Why Should woman travel solo
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Why every woman should travel solo at least once in their life time

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Belonging to a country which still has some taboo-issues and fear regarding women traveling alone, it’s hard to convince people or even ourselves to go and experience the wanderlust at least once. But from my personal experience I would suggest every woman to travel solo at least once in their lifetime, here is why! Excited? Like to discuss All Women Trips?  Call: 011-49058399 or,  Click to get a Callback.

Travelling makes you confident: 

The best thing that can happen by travelling alone makes you pumping with confidence! Yes!!Right from the moment you hop on the fight/bus/train for the first time on your own you will feel amazing amount of confidence (nervousness also!)But trust me it’s the best feeling. While travelling you encounter various situations and dealing with them alone is what will change you in a better way! Thinking to hop-on for a Kasol getaway? Click here!

rainbow fall                        Rainbow Water Fall Meghalaya


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Travelling makes you independent and responsible: 

It’s just the extension of point number-1 above. Apart from making you confident, traveling makes you independent and responsible. Right from booking the flight to booking hotel (which is safe and at a perfect location for you) to renting / booking of vehicles you get to learn one of the best things in your life which is doing your task without (or with little help in the beginning) any help from someone else. Click here to check an awesome All-Girls Turkey Trip.

When you travel alone, you are on your own! Which automatically makes you wise and responsible so much, so that you start using all your six senses to stay alert and embrace the true beauty of the surrounding at the same time. You learn to handle the situation no matter how hard it is! Then say hello to a Grown up woman… Travelling doesn’t come alone! It brings good vibes too! Explore crazy Andaman honeymoon Packages here! 

valley megha                       Green view point, Meghalaya


Travelling makes you smart and strong decision maker: 

When I went on my solo trip to Meghalaya I had stalked every person on social media and asked them about the place and few tips etc. etc… I created my own itinerary and decided which place to visit and how to go to a particular place, what precautions to take, which person to trust. And that made me a strong decision maker and smart enough to roam around a place which is completely unknown to me… you get to understand which flight and hotels to book from the website with maximum discounts, what stuff to take when going to a particular city/country. Also while traveling how smartly you manage your money and prevent a person from duping you. Let the weekend roll! Explore it, Solo! How? Click here!

alleppy me                        Marari Beach, Kerala


Traveling change your perspective and makes you see more: 

Everyone says the world is heinous and you can’t find good people in these days but that’s not true(at least not always). While traveling to Meghalaya which is still an unexplored part of India, I was nervous to go there alone but I found the most amazing people who helped me out, gave me lift or even free rides, people who gave me the most essential information and lip-smacking food. Wanna experience some hippie vibes with amazing coffee? Click here to see the amazing offbeat destinations!

You get to meet lots of like-minded people in your journey that you end up wondering that these people still exist, I have met people who left their amazing job of fat pay cheque just to educate children of Ladakh, a girl who has traveled the whole India on her own and completed the most difficult trek, localities who are living their lives which is way beyond our imagination.  People and their story can change your perspective drastically.  There’s nothing better than traveling! Check here the weekend trip guide!


Travelling makes you do wonders in finance: 

Well, it’s a very weird line to say that travel makes you save your money more and help with budgeting. But if you have been bitten by a travel bug all you want to do is to save money for your next wanderlust, for that you start to spend less on materialistic things, if I talk about me I would prefer to stay home than going for that thing “shop till you drop”, instead of going to parties with loud music and boozing I prefer to meet my close friends and have an amazing get together with lots of talking! Instead of running towards the most amazing latest phone or one expensive bag I would love to save my money on something more meaningful and something that has the potential to change my personality. Well, that’s meaningful for me is traveling! So yeah traveling makes you wise towards finance, it makes you spend more on experience rather than some materialistic stuff. Dying to escape the crazy city life? Click here to see the amazing Adventure Trips!

nakhloifalls                        Nohkalikai Falls


Travelling makes you learn about yourself… and love yourself: 

There is a saying “if you don’t do what scares you, you will never know what you are made of! “When I started to pen down my own experience of exploring, I never thought if I am a good writer or not, Good photographer or not but now I am learning both and doing well. I never knew if I can do all these things a few times back! You too started picturing how great would it be to be there, didn’t you? Well, have a similar or an even better experience. Check our Manali Packages here!

Even, while Travelling we learn various aspects of ourselves we never knew about. Your strengths, your weakness, what you can and can’t do. So instead of asking for validations and permission from people (except your parents!)Just go and spread your wings to experience wanderlust. Absorb the beauty of nature and most important discover yourself!

Article & All Images contributed by: Diksha Tripathi

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Diksha Tripathi
SAP Consultant by profession and traveler by heart. The travel bug bit me when I was just 18 since then I didn’t look back. My style of traveling is to stay as close as possible to the localities and their cultures also stay on a budget travel and love to tell stories about it. Follow on Instagram: @travelnama.dk

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