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Honeymoon Diaries: Priyanka Amit’s Desert Affair in Dubai

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Married to travel and explore the world together

She loves beaches. He loves the mountains. But the bottom line is that the two of them are travel freak. All they need is a reason to pack their bags and go globetrotting together. Meet the much-married and happy couple Priyanka and Amit who have come back with a bagful of travel memories from Singapore, Malaysia, and the effervescent Dubai. Click here to check for the awesome Honeymoon packages.

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That’s how our love story started ….

Their love story has a friendly twist – two young, bubbly and ambitious friends who knew each other in college and their friendship sailed through even when they entered the professional field. And when the time came to settle down and walk down the aisle,love-struck these two young professionals. 

“We were looking for compatible partners to get married. That is when it struck us that the two of us can give marriage a shot. I was already smitten by his nature, innocence and sense of humour. He liked the level of comfort he shared with me. We gave into to our heart’s call and decided to tie the knots,” share Priyanka.

Honeymoon Diaries Priyanka


Who got down on the knees with a rose?

Well in this love story these two souls had already committed to each other with their rock-solid friendship. It was sort of mutually understood that love had blossomed and it was time to take the relationship to another level.

“Friendship made way for love and the two of us with the blessings of our family walked hand-in-hand to the path of marital bliss,” says the lovely wife.

Priyankas Honeymoon at Dubai


Honeymoon destination

Honeymoon is ‘the’ trip for any newly married couple. Amit and Priyanka too were looking forward to some time together, away from the hustle-bustle of the work life and commitments. For their very first honeymoon, they zeroed on Singapore-Malaysia destination followed it with up another one at Dubai.  Click here to see the best honeymoon packages to Singapore Malaysia.

Amit loves mountains and Priyanka likes beaches, so the two of them had to identify a location that had both the hills and beaches.

Dubai Honeymoon


And they had one hell of an experience…

As couples, they enjoyed the roller-coaster ride at the Universal Studio in Singapore. “We had a blast in Singapore, exploring food, people, and exotic places. But we missed our Indian food. The two of us were hooked to mozzarella cheese sticks and practically had them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This is one food item that every traveller should taste while in Singapore,” added the couple.

It was Malaysia that they two of them ended up at a surprisingly romantic location. They landed up at Langkawi Island where they had one of the best dinners. For those who do not know about Langkawi, it is the Jewel of Kedah (Malay: Langkawi Permata Kedah), is a district and an archipelago of 104 islands in the Andaman Sea, some 30km off the mainland coast of north-western Malaysia. The islands are a part of the state of Kedah, which is adjacent to the Thai border.

As the two of them were wandering around the beaches, it suddenly began to rain. “This was a pleasant surprise for the two of us. It continued to pour as we sat on the sand on the moonlit sky with good food and music flowing. The beach side eatery was lit up beautifully and this one dinner made our honeymoon very special,” says Priyanka.

The two of them are not hardcore romantic by heart but that one night ignited a lot of passion and romance.


Dubai stole their heart for sure

Destination Dubai was their third honeymoon to say so. This was one place that the couple had the best time. “There are so many places to hangout and explore in Dubai. Every nook and corner of this destination is buzzing with life, celebration and people. The variety of food served at small to big hotels is simply breathtaking. This is a place to be for each and every couple,” share the couple.

Dubai Honeymoon

The two of them feel that Dubai is a place that will never bore you. “We are already planning our fourth honeymoon to this place. You really cannot explore Dubai in a single trip. Thankfully, both of us are travel buffs so we are looking forward to being in Dubai soon,” added Priyanka. Click here to choose one of the best Dubai packages for your Honeymoon.


Dubai Honeymoon

Bonding over travel

Priyanka and Amit feel that the best way to keep love and excitement alive in a marriage is to travel together. As modern day couple who are busy chasing deadlines and targets, a travel break gives both of them some time together.

Dubai Honeymoon

“With weekends off, the two of us plan a trip during weekdays. We make the most of the time we get from each and every holiday or days off from the office. When you travel together, you learn something new and get to spend without worrying about house or office work.”  

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