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Your guide to planning a holiday in Sri Lanka!

Sri Lanka – The Underrated Wanderlust of Asia  Sri Lanka is a small box of sights, experience, shorelines, wildlife, legacy, culture and comforting grins. Travel destinations offer a variety of holiday experience. The kindness of Sri Lankans is outstanding as is their food; tropical fruits and sweets making this island a perfect formula for entertainment […]

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7 International Trips That Cost Less Than An iPhone!

When you set aside some money, and crave purchasing a high-end Apple Smartphone, stop for a moment and think. Consider what else you could do with that money. Begin a fresh-baked goods bistro? Most likely! There’s something else as well, something incredible – at the cost of an iPhone you can travel abroad! Where might […]

7 Incredible Places In Wanderlust SriLanka
Beaches Hills Mountains International SriLanka Themes

7 Incredible Places in Wanderlust SriLanka

“Tear Drop of India” ; Popularly known as the land where ‘Righteousness & Goodness wins over Evil’ according to Ramayana Epic where Lord Ram killed Ravana, king of Lanka. Srilanka is a treasure of surprises…that too, amazing one. Srilanka matching the footsteps of this modern world preserving ancient Sri Lanka in it very efficiently which […]