Tips On Planning A Holiday With Kids In Singapore
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Tips on Planning a Holiday with Kids in Singapore

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The most awaited ‘summer holidays’ are just around the corner. Schools will soon wind up the academic sessions and kids will be eagerly waiting to pack their bags for summer break. For parents who are still trying to figure out an exciting location to head, don’t think twice just fly to Singapore this season.

Singapore is one place that is buzzing with action. There is something for everyone. From amusement parks to bustling street food junctions, this place will offer plenty of opportunity to bond. Planning a gateway with family would be fabulous idea as you are going to come back with truckloads of happy moments to cherish.

Going on a trip with children is a challenging. There are so many things to consider and plan before flying down to the tourist destination. To make things easier, we have enlisted a checklist that will help in organise your travel, ensuring a wonderful stay at Singapore.

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Read about the destination

With internet bringing the world in your palms, it is advisable that before booking Singapore tour packages, read about the destination. Make a list of places to go, those that children will enjoy the most. Note down information on food available and whether the kids will like it. Acclimatize with pubic travel networks and download the map in advance. This will save a lot of your time as well as money.
Singapore Zoo

Book tickets in advance

Singapore’s Universal Studio and the zoo will definitely be on your itinerary. See if you can book tickets online for these places. You won’t have to stand in queues when you land there. The kids can head straight inside the venue to start exploring various rides. It is also advisable to sit along with the children to take a virtual tour of the place. This will break the unfamiliarity and children will know whom to contact in case of an emergency. Take a look at these packages custom-made for you  and perhaps you finally find what you have been looking for, all this while!

Pick up children friendly hotels

When booking a tour package find out about the hotels they will station the tourists. Check if there are slides, pool and play area to keep the children entertained. It is important to opt for a child-friendly space to ensure kids have space to be themselves. Check these exciting packages here and we won’t blame you, if you book one right away. 
Pick up children friendly hotels

Shopping at best malls

How can one not come back with bagful of goodies from Singapore? It is one of the most frequented destinations in the world for shoppers. When travelling with kids, there are all chances that they will travel with a shopping list. Pick up malls that are well equipped, have loads of entertainment options and branded stores to shop from. If there is a specific thing your kids want to buy then scan through the stores that might stock them. You don’t want to come empty handed.

Buy portable Wi-Fi
Internet availability is crucial when travelling abroad and that too with kids. If you have portable Wi-Fi then carry it along or purchase one before taking off for the vacation. There are things you would want to search and there are times when the mobile internet might not come handy.

Scan through blogs and videos

To get a feel of the Singapore, search for blogs penned by travellers or watch videos on YouTube. Get acquainted about climate, food and precautions to take while in this destination. As a parent you should know everything about the place before taking the children there. Blogs and videos will give an overall picture of the place you plan to visit with your family. Already imagining how being there would be like, aren’t you??   Click here to see the best packages for Singapore.

Carry first-aid box

Travelling with children at exotic locations is fun. The only concern is that they might be injured or hurt during the exploration. To safeguard them, it is best to carry a first aid box along while travelling with kids. In case of minor injuries or accidents, a first-aid box will come handy. This is just to keep all aspects of travelling safe and secured.

Decide on the number

Keep children’s interest in mind before chalking about travel plan. Just plan going to maximum three or two places in a day instead of trying to pack too much in a day. Don’t exhaust them, let them enjoy and have fun. Rushing them from one venue to another will spoil the game, so take it slow when travelling with children.

Parents we hope these tips will aid you in planning a perfect holiday to Singapore. Don’t let small challenges hold you back to travel with kids; just keep few points in mind. Here’s wishing you a wonderful time at Singapore. Get, set and go.

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