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Know the Best Places to Visit in Kullu Manali

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If you’re planning a Kullu Manali trip and searching all over the internet for the right Kullu Manali package but still unsure of which all places to cover, this list will help you finalize your itinerary and ensure you have an extremely memorable trip–

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  • Solang Valley – This valley offers spectacular views of the mountain ranges along with a lot many adventure activities like skiing, paragliding, and zorbing as options for the adventurous traveler. Located on the banks of river Beas, Solang is around 12 km away from Manali and is a beautiful getaway amidst lush greenery and milky white snowy mountains.

  • Rohtang Pass – Rohtang Pass is around 4000 meters above sea level and is very popular among trekkers. Be prepared to be blown off by the mesmerizing view of mountains and glaciers while here! Skiing and sledge rides are also possible options for the adventure inclined. However, if you’re planning to visit this valley, keep in mind that it remains open only from April to October every year. Due to heavy snowfall, after October, the entry is restricted and permission for trekking can only be given by the Indian army once the snow in the area is fully cleared. When you are finalizing your trip & booking your Kullu Manali package, you might find that Rohtang Pass is not included in the itinerary by most of the tour operators due to permit issues & green tribunal regulation, but you make sure to visit the Rohtang Pass by paying on-spot to your taxi driver (unless you don’t want to regret for rest of the life).

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  • Bhrigu Lake – This beautiful lake which is rightfully known as ‘Pool of the Gods’ is extremely popular amongst trekkers and attracts a number of visitors each year. Bhrigu Lake is located at a height of around 14,000 ft in Kullu district, Himachal Pradesh and is around 6 kilometers from Gulaba village. It is one of the most scenic lakes in this region and can only be reached via a moderately difficult high altitude alpine lake trek which takes 2 days to cover. However, the hike is absolutely worth it and in case, you’re even slightly adventurous, must not be missed!

(Source – Pixabay)

  • Hadimba Devi Temple – This temple situated atop a hillock was built in 1553 and is surrounded by thick forests. It is dedicated to the mythological demon goddess Hidimba who was also the wife of the Pandava Bhima from the Mahabharata. The distinctive architectural style of the temple is something that catches the attention of every visitor. Its structure is primarily made of wood which further adds to the uniqueness of this temple.

  • Vashisht Hot Water Springs – The village Vashisht is at a distance of approximately 5 kilometers from Manali and is situated across the River Beas. It is famous for its sulphurous Hot Water Springs and is hence, a popular attraction among tourists. These springs can also be enjoyed in privacy at the Turkish-style bath-houses that are available here. Apart from these hot water springs, this village is also famous for its stone temples.

(Source – Wikimedia Commons)

  • Jogini Waterfalls – These breathtaking waterfalls are located beyond the Vashisht Hot Springs towards the Vashisht Village which is another major tourist attraction near Manali. You will have to climb a little to reach here, however, tea and snacks that are available along the way will aid you to reach the waterfalls. Once here, soak in the beautiful melody of the waterfalls as well as the natural scenic beauty all around you!

These are some of the many beautiful places in and around Kullu Manali to include for your holiday package. Now that you know about them, with so many options available, where are you going for your trip next?

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