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Chasing 4 Beach Vacations This Monsoon

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Beach vacation during Monsoon, can it get any more exciting?? We think NOT. Monsoon has always been portrayed as the season of ROMANCE, or a reason to catch up with old friends and chill, thanks to Bollywood, and we completely agree!  We say, taking a beach vacation during the monsoon will let you do it all and we promise your love for rains will be re-ignited. Wanna take a vacation and have a great time? Well take a look at these packages custom-made for you  and perhaps you finally find what you have been looking for, all this while!

1. Bali: Well, the Monsoon season here(in India) is the dry season there, which means you can have hell loads of fun without bothering much about the weather playing a spoilsport to your fun time. The best time to visit Bali is July and August, which is the peak season but if you are one of those who wanna go there when it’s a bit less crowded and shops offer discounts because the tourists are afew and sales and promotions are going on, and the prices of rooms are 25-40% lower than the peak season, then prefer June and September, just before and after the high season. If you are an adventure enthusiast and are passionate about water sports, Bali is your ideal destination. Give Parasailing, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling or Jet Skiing a shot or if this doesn’t satisfy, then Bali also lets you try Fly-boarding. Imagine your BAE holding you tight while jet skiing. Aw! Already imagining how being there would be like, aren’t you??   Click here to see the best packages for Bali  and read on to find what else should you be doing when in Bali.
Visit Ubud Village and let it take you by surprise for it not only has scenic landscapes or lets you get in touch with Bali’s traditional crafts or dance but also offers activities like Ridge-Walking, River-Rafting and Bird-Watching. Another thing which you must do when you are in Bali is explore the local markets. I don’t think there can be something which can be so beautiful to look at, being religious at the same time as water temples in Bali. Do go there! And, if you are an animal lover, also make it a point to visit the Marine & Safari Park, and Bali Bird Park. To check the best offer for Monsoon Holiday Packages & Know how to get a free travel voucher, Click here! 


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2. Dubai: From archaic Islamic buildings to Delicious Emirati Cuisines, from Skyscrapers to Desert Safaris, Dubai has a lot to offer. While in India we would be having rains, Dubai would be at its sunny best. If you are one of those who wanna enjoy a vacation with your loved one at a famous place when it’s NOT overcrowded, visit Dubai during July-September and you are gonna have an unforgettable experience. If you are planning to go to Dubai on your honeymoon, we are telling you, you are making a smart choice and you are gonna come back with truck loads of memories. To check the best offer for Monsoon Holiday Packages & Know how to get a free travel voucher, Click here!
Jumeirah Beach with its pristine waters is a must visit which gives you a glorious view of the Burj Al-Arab. Also, Dubai is home to the world’s only 7-star hotel, Burj Al-Arab and honestly it’s worth the hype. Also, boasting the tallest man-made structure, Burj Khalifa, Dubai has a charm of its own. Dubai is also known for its rich & lavish lifestyle, which makes it no surprise that Dubai has the world’s largest mall, Dubai mall. If you are an anthophile, do make it a point to visit, Dubai Miracle Garden. Dubai is also home to the world’s largest artificial islands, Palm Islands. Skiing, Zip-Lining, Snowboarding!! Gave you an adrenaline rush? Well, you can do it all at Dubai at the world’s longest indoor ski-slope, Ski Dubai. And, the oh so famous, Dhow Cruise, spend an evening at leisure with your sweetheart and be more in love with each other than ever. I don’t know about you but I definitely want to be there and if you too are dying to be there,  take a look at these amazing packages and make your dream come true!!


3. Singapore: Glitzy shopping malls, world-class hotels, grandeur and international cuisines come to our mind when we hear Singapore. And, we say why not! Plan your next vacation to the country and see for yourself what we are talking about. Be it a family trip that you are planning or a romantic getaway with your bae, Singapore is your one stop destination for all of it.  Be it the iconic Twin Towers or the Sentosa Island, Singapore is gonna be a memory etched in your heart forever. The city boasts of the world’s most breathtaking skyscrapers inspired by Malay architecture next to colonial buildings. If you are planning to visit Singapore, your trip is incomplete without visiting Universal Studios. It’s so exciting and fascinating!!! Kuala Lumpur, as the capital is the most modern city in and you should definitely pay it a visit.Here you can see a juxtaposition of colonial with the futuristic, at the Singapore River, where the Esplanade theatre is just a few meters away from the neo-Palladian Asian Civilisations Museum. If you didn’t go to Genting, did you even go to Singapore? It’s as beautiful as it could get. China Town or Little India, Suntec City or Fountain of Wealth we got you all covered with these amazing tour packages. Take a look for yourself and book the one which suits your needs the most!! 


4. Thailand: If you are seeking ‘The Perfect Beach Honeymoon’, Thailand is the answer to all your questions. Without burning a hole in your pocket, Thailand promises you utmost fun and we assure you that your love is gonna bloom. To check the best offer for Monsoon Holiday Packages & Know how to get a free travel voucher, Click here!
pristine beaches to an exuberant nightlife, from Scientific Thai Massage to water-sports Thailand lets you engage in multiple activities. While Bangkok and Pattaya are famous for a vibrant nightlife and shopping, destinations like Phuket, Chiang Mai & Chiang Rai are great for an escapade in the lap of nature. One of the most exciting things that Thailand offers is one can go island hopping and see some really famous Sino Portuguese style buildings. If you are going to Thailand, you MUST explore Patong Beach which is well known for its nightlife and sports activities, we swear by it. It’s NOT overrated, you guys!!! Also, you should not miss out on the amazing Fantase Show at Tiger Kingdom Phuket and the Alcazar show. If you wanna indulge in some insane activities with your sweetheart try Parasailing and Speed Boat Ride at the Coral Islands or maybe Sky Shuttle or Tower Jump from Pattaya Tower. What are you waiting for??  Check these exciting packages here and we guarantee you won’t be able to stop yourself from imagining how amazing would it be to be in Thailand!! 


So, what we are basically saying is you just cannot afford miss these exciting destinations and definitely not let rains be a reason for it. Afterall, what is life if you are NOT traveling and when it’s the most romantic season, it just gives you the perfect excuse to take that long pending trip with your BAE. Happy Monsoon! To check the best offer for Monsoon Holiday Packages & Know how to get a free travel voucher, Click here!

Contributed by: Japneet Kaur.

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