10 Things to do on Kasol Trip
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10 Things to do on Kasol-Parvati Valley Trip!!!

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Synonymous with hippie culture, tempting food, a fierce river and rave parties, Kasol is the ‘soul’s paradise’, even if you are NOT one of those. Mothered by the Parvati Valley, this place offers many sights to behold. If you are craving a getaway from the crazy city life, on a very serious note we advise you to pack your bags and have an adventure which you will remember for the rest of your life. Also, there is n number of things one should do when they set foot in the valley but we bring you the best 10 things that you just can’t miss!  

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1. Trek to the Hot Springs with healing properties– The name ‘Kheerganga’ translates to ‘Milky White Holy Water’, and the water in the hot springs which are believed to be sacred and have medicinal properties is White. This one is literally what “Heavens are made of”. Kheerganga is a small village in Parvati Valley where the mighty Shiva is said to have meditated here for 3000 years and therefore Kheerganga is known as the ‘Abode of Shiva’. Also, if you die for stargazing, this is the perfect place to be. Fire in your belly? Click here to see the detailed itineraries for wanderlust Kasol. 


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2. Try Israeli food– Kasol is also known as ‘Mini Israel’ and we say ‘why not’? Serving some of the most delectable delicacies from the Israeli cuisine at cool cafes with neon lights and a psychedelic look. If you are in Kasol you MUST try at least one of these dishes and we guarantee you won’t regret it. What they have to offer is Shakshuka, Bureka, Lemon Cake, Hummus, Pita and much more. Jim Morrison Cafe, Evergreen Cafe, and Stone Garden Cafe are what we suggest, rest you can check out and do tell us how was your experience.  

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Cafe(Image Source – kitli culture)

3. Try Rice Beer or Chang– Okay, we know Alcohol on a trip can be dangerous and risky but this is a MUST have when you are in Kasol. With almost zero alcohol content this should just be tried because of its amazing flavor. Getting your hands on it can be a task so, request your guest house owner to get it for you and because of their unmatched hospitality, trust us they will. Click to REGISTER  for the upcoming Weekend Trips to 15+ Wanderlust Destinations nearby Delhi. 

4. Impromptu Shopping– How sad it is to go to a place and come back without anything? The market at Kasol has something to offer for everyone. Semi-precious stone pendants, Bob Marley t-shirts, Pants, Beanies, and Sweatshirts, this pretty flea market has it all. One thing we are telling you is that you should take some tips from those who are a pro at bargaining, to have the best experience.

Shopping(Image Source – Walking-Wanderer)

5. Visit Malana– Malana, also known as ‘Little Greece’ is most famous for the Cannabis Hashish that is produced here. This little village is literally lost in time and has many taboos. Having less than 100 houses and its own culture, this village is an experience in its own. The people here consider themselves to be of the ‘pure race’ and no one can enter their homes or temples without their permission. You shall definitely visit Malana and understand the psyche of the people there. Looking forward to going to Kasol? Click here to see the detailed itineraries. 

Malana(Image Source – Himalayan-Tribe)

6. Meet new travelers– While moving around the valley how can you not meet new people from India and around the world? The valley is a hub for solo travelers, groups of friends and people who are seeking peace or some thrill or even just to getaway from the hustle-bustle of the crazy city life. So, don’t keep your face stuck to your phone and go out, make new friends. Cafes are the best place to meet new people. Click to discuss the upcoming Weekend Trips nearby Delhi. 

7. Trance & Psy Parties– Crazy, electronic music, laser lights, a bright, colorful location deep inside the woods! If that sounds like you, you MUST attend a Trance Party at Kasol. You are gonna have badass fun and not kidding, you won’t feel like leaving. May-June is the best months to go if you wanna experience what ‘REAL CHILLING’ is. You have to be there to believe us. Click for the best here Kasol – Tosh – Kheerganga itineraries here. 

Parties(Image Source – Rahul Sharma)

8. Funky and cool hairdos at an affordable rate– Have you only heard of ‘Magic’ but never seen it? Well, then it’s time for you to head to Kasol and give your hair to the people there who will do the best kind of things to them. From lulus to dreadlocks, bread to punks and even the Mohawk, these hippie barbers can do it all and the add-on is it’s pretty cheap! Click here to see the wide range of destinations for weekend trips nearby Delhi. 


9. Night stay at a wooden house– What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear “Mountains”? For most of us, it’s peaceful surroundings with a cool breeze and cozy wooden houses. If you have always dreamt of living in a wooden house, we are glad to tell you that you can have it fulfilled in the Parvati Valley. A night stay here would not let you have the best of amenities but certainly the best of experience. Hotel Devlok International, Hotel River Edge, Parvati Kuteer and Parvati Woods Cottage and an ample of other wooden houses are what you can choose from.  

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House(Image Source – Jatin Phukan)

10. Pizza at Tosh and Kasol- Pizzaaa!!!!!!!!!. It’s something not to be missed, especially when you’re here. Check-in to any cafe and you will be astonished by the variety of pizzas they are offering. What’s even more surprising is that what they are serving is freakin’ awesome! The Tuna pizza is a must try. Pink Floyd Cafe, Bhoj Cafe, Little Italy, Moon Dance Cafe and StonedAge Cafe are what we recommend. Super Excited to go to Kasol?  Call: 011-49058399 or,  Click to get a Callback.

Pizza(Image Source – A Girl With Fork)

Contributed by: Japneet Kaur

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(Header Image Source: Akash Malhotra)

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