Top 15 Honeymoon Places In Himachal
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Romance in the Hills: Top 15 Honeymoon Destinations in Himachal Pradesh

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For love to blossom, the setting must be perfect. Himachal Pradesh is one such destination that offers a fantastic backdrop for those who wish to create memorable romantic moments. There are lofty hills, breathtaking scenic locations and refreshing chilly winds that draw everyone towards this destination. There are several interesting places that travellers can visit while exploring Himachal. Look for your dream Himachal Tour here.

The avid traveller can stumble upon remote villages offering surprising goodies. Then there are lakes, wildlife sanctuaries, adventure sports and delectable local delicacies to devour during a Himachal tour. It is here that nature is dressed to impress and inspire. We pick up 15 popular destinations in Himachal Pradesh for honeymooners who are looking to rekindle romance while meandering through the hills. These tips will help in selecting the best Himachal holiday package.

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Top 15 Destinations in Himachal for Honeymoon

  1. Shimmering, serene Shimla:  Shimla is an ideal hotspot for honeymooning couples. This place welcomes tourists all through the year as each season has its own charm and attraction. Located at an elevation of 2,205 meters, Shimla is a traveller’s paradise. A walk down the popular Mall Road, visit colonial buildings, pay a visit to popular shrines or spend hours at the museums, the choice is yours.
    • Popular tourist attraction spots: George Castle, Tara Devi Temple, George Castle to the Wildflower hall (famous heritage spot), Sankat Mochan Temple and the Jakhoo Temple.
    • Best way to reach Shimla: Take the Volvo services since Shimla enjoys perfect connectivity via Delhi or Chandigarh. Alternatively, fly to cut back on travel time. Chuck all options and travel in the Toy Train from Kalka to reach Shimla. Look for your dream Shimla Holiday here.
    • What to do when in Shimla: Enjoy local cuisines, shop and spend spiritual time by visiting temples and churches here.
    • Ideal season to plan a visit: Summer for those who like cool breeze and winter for those who like living amidst snow and chilly winds. Monsoon season is good too as it is during this time the lush greenery paints the town green. Can’t wait for a romantic trip to Himachal? Call: 011-49058399  or, Click Here to select your preferred itinerary.Shimla
  2. In the lap of scenic meadow in Manali: Laden with alpine forests, pear orchards and plum and apple plantation, Manali is a heaven for nature lovers. Situated in Kullu district at an altitude of 2,050 meters, travellers can look forward to some pampered time. For those looking for extended travel, they should explore the Great Himalayan National Park to enter the world of wilderness. The trek will offer a spine-chilling experience for adventure seekers. While booking Manali holiday package, tourists have a full kitty of adventure activities to indulge in.
    • Popular tourist attraction spots: The Beas Kund Trek, Malana Trek, Hidimba Devi Temple, Manali Sanctuary, Rohtang Pass, Pandoh Dam, Bhrigu Lake and Arjun Gufa. Click here for the best Manali Holiday here.
    • Best way to reach: Take a Volvo from either Delhi or Chandigarh or opt for a road trip too. Those looking to save time can fly from Bhuntar airport to Kullu airport and then take a taxi to reach Manali.
    • What to do: Trekking, river rafting, hiking, mountaineering, paragliding and skiing. Trail through the Great Himalayan National Park.
    • Ideal season to visit: Winter is the best time as one can try all adventure activities with snow covering entire Manali. Those looking to get away from summer heat can come to Manali to enjoy the cool breeze and nice weather. Look for your dream Himachal Tour here.Manali
  3. Spend leisurely time in Dharamshala: Himachal tour is incomplete if one does not visit Dharamshala. Surrounded by dense pine and lush green deodar forest, this is the place to be for those who wish to spend an exciting time with their partner. In fact, Dharamshala is labelled as the best hill station in  Asia and has been attracting hordes of tourists from across the globe. People come here to get their dose of adventure and spirituality. Don’t forget to visit the seat of Dalai Lama on your trip to Dharamshala.
    • Popular tourist attraction spots: Dhauladar range, Namgyal Monastery, Bajreshwari temple, Gyuto Monastery, Kangra Art Museum, Kangra Fort, Jawalamukhi Temple, Moon Peak Trek and Indrahara Pass Trek. Your search for the best  Mcleodganj Dharamshala packages ends here.
    • Best way to reach: Fly to Dharamshala Airport and then take a taxi to reach McLeod Ganj. Volvo services are available for all those who want to travel via Delhi or Chandigarh. Taxi services are available too for solo travellers.
    • What to do: Experience Tibetan culture and try the cuisine, Monastery visits, hikes & treks, shopping, partying, enjoy snow/snowfall and walks.
    • Ideal season to visit: Winter and spring seasons are the best time to visit. Click here for an adventure trip to Himachal. Call: 011-49058399  or, Click Here to select your preferred itinerary.Dharamshala
  4. Travel through a colonial era in Dalhousie: Come and connect with India’s colonial heritage at Dalhousie, which is one of the most popular hill stations in the country. Travellers can walk into the past while walking through the corridors of heritage buildings that date back to 19th century. For wildlife aficionado and landscape photographers, Dalhousie is a heaven as there are plenty of locations to capture as well to explore. The flora fauna spread here is spellbinding. Those in love will find their share of solitude and privacy to dwell deep into the realms of love and living.
    • Popular tourist attraction spots: Kalatop-Khajjiar trek, St. Andrew’s Church, Rang Mahal, Chamunda Devi Temple, Bhuri Singh Museum, St. Patrick’s Church, Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary, Dhauladar range, Jhandri Ghat and St. John’s Church. Look for your dream Dalhousie Holiday here.
    • Best way to reach:  Take a train to Pathankot and then hire a taxi to reach Dalhousie. There are buses that take travellers to the desired destination from Delhi and Chandigarh.
    • What to do: Take long walks, go hiking/trekking, sightseeing, horse riding, zorbing to enjoying snowfall as well as winter sports.
    • Ideal season to visit:  The real charm can only be seen during winter or spring seasons. Look for your dream Himachal Tour here.Dalhousie
  5. Basking in breweries and colonial past – Kasauli: A landmark of colonial past of India, Kasauli encompasses the rich history of the country. This destination is perfect for those who like to read, explore and connect with the history of the place. Located at an altitude of 1,927 meters, Kasauli has many places of tourist attraction. There are beautiful churches, clubs and academic institutes that make shala this location an ideal holiday spot. Look for home stay facilities to cut down on expenses in order to spend extended time with your loved one.
    • Popular tourist attraction spots: Kauasuli Club, Baptist Church, Monkey Point, Central Research Institute, Kasauli Brewery and Christ Church
    • Best way to reach: Take a taxi or a bus from Delhi or Chandigarh. Those looking to travel with railways can come to Kalka in train and then make a road trip.
    • What to do: Numerous eateries to explore along with taking walks or hiking around. End up having thought stirring conversations at popular clubs over a glass of freshly brewed beer.
    • Ideal season to visit: Winter is the best time of the year followed by late autumn or early spring. Click here for a romantic Holiday to Kasauli.Kasauli
  6. Spend time together at Tirthan Valley: Away from the usual hill stations, Tirthan Valley offers offbeat hot spots for tourists. Honeymooning couples or those celebrating anniversary vacations will find ample privacy to spend wonderful time together. There are waterfalls to gaze at or hiking trips at the Great Himalayan National Park. There are several unique places to explore while in the valley. Do read a bit about this quaint destination while booking Himachal holiday packages.
    • Popular tourist attraction spots: Tirthan River, Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP) and trekking hot spots.
    • Best way to reach: Reach Tirthan Valley either from Jalori Pass via Shimla – Narkanda side or Mandi – Kullu route. Decide the route based on the season one is travelling in.
    • What to do: Take a break from adventure instead go trout fishing or angling in Tirthan River. Enjoy long walks or hiking at popular spots. Plan a visit to Serloskar Lake as well as Jalori Pass. Relish a dinner beside the bonfire with someone playing a guitar and humming soul-stirring songs.
    • Ideal season to visit: Winter takes the charm away; it is summer when you get to enjoy swimming, watching waterfall and relaxing time by the river. Click to find out the best offbeat vacation for Tirthan here.Tirthan Valley(Image Source – 2ghumakkar)
  7. Walk into the lap of adventure at Spiti Valley: There is Ladakh, and then there is little Ladakh in Himachal Pradesh. Both the places are extremely beautiful and are heaven in their own ways. Spiti Valley is a magical place where one is most likely to provide travellers with a heavenly experience. Located in Trans Himalayan region, Spiti Valley has become the central point for adventure seekers and travel enthusiasts. During winter the place transforms into the pristine valley with thick snow enveloping the place into its grip. Click to see the best Spiti itineraries here.
    • Best way to reach to: Plan a trip to Spiti Valley along with that of Manali or Shimla, as it is easier to reach Spiti Valley via any of the two destinations.
    • What to do: Cycling, walking, trekking, rafting, hiking, road trips to biking. Visit monasteries and sample local cuisines at various homestay facilities.
    • Ideal season to visit:  Avoid peak winter season as most of the hotels and home stays would be closed. Plan a trip either during summer or autumn season to enjoy your stay at Spiti Valley. Click here for an adventure trip to Himachal. Call: 011-49058399  or, Click Here to select your preferred itinerary.Spiti(Image Source – The Shooting Star)
  8. Go camping in Khajjiar: At Khajjiar spend time camping and staying amidst forests. There are beautiful lakes as well as pastures to gaze at. Located at an altitude of 2,000 meters, this popular hill station is the best option for those who wish to live in a tent and enjoy a different kind of vacation.
  9. Go eye-popping in Sangla: Located in Kinnaur district, Sangla is a quaint destination that many don’t know. This place is laden with various scenic spots for those who love nature. It is also a paradise for shoppers who wish to take a bit of Himachal with them. Don’t miss out on this destination.
    • Popular tourist attraction spots: Kinnaur-Kailash Circuit, Batseri Village, Trout Fish Firm, Kamru Fort and local market.
    • Best way to reach: Come down to Shimla and then drive down to Sangla or take a bus.
    • What to do: Shopping, sightseeing, orchard hopping and trekking.
    • Ideal season to visit: The best time is during summer or autumn when the snow cover has melted. Look for your dream Himachal Tour here.Sangla(Image Source – The Traveller)
  10. Find spiritual connect at Tabo: Tabo is known as one of the holiest places in Himachal situated between Lahaul and Spiti district. It is home to antique Tabo Monastery built in around 10th century. The monastery has interesting manuscripts, murals and paintings to gaze at.
    • Popular tourist attraction spots: Tabo Monastery, Kalachakra Festival and Tabo Village
    • Best way to reach:  Drive down from Spiti Valley to reach Tabo
    • What to do: Visit monastery to see frescoes, manuscripts and paintings
    • Ideal season to visit:  Avoid peak winter; opt for spring and early winter.
  11. Live in a stone roof house in Malana: If you like going to untouched places, then Malana should be on your wish list. Situated in Kullu Valley, Malana is an ancient village, away from the hustle-bustle of commercial tourist place. Take the five-day Malana trek that begins from Manali and ends at Naggar.
    • What to do: Live in stone roof houses and be part of indigenous culture preserved by the locals.
    • How to reach: Come to Manali then walk through Malana as it is only accessible through foot as it is situated at an elevation of 3,029 meters. Click to see the best Kasol – Malana itineraries here.Malana
  12. Enjoy snowfall at Rajgarh: Just ahead of Solan, Rajgarh is an ideal place for honeymooners and people travelling with family. There are monasteries to hop on and enjoy spectacular views from the hilltop. You will find fewer tourists and can look forward to spending quality time with your loved one.
    • Best way to reach: Reach via train to Kalka and then take a train to Rajgarh. Or take a cab or Volvo from Delhi or Chandigarh.
    • What to do: Enjoy snowfall, scenic view and nature walks
    • Ideal season to visit:  Autumn season or spring to winter
  13. Honeymooner’s paradise is Chail: Closer to Shimla, this tourist hotspot is for those who want to stay away from the crowd. Chail is not crowded, and only a handful of tourists come to this part of Himachal. Being closer to Kufri, you can combine two trips to get the best experience.
    • Best way to reach: Take the Himalayan expressway to reach Chail either in by taxi or Volvo. Alternatively, take a train to Kalka and then drive down to Chail.
    • What to do: Long drives, walks and hiking to enjoying snowfall in Kufri. Go shopping to Shimla as it is closer to Chail. Look for your dream Shimla  – Chail Holiday here.
    • Ideal time to visit: Winter season.Chail
  14. The last of Indo-Tibet – Chitkul: Live amidst traditional environs at Chitkul, the last inhabited village situated close to Indo-Tibet border. The village has a tribal community living in wooden houses that offer amazing view of the mountains.
    • Popular tourist spot: Mathi Devi Temple (500 years old), Chitkul Fort, Buddhist temple and nearby villages including Reckong-Peo.
    • How to reach: Drive down to old India-Tibet road to reach Chitkul.
    • What to do: Ideal spot for trekkers.
    • Ideal time to visit: During summer or at start of the winter season.Chitkul(Image Source – The Shooting Star)
  15. Visit the temple town of Manikaran: If a pilgrimage is what you are looking at then head to Manikaran in Himachal. It has many popular temples of Hindu deities as well as Sikh gurudwaras. Besides, there are hot water springs to take a dip as these are sacred springs which devotees throng to.
    • How to reach:  From Shimla drive 50-60 Kms on Hindustan – Tibet Road to reach Matiana – Narkanda region Click to see the best Kasol – Manikaran itineraries here.
    • Ideal time to visit: All season are ideal to visit Manikaran
    • What to do: Walking, hiking and visiting temples as well as apple orchards couple it with a visit to either Kufri or Shimla
    • Popular tourist spots: Tannijubbar lake and Hatu peak. Look for your dream Himachal Tour here.

So here is your list of 15 amazing places to visit Himachal Pradesh. You can either pick two locations or decide on five best spots to visit. If you are honeymooning, then plan a nice extended tour to places that will help you rekindle love and romance.Manikaran



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