Top 15 Places to visit In Bali
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Top 15 Places in Bali You Can’t Afford To Miss On Your Holiday

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Bali, the verdant countryside, with iconic temples, heavenly views of mountains, and vibrant places reflecting the culture &  beautiful architecture can be the best background for your pictures you can ever come across!
Bali has got everything from soul-refreshing beaches, diving sites with coral reefs to sunrise destinations; the perfect paradise for a cozy vacation.

Here,  we bring you the top 15 places of Bali which you might not miss on your Bali vacay!

1. Tanah Lot:  Located on the west coast of Bali, Tanah Lot is one of the most esteemed destinations of Bali! The temple Pura Tanah Lot has a very simple architecture yet looks dramatic due to its oceanic front vibes. Carrying a lot of history in the tourism industry, Tanah Lot manages to captivate many tourists every time. 
Ps: Sunset in Tanah Lot is something you can’t afford to miss, because of its 
 reddish bluish sky, which can be a visualizing treat for its travelers.“And if all else fails, Bali is always a good idea” Bali Tour Packages here!

Tanah Lot

(Image Source: wearetravelgirls)

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2. Mount Batur:  Located on the west coast of Bali, Tanah Lot is one of the most esteemed destinations of Bali! The temple Pura Tanah Lot has a very simple architecture yet looks dramatic due to its oceanic front vibes.Carrying a lot of history in the tourism industry, Tanah Lot manages to captivate many tourists every time. Ps: Sunset in Tanah Lot is something you can’t afford to miss due to its reddish bluish sky, which can be a visualizing treat for its travelers. There can’t be a better place other than Bali to have a perfect honeymoon! Explore Honeymoon Packages at  Bali Honeymoon Tour Packages here!

Mount Batur

( Image Source: baligasm)

3. Ubud: Ubud defines the culture of Bali!From being a home to various good restaurants and cafes to the famous monkey forest and many divine locations! Ubud never fails to steal the show Ubud has everything which a place can offer to its maximum extent! So, making Ubud as one of the most loved tourist spots by the tourists. Give Ubud, your one visit and Ubud will give you thousand memories to cherish! at Bali Tour Packages here!


(Image  Source: Kevin Hofer)

4. Nusa Penida Island: Explore this unspoiled beauty of nature. Defining the culture of Bali, a place with peaceful and calm beaches with an alluring view. Nusa islands also offer hilltops, limestone, spectacular views and geographical highlights of Bali. “Drive yourself with the happiness at the beaches of Bali at Nusa Penida Island! Explore it here and how! Bali Tour Packages here!

Nusa island

(Image source: Julian Herbrig)

 5. Pura Ulun Danu Bartan: Iconic and one of the most alluring Hindu temples, built in the 17th century and for the Goddess of Water. A temple with its divine beauty will give you an extravaganza of its delightful decoration and architecture, with a spectacular view of mountains just behind it.  Explore the culture of Bali and build the memories of a lifetime which you would cherish forever! at Bali Tour Packages here!

Ulun Danu Beratan Temple

(Image Source: Damon Beckford)

 6. Kuta Beach: Made up with the purpose of fishing, but now known as one of the top beaches of Bali.
Kuta has come a very long way!

Attracting a lot of tourists every year, and also known as the place who gave birth to surfing in Bali.
From art and paintings to street shopping and luxurious restaurants. 
Kuta is not going to disappoint you anyway! Rejuvenate your soul at the beaches of Bali at Bali Tour Packages here!

Kuta beach

(Image Source: Reno Moshvi)

7. Lempuyang Temple: Located at Belibis Hill and above the sea level, at a height of 1050 m, is a Hindu temple that is “Lempuyang Temple”, also known as “The temple of 1000 steps”, meaning that you’ve to climb up the 1000 steps to reach the temple. You can also enjoy the alluring view from the top! Plus, there are six more temples which are seeking for your attention.  As you only live once, make the most out of your vacations at the surreal location of Bali! Explore at Bali Tour Packages here!

Lempuyang Temple

(Image Source: carlblanchet)

8. Nung Nung Waterfall: Located at the Nung Nung Village, Bali! To reach thiswaterfall you have to cross greeny rice fields where fresh air would beaccompanying you as your best friend and your eyes would be getting a visual treat of nature.
After surpassing all this and your picture gallery already filled with a lot of
pictures, you can finally reach the waterfall!
Filmy enough?

Well, it can give you the very genuine kind of “travel goals”.

Nung Nung Waterfall

(Image source: Keaton Haraga)

9. Sekumpul Waterfall: The highest and most beautiful waterfall of Bali, located in the northern part of Bali. Not an offbeat place, but still you have to make a lot of efforts to find this hidden gem! Starting from crossing a milestone of near about 350 slippery stairs and crossing a river, you’d find this waterfall glowing in front of you and how! Adopt the peace of nature at the beautiful waterfalls of Bali!  Explore at Bali Tour Packages here!

Sekumpul Waterfall

(Image Source: baligasm)

10. Atuh Beach: What does a traveler demand from a place?
Great environment, pleasant weather and a visualizing treat to their eyes! 
You know, Atuh Beach has all of the above things to offer you! Surrounded by cliffs, rocks and an endless sea view till wherever your eyes meet the infinity! Atuh Beach has got, all to make your Bali visit a complete bliss! Family has done a lot or us! Right?  Show some love by taking your family at the alluring Bali! Explore family holiday packages at Bali Family Tour Packages!

Atuh Beach

(Image Source: picpackers)

11. Balangan Beach: Near about 1 km long beach and bounded with 2 major cliffs, Balangan Beach at the southern part of Bali is indeed a very famous tourist spot for tourists.
Known for its beautiful surroundings, crystal clear water, an amazing mixture of
black and white sand which enhance its beauty can make Balangan beach your perfect vacay getaway! Let the crystal clear water of Balangan beach reflect your  crystal clear reflection! Explore the packages at Bali Tour Packages here!

Balangan Beach

(Image Source: Warman Wardhani)

12. Sanur: An ideal location for all those who want to have a perfect background for their pictures!You can imagine such places either in your dreams or here in Sanur! Crystal clear water and a happy sky would make you rejuvenate your soul and will provide you with every possible type of calm. Sanur has many beaches and to travel from one beach to another, you can either walk via residents to residents/ private villas Else, hire a cycle to travel through the road and let yourself feel every type of peace and contentment.Kunjungi Bali sekali seumur hidup!” means “Visit Bali once in a lifetime!” to explore the alluring places and the beaches which any traveler can’t resist to visit once! Explore the packages at Bali Tour Packages here!


(Image Source: visualsofjulius )

13. Pantai Nuggulan Beach: Searching for the beach where you can get your alone We sorted your search and here we bring you the “Pantai Nuggulan beach” in Bali with rarely any visitor there.  Visit here for the alluring views of the sea and let the sea take your stress away! Walk on the sand, which can fill you with contentment! at Pantai Nuggulan Beach! Explore at Bali Tour Packages here!

Pantai Nunggalan beach

(Image Source: hansonchengg and ivannaonufriichuk)

14. Tirta Gangga: Located in Karangasem area and owned by the Karangasem family in East Bali, Tirta Gangga can offer you that type of background for your pictures which you generally see in Photoshop! Beautiful lawns around the place and stepping stones surrounded by the water are just adding glitter to its beauty.
Visit this popular location for adding more contentment in your vacay! Visit Bali with the budget friendly packages of TripShelf ! Explore them at Bali Budget Friendly Tour Packages here!Tirta Gangga

(Image Source: bdebetcher)

15. Uluwatu Temple: A beautiful and iconic temple settled above the cliffs, which can offer amazing landscape to its tourists. A place which can provide you with some magnificent views, but you’ve to stay careful about monkeys as they can snatch your valuable things away from you. Gift yourself the treat of “Spa and Wellness” at the Island of God! Explore packages at Bali Tour Packages here!

uluwatu temple

We’re sure that these 15 places will help you to live your best traveling days of your life in Bali! Bali is a set of everything which a person can ever demand from a place!


(Header Image Source: Murad Osmann)

Contributed by: Kanika Sharma.

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