Designer Destin ations
Headquarters Bangalore
Branch Location Bangalore
Operating Since 2001
Awards/Special Mention NA
We Specialize in:
Domestic International
About Designer Destinations

At Designer Destinations, you will meet a team of energetic experts, who are well trained and experienced in providing services that leave a lasting smile. We bring you this wonderful experience packaged in the best tours. These professionals take care of your arrangements and make you feel at home. Minute details are taken care of so that nothing is missed. We also reserve hotels for you, according to your needs and demands. We promise fast services at all times ensuring that your trip is hassle free. We offer several categories of tours within India and abroad.

Apart from offering standard itineraries, we also provide itineraries tailor made to the specific requirements. Whatever your personal requirements, we will plan your tour to fulfill them. We offer all categories of accommodation & facilities. You can choose from the best hotels belonging to the ‘leading hotels of the world.

As Holidays to Treasure, we have dedicated staff who are constantly working on the quality control to achieve 100% guest satisfaction, guest relations to assist and be in constant touch with the guests while on holiday and 24 hours help-line / assistance. All our staff members are equipped with latest modern facilities. We are a team of very dedicated professionals who promise to deliver high standard of service at Best Price.

The company has a lot of satisfied clients who have more than a good word for the services rendered to them, the company moves ahead into the Millennium with SERVICE WITH SINCERITY as its motto.

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