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10 Bollywood Couples And Their Awesome Honeymoons!

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Visited by some of the top Bollywood celebrities, these destinations form our major travel goals for this year. Let’s live and love Bollywood style this wedding season. Here is our pick of top 10:

1. Kareena Kapoor Khan & Saif Ali Khan: Gstaad (Switzerland)

Bollywood’s royal couple picked ‘Gstaad’, home to one of the largest ski areas in Switzerland for their honeymoon. The village has been visited by many famous guests like Prince Charles and Princess Diana, Madonna, and many more. The destination guarantees lots of skiing with some of the best slopes and instructors to help you navigate them. Or just cuddle up near a fire place or build a snowman in the beautiful outdoors. Wish to spend your honeymoon in midst of the peaceful & serene Switzerland? Look for the Europe honeymoon packages for here.

Kareena Kapoor Saif Ali Khan Honeymoon

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2. Bipasha Basu & Karan Singh Grover: Maldives

The much adorable monkey couple chose the beautiful islands of Maldives for their honeymoon. Think of bewitching panoramas of white sand, turquoise blue waters, fresh air and great food. You can just choose to lay back with your loved one and relax. Or, you can even try your hand at some scuba diving and snorkeling. The islands have enticed Hollywood couples like Katy Perry and Russell Brand and Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes in the past. Your search for the ultimate Honeymoon at Maldives ends here: Click for Maldives Honeymoon packages.

Bipasha Basu Karan SIngh Honeymoon


3. Avantika & Imran Khan: Thailand

Imran and Avantika picked Phuket in Thailand for their honeymoon. And from their pictures, we can bet that they had a wonderful time. The best part of Thailand is its proximity to India and thus cheaper flights. Phuket and Krabi are some achingly beautiful islands renowned for pristine beaches, rugged landscapes and unparalleled hospitality. In case, Maldives is an over the budget option for a couple, Thailand could be a top pick. Check out the fun & frolic Thailand Honeymoon packages here.

Imran Khan Avantika Honeymoon


4. Lara Dutta & Mahesh Bhupathi: Bali

The tennis legend and former Miss Universe spent their honeymoon sojourn in Bali and we couldn’t agree more with their choice. Well, even Julia Roberts found love and bliss in Bali in Eat, Pray, Love. Bali is a place where there’s adventure, romance, nature, and abundance of mouthwatering delicacies and vibrant culture. It is definitely not enough for a one time visit. You would want to go again and again! Can’t wait to romance at Bali? Click here for the Bali Honeymoon packages.

Lara Dutta Mahesh Bhupati Honeymoon


5. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan & Abhishek Bachchan: Europe

Europe – the place where one sees landscapes that have given thousands of postcard images but remain incredibly vivid and of unrivaled beauty. And that is where the beautiful lady and junior Bachchan chose to spend their honeymoon. Imagine driving along the surreally beautiful Amalfi coast or listening to musicians playing on cobbled streets of Florence while the sets at Ponte Vecchio or soaking up the Tuscan sun while sipping some of the best wine or stepping into history and religion in Vatican in Italy. Or just be awestruck with bull-fights, flamenco music and dance, fantastic beaches and much more in Spain. Or let your senses be beguiled with all that the Greek islands offer. One can never go wrong about this destination. Click for the best Honeymoon packages here.

Aishwarya Rai & Abhishek Bachchan Honeymoon


6. Priya Runchal & John Abraham: Dubai

Like all other girls, I was broken hearted when John Abraham married Priya Runchal. Post wedding, he was shooting for a movie in Dubai where his wife joined him for a belated honeymoon. The tall skyscrapers against the backdrop of an unforgiving desert belong in a realm of fantasy but are very real. Experience the best of world cuisine and shopping amongst the modern malls while wisps of traditions and culture embrace you as you take a cruise down the marina creek or ride on the dunes in a desert safari or experience the magic of a souk. Watch the sunset over the desert hills and sleep under the starry desert sky in a Bedouin tent, experiencing the endless sands as it was hundreds of years ago. Dubai many not be a typical Honeymoon destination but it offers a surprising alternative to the tourist-choked, well-traveled honeymoon destinations. Click here for the leisure Dubai & Abu Dhabi Honeymoon packages here.

John Abraham Priya Runchal Honeymoon


7. Arpita Khan & Aayush: New Zealand

After the much lavish and starry affair hosted by her brother Salman Khan, Arpita Khan and her beau decided to head to New Zealand and Bora Bora for their honeymoon. And why not. New Zealand hosts natural landscapes you’ll ever experience. From the enchanting woods with its wildlife to finest wineries, from majestic glacial valleys to starred skies, nature’s best blooms against a palette of dramatic settings and colors. Click here for the awesome New Zealand & Australia Honeymoon packages.


8. Lee Elton & Arunoday Singh: Goa

Arunoday Singh tied the knot with his longtime Canadian girlfriend Lee Elton in 2016. He had met Lee three years ago in Goa where she also owns a café. And it’s no wonder Arunodoy and Lee decided to honeymoon in Goa. From a bustling nightlife to white sand beaches to churches and forts to great food, Goa has it all! Do plan to visit Lee’s café when you are there. Live your Honeymoon at Goa, click here for the cool Goa Honeymoon packages here.

Arunoday Singh Lee Elton Honeymoon


9. Vahbbiz Dorabji & Vivian D’sena: Australia

The TV series Madhubala actor married Vahbbiz and chose Australia for their delayed honeymoon. From what can be seen from their pictures, the couple seems to have done it all from helicopter rides, operas and vineyards, playing with kangaroos and lots of cuddling. They had a complete blast in the vibrant and bustling land down under. Click here for the awesome New Zealand & Australia Honeymoon packages.


Vahbbiz Dorabji & Vivian D’sena Honeymoon


10. Gauri Khan & Shah Rukh Khan: Paris

Paris. Just the name conjures up sights of sharing a romantic kiss at the top of the Eiffel tower, love-locked bridges, poetic parks, breathtaking vistas and Michelin starred restaurants. There seems to be built-in romance everywhere once turns. And what could be a more perfect choice for the King of Romance and his queen to go for their belated honeymoon but the City of Love – Paris.

Gauri Khan & Shah Rukh Khan


So now that you know these favorite Bollywood destinations, choose your pick and plan your honeymoon! Check out the best Europe honeymoon packages for here.


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