The Best Time to Visit Leh Ladakh With Your Loved One
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The Best Time to Visit Leh Ladakh With Your Loved One

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Leh Ladakh has now become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Yes, the rugged terrains, the harsh winter to the surprising summer – Leh Ladakh wears a different color with every changing season. As a tourist, you can visit this destination any time of the year and come back with delightful stories and experiences.

It’s a spot that offers adrenaline rush to adventure freaks, solitude to those looking for peace and wonderful sights to the burgeoning tribe of photographers. Leh Ladakh is a land of mystery – a place that opens its arms when the thick white sheet of ice melts, uncovering the zigzag lanes that sneak through the mountain range.

If you are planning to head to this wonderland but confused when to go, we have just sorted this confusion out for you.  Keep the following tips in mind while booking Leh tour packages and get a wonderful trip ahead!

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Experience the April Buzz

With April, this destination comes to life. This is the month when tourists start pouring in either alone or with their gang of friends. Heavy snowfall stops and summer ushers in bringing in light and life. With temperature going to 15° C maximum, this destination offers a happy escape from the sun and sweat. As the snow melts, the lakes come alive giving a spectacular view to tourists. All the hotels, guest houses and homestay facilities open their doors for tourists who have come to regale amidst mountains and cool breeze. Best way to reach is to fly to this destination as the roads from Manali to Leh remain close due to snow, with authorities busy clearing them to open the route for travelers. Excited? Click here to register for the limited edition cheapest ladakh trip with flight. 
April Buzz

May Mayhem is Worth a Dekho

May is when the action begins in this amazing destination. As the snow gets cleared, the sun shines resplendently, turning Leh Ladakh into a heaven. The condition of roads might not be too good with the snow leaving them a little ravaged, but one can always fly or take the Srinagar Leh Highway to reach their destination. Booking at all hotels and homestays start with the best ones taken right away. So, we suggest book your preferred destination well in advance while booking Leh tour packages.
May(Image Source – Wow Club)

From June to August – This is The Time To Go

Call it the peak season as tourists from across the globe rush to Leh Ladakh during this time. From June to August, you get to see the actual tourist buzz. Traces of snow are rare; the sun shines through the mountains and a whole new world of surprises wait to be unveiled. Those who love to see lush green cover should choose this season. The valley slowly begins to wear its green robe turning this place beautiful beyond banal imagination after the monsoon. During these months, be prepared to watch the mountains in their raw form. There will be an adventure for sure, but one that you would love to witness.

From July onwards, many festivals are also hosted here. Some of the famous ones include Sani Nasjal, Phyang, Stongday, Dakthok , Karsha, Sachukul and Karzok. Even the most talked about Hemis Festival takes place during this time, and it is one festival that is celebrated with great grandeur. Can’t wait for an adventure at Ladakh? Call: 011-49058399 or,  Click to get a Callback. 
June to August

September Leaves You Spellbound

With monsoons biding adieu to the valley leaving a green garb, Leh Ladak becomes a perfect destination for one and all. Roads are open, as the place breathes a new life of sorts. Tourists can visit all popular lakes, monasteries and relish local delicacies while enjoying the local culture. The best part is that the Raid-de-Himalayas rally kick-off gives another reason to extend the trip with your loved ones. Overstaying now would only add up to the wonderful memories you will take back from here.

With October Comes Stunning Winter

Snow god comes visiting the valley with full force with the onset of October. The valley slowly is enveloped in white snow. Most hotels, homestays as well guest houses close booking, as the number of tourists begins to dwindle. Winter continues to rule the valley till March making it tough for tourists find their way to this valley.

Don’t get turned off by the winter and rugged terrain, Leh Ladakh offers a lot more than just snow. If you plan your visit at the right time and take necessary precautions, we bet you will come back with a bagful of wonderful memories to cherish. Read as much as you can about this place and make the most of the trip to get maximum fun. Till then cheerio!

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