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Nightlife in Australia: From Casinos, Clubs to Gaming and Dancing the Night Away!

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What’s a trip to Australia if you didn’t experience the eclectic, eccentric nightlife. With a large variety of activities to cater to every kind of tourist, be it a party animal or a nyctophile or a night crawler, Australia is where you can find something for everyone. Amazing clubs, great casinos, chilled-out bars, glamorous restaurants, romantic dinner cruises, a super-chill gaming zone and much more. Fun and Frolic await you at these lit streets and all these glamorous, opulent places. Let the fun begin and don’t let the night come to an end! 

The easy-going, super chill and fun-loving Aussies totally follow ‘Work hard, Party harder’ and you can find them having fun anywhere and everywhere, from boozing at super cool pubs to chill under the stars. Trust us, these are the people who just need a reason to party and they will be happy. The nightlife here is a trendsetter and will make sure that you take along memories and have some unforgettable experiences. For now, read on and find out what makes it so cool. We don’t mind if you end up booking this package as soon as you saw it.

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1. Chinese Laundry, Sydney: The name might come across as a teeny bit weird but don’t let it play with you. There are NO Chinese washing machines here and the only thing that you can wash off is all your miseries and pain for some time and let yourself be in sync with great music and some booze. Laundry has hosted James Holden, Gui Boratto, and many other prominent names and we guarantee the music is gonna be a class apart and while dancing you may not even realize when the night ended. Always wanted to party like the stars do? Well take a look at this then and make your dream come true!

Chinese Laundry
2. Marquee, Sydney: The glitz and glamz of this venue speak for itself and that’s why it had to make it to the list. This award-winning club near Darling Harbour, Sydney is probably the most happening casino in town and is the choice of celebrities and melomaniacs alike. Hardwell, Avicii, Havana Brown have been here and they were all praises about this place. Marquee is the destination if you want to experience Australia’s nightlife at its best. Wanna be in Sydney and visit this cool avenue without spending a hefty sum? Well take a look at this and perhaps you finally find what you have been looking for, all this while!


3. Strike QV, Melbourne: If boozing and loud, blaring music is not your thing and if casinos and dinner cruises can bore the hell out of you, but gaming is your thing, then head straight to Strike QV. This one is a gem and who knows? You might end up discovering the hidden bowler in you! And, if not how about a round or two of karaoke? As if this wasn’t enough, Strike also has an in-house kitchen to pamper your taste-buds. Sounds cool, no? Enjoying the nightlife and all. Click here to see our best  Australia package and get set go!  

4. Bar Ampere, Melbourne: With the best booze in town and a welcoming ambiance alongwith an elaborate menu which is mostly Parisian, Bar Ampere is perhaps the best Melbourne offers. Vernon Chalker created the place with a vision of juxtaposing the past era with the next coming up. Uniquely themed and innovative, Bar Ampere attracts many a tourist and will give you the true feeling of what life in Melbourne is really like. Wanna party HARD?? And, enjoy the nightlife in the city which is the trendsetter?  Click here to see our best  Australia package and get set go!

Bar Ampere
5. Love Nightlife, Gold Coast: This nightclub in Broadbeach has been graced by the likes of Havana Brown, Jason Derulo, Lil Jon and many more. With the in-house DJ playing some classic R&B, hip-hop and dance remixes there’s no doubt that you are gonna dance the night away. And, yes! They have a VIP bottle service for the guests who don’t wanna hold back, and go all out and have some REAL FUN. Wanna indulge in some real FUN??? Get going with this amazing package tailor-made for you! 

Love Nightlife
6. Surfers Paradise Beergarden, Gold Coast: 
The home to the best live music on Gold Coast. Keeping in sync with the fundamental idea of ‘where music meets the sea’, Beergarden is the place to be if music gives you goosebumps. The interiors are super-comfy with pool-tables and flat TVs for a laid-back, super-chill out nightout. Visit on a weekend or after a tiring day excursion to sip on some amazing cocktails or indulge in the ice-cold beer. Always thought about how life is like in the ‘smallest’ continent? Go explore it yourself, with this amazing package custom-made for you! 

Surfers Paradise Beergarden
7. The Press Club, Brisbane: 
Wish to have one hell of a crazzyyy night?  Don’t think twice and head straight to The Press Club. From food and drinks to music and ambiance, these guys have mastered it all making it one of the most loved nightclubs in Australia. Once you get in, you won’t wish to leave. Top-notch cocktails are a favorite amongst visitors and a friendly staff and great service add on to the experience. And now, coming to the thing this club is most famous for, MUSIC!!! This club brings to you some of Brisbane’s best bands alongwith your mid-week favorites. Click here to see our best Australia package and get set go!  

The Press Club
8. Elixir Rooftop Bar, Brisbane: 
Doesn’t the name in itself sound very fancy and something associated with tranquility? Well, then we will unfold this one too. Yes, the Elixir Rooftop Bar offers tranquility away from the hustle-bustle of the main city. Wooden decor, natural design, fairy lights and calm surroundings offer a calm environment. Not just this, the place also has some award-winning bartenders who serve cocktails blended to perfection, local craft beers and much more. Click here to see our best Australia packages and get going!  

Elixir Rooftop Bar
So, we are basically saying if you are planning a trip to Australia, do spare some time to relax, chill and have a great time at atleast one of these amazing places. And if you are not perhaps taking a look at these amazing Australia packages will make you consider giving a vacation in Australia a shot. Happy Vacay!

Contributed by: Japneet Kaur

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