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Let music be your sweet companion as you head for the trip of your life – Honeymoon

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The excitement of getting married, the joy of starting a new life together and the real cherry on the cake – honeymoon – is all that a newly-married couple cherish. It is the honeymoon that couples look forward to after marriage ceremonies and celebrations. The idea of spending time all alone in an exotic location is enough to fuel the romance meter. While couples spend hours deciding the destination, we suggest that they spend some time picking good music too.

We all have grown up gushing over romantic music and dreaming of singing with our partner some day. So when you get married and honeymoon offers a chance to relive those fantasies, let music be your guiding force.

Here are some popular English and Hindi songs we handpick for you. Make sure you carry them on your iPod or smartphone to turn your honeymoon extra special. Click for the best Honeymoon packages here.

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Teri Ore at Egypt

Teri Ore – Sing is King

This beautiful composition is going to fill your heart with love and passion. Each word in this song holds significant meaning and is sure to get the two of you closer. Hailed as one of the most romantic numbers, Teri Ore is a song to be sung and hummed together. Click for the awesome Dubai & other middle-east countries’ Honeymoon packages here.


Tera hone laga hoon at Turkey

Tera hone laga hoon – Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahaani

If you have had an arranged marriage, then this one is for the two of you for sure. Just listen to the lyrics and it will draw the two of you romantically close to one another. This song will make you mush and blush. As the song goes “Tera hone laga hoon, jabse mila hoon, kehne laga hoon…”


Everything I do Bryan-Adams at Somerset

Everything I do, Do it for you – Bryan Adams

Don’t tell us you have not heard this gem of a song by the very popular Bryan Adams. This is one of the most epic romantic songs of the recent past. The beauty of this song is that it touches your heart and can make you go weak keened every time you listen to it. So please do carry this song and listen to it as often as you can. We suggest that you play as the two of you walk hand-in-hand at a lovely beach. Click for the best Honeymoon packages here.


TheWayYouLookTonight –FrankSinatra

The Way You Look Tonight – Frank Sinatra

This musical genius has given the world the best music. His songs continue to serenade generations of music buff even now. If you are heading for your honeymoon then this one sure needs to be taken along. This marvelous song will turn your evenings romantic and nights passionate, it will rekindle romance like never before.


Tum hi ho shot at Goa

Tum Hi Ho – Aashiqui 2

This blockbuster film has everyone talking about love, music, and companionship with renewed perspective. Each song in the film is a penned for those who have romance running down their veins. Tum hi ho is special for honeymooning couples who will get one more reason to get really close and cosy in each other’s company. This mesmerizing number from Arijit Sing is sure to sweep the two of you on your feet. So like they let the music play. Live your Honeymoon at Goa, click here for the cool Goa Honeymoon packages here.


Baahon ke Darmiyaan shot at Goa

Baahon ke Darmiyaan – Khamoshi

If you must to lust over love then play this number from Khamoshi and the song will do the trick. Everything about this song is perfect, right from music to lyrics – this is for those who want to dive into the pool of love and relish the warmth of togetherness. You can listen to this song while enjoying a candlelight dinner or savouring wine near bonfire. Click for the best Honeymoon packages here.


JoJeetaWahiSikander shot at Ooty

Pehla Nasha – Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar

This soothing song will make the two of you sway. This one is an epic romantic number that continues to rule the charts. Even its remixed version did very well. It is a song for those who wish to recreate reel romance in real. Play this song and let the magic unfold as the two of you bask in the glory of a lyrical evening. Click here for the romantic Ooty & Coorg packages.


I wanna grow old with you–Westlife

I wanna grow old with you – Westlife

Get down on your knees and propose you wife/husband all over again with this song. Create awe-inspiring memories as you sing this song to your lady love. This song is apt for expressing your feelings to the loved one with a rose and glass of champagne.  

Music they say has magical powers. When love is all set to serenade two souls bond as one in matrimony, music is sure to make the honeymoon an affair to remember.

If you have songs that will turn the trip all the more beautiful, leave song trail in the comment section. Check out the best Europe packages for here.

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