed by and there was rain, but one kingdom got too much and the other too little. It was a disbalance. The kings again went to the God and now asked for 8 months of rain for Chera and two months of abundant rain for Chola and Pandya. That’s how the myth goes and that’s what the folklore says about Kerala monsoon. Those who have always pondered upon the thought that why is it called “God’s own country” should give this destination a shot in the monsoon and you will know. Don’t believe us? Well, we will bust some of the common myths and maybe then you can try giving this dreamlike destination a shot and decide for yourself! 

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Myth 1 (The most common): The rain is daunting and doesn’t stop for long hours, and you are left with no time and a very few options to explore.
Reality: Okay, so we won’t deny that the rain is bad but it’s nothing close to petrifying or unpleasant. It’s soothing and if you are a pluviophile, it’s just PERFECT. Also, romance and monsoon, go hand in hand! Take a walk with your lady love when the earth breathes fresh and let petrichor take over all your senses.  Can’t wait for a romantic trip to Kerala? We have amazing tour packages for you just a click away!! 
Myth 1(Image Source: subhodh-subramanian)

Myth 2 (Don’t know who was dumb enough to believe or say that,in the first place): Kerala is only for those who seek adventure.
Reality: If only I could ever say how big and blunt a lie that is! Kerala is a haven and heaven for every kind of a traveller. You might not be looking for adventure and Kerala understands that. You might just be in the mood for relaxation and rejuvenation and Kerala would perfectly cater to your needs. Or if you are planning to have a romantic getaway, well then there’s no place better than Kerala! . Captivating, isn’t it? Do get a picture in a striking pose! Explore Kerala with exciting Kerala Tour Packages here. 
Myth 2(Image Source: Shahin-Olakara)

Myth 3 (This one’s sensible but wrong): Accommodation, Food and everything else is more expensive during Monsoon.
Reality: The whole internet is filled with articles asking and advising people to visit this paradise during monsoon, the hotels gotta be expensive,right? Wrong! Kerala is renowned for how it gets all the more beautiful during rains. It offers great discounts if one knows where to look for and be at during the rain. Live your monsoon vibes at the beaches of South India with special beachy vibe Kerala Tour Packages here.
Myth 3(Image Source: Christin-Mathew-Jose)

Myth 4 (Man, I can’t even!): The locals are not cordial, or warm and welcoming when it’s festival time.
Reality: Let’s just be very honest! Yes, the language barrier exists but it’s nothing like that people are not welcoming. They love to catch up with travelers and are very helpful. And, they would definitely invite you to the Onam festivities and many others, for they think it paints the right picture depicting their culture and trusts me, if you attend it, it would be one hell of an experience! Planning on visiting ‘God’s Own Country’ with your fam-bam? Check out these amazing tour packages curated especially for you!
Myth 4(Image Source: Liam-Levitz)

How to get there: Book a flight from any city for Kochi and then take the very convenient and user-friendly public transport across the state.

What will you have to shell out from your pocket: Um! Let’s say you are planning on spending 5 days, 4 nights in a decent hotel, with your partner or family or friends, with all sightseeing included you would be spending somewhere around Rs. 15,000-20,000/- for a great trip. Look for your dream Kerala Tour here.
Myth(Image Source: Sinna-P-J)

With this, we conclude. We hope that now all your apprehensions and worries about visiting ‘God’s Own Country’ in the season of love, and bliss. Visit the destination that has been blessed by God with everything, to call it ‘Perfect’. Let Kerala and it’s monsoon mesmerize you! Happy Monsoon!  Explore Kerala like never before with these amazing tour packages!

Header Image Source: Krishna Kumar

Article Contributed by: Japneet Kaur

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